Aurukun murris smash cop car, giving them a Voice will not make one bit of difference

Aborigines already have federal and state ministers to represent them in Parliament, what do they say about the continual cycle of violence at Aurukun and the massive cost to taxpayers?

from ABC

Police say they expect to lay charges in relation to a wild rampage through a Cape York supermarket and an attack on a cop car.

On January 2, a large group entered the Kang Kang Rd supermarket before stealing items and causing extensive damage to the business.

Police are working with elders, community members, police liaison officers and support agencies following the disturbance.

The community of Aurukun at the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland. Picture: Marc McCormack

The community of Aurukun at the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland. Picture: Marc McCormack

Police will allege that at 8pm on Monday a mob entered the Aurukun Supermarket and stole cigarettes, electrical goods and cash before turning on police who had arrived to diffuse the situation.

Officers were initially unable to enter the supermarket due to the actions of the violent mob, including the alleged throwing of a brick through the rear window of a police vehicle.

The crowd eventually dispersed but not before making off with property from the store.

No injuries were reported by police.

Investigations, including sending additional detectives and scenes of crimes officers to Aurukun, continued on Tuesday with officers reviewing CCTV and interviewing witnesses.

The Aurukun Supermarket run by Island & Cape was targeted on Monday. PICTURE: Brendan Radke

The Aurukun Supermarket run by Island & Cape was targeted on Monday. PICTURE: Brendan Radke

In 2020 the New Year’s Day riot triggered by the murder of Austin Woolla caused significant unrest in the western Cape community that led to the torching of houses.

More than 300 residents fearing for their lives fled Aurukun for Cairns and bush camps in the wake of the riot and in October 2021 a jury found a 20-year-old man guilty of murdering Mr Woolla.

Numerous people were charged with riot and arson offences in January 2020.

Police say charges in relation to Monday’s disturbance are expected in the coming days.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Lorraine fenech

    Absolutley disscusting what they do to properties and gov wants them to have a say .They already do.We the tax payers pay for all the damage they do and they will get a smack on the wrist
    Its a joke the amount of money they get is stupid .I wouldnt vote yes i know that.


  2. Google has these videos locked up. That is why we avoid Doodle at all costs. Ed


  3. The terror that African gangs are bringing to the residents of the Melbourne suburb of Tarneit is so bad not even Google can hide it.


  4. Well said tonyryan43…!! You’re the only one who got it right.


  5. Although Big Jew msm is very careful to obscure the racial profile in these reports with terms like ‘youths’, ‘teenagers’, ‘thugs’ and the video footage is blurred – the colour of crime is coming through clearly in the report, in the over-representation in the crime stats and the gang related violent crime.

    Armed thugs terrorize a western suburbs home

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  6. It still eludes them – this idea of living together as a community, applying ourselves to the different skills required by the community, designing, growing and making things that are needed in order to build an economy.

    Forming gangs for raiding and taking and fighting remains the norm for the folks who just can’t get it.

    Post the nuclear war, there won’t be the money and resources to subsidize social dysfunction and degraded lifestyles. The skills in the ‘Primitive Technology’ video will be the ones we need to rebuild a society on the basis of tribal communities. And it doesn’t look like we will be able to learn from those who actually do have a tribal, stone age culture.

    As there won’t be the money and resources to subsidize social dysfunction, I wonder what the relationships of the post nuclear Australians will be.

    Primitive Technology: tiled roof hut

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  7. This remedy has been suggested at surprisingly higher levels but being the sacred cows of the ALP nothing will change. Ed

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  8. There were no enforced mask mandates on the Peninsula and the multi- million dollar airstrip is similar to every community for
    local residents to commute to Cairns with hugely discounted fares and for almost daily visits by the Flying Doctor. Suggest you open some of the links in the story and then you might get just a basic knowledge of what happens in these remote places. Editor

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  9. Yep Tony their representative Cape York Land Council gets millions in royalties every year since Amrun mine started but when the patronising state governments merge five different warring tribes together this is the result. Just how much the mob on the ground gets is anyone’s guess. One elder from Aurukun suggested the settllement be disbanded and move the different tribes asunder but they could not find anywhere to go. Ed

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  10. Ah Ah now we have mentioned the Aboriginal sacred cow many times. Ed


  11. Why waste time with elders? Have they helped in the past? Police have shown extreme brutality to passive law abiding tax payers, the armed forces turned bio weapons on peaceful protestors, resulting in reported burnt lips and loss of hearing, so why are police and military pussyfooting with Aboriginal elders?

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  12. A story like this has all the kaffer-kickers from Africa bursting out like bubonic boils. LOL. Gotta laugh.

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  13. I don’t understand this. Just because Rio moved in and mined their land, paying no royalties and never getting permission, and disrupting their lifestyle and culture, that’s no reason to get cranky. Progress, mate. Suck it up, princesses.

    At least 60 nations around the world also have been invaded by the US and their resources stolen too, but I don’t hear them whinging and rioting.

    And in South America, Rio, then known as Conzinc Rio Tinto, got the Christian Bible-Interpreting organisation known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics, to gift uncooperative Indians disease-infested clothes so that 3 months later, there were no Indians left. You don’t hear those Indians whinging and rioting.

    These blackfellas are just downright ungrateful.

    Credit: (SA story by Frank Alcorta, Sunday Territorian, NT, 1980 ish).

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  14. “Hey whitey; it’s just not fair”; “You build an airstrip right next to our little community so that supplies can be brought in tempting us to steal from the shop that is run by the community”;

    “Lucky for us mob we have police who turn the other way just because a cop car window gets smashed with a brick”;

    Maybe, just maybe, the protestors who were peacefully walking together to demonstrate their frustrations with the over handed tactics of lock downs, quarantine, mask mandates, forced experimental injections and every other (useless) measure of draconian proportions the Government[s] were forcing on them should of smashed a few cop car windows with bricks;

    Maybe then, they (protestors) wouldn’t of been fined, arrested, bashed, shot at or dragged off to gaol cells


  15. Easy fix. Re-issue police with the truncheons they used to carry (think: US nightsticks) and clear them to use those truncheons whenever necessary i.e. during crime prevention. A few busted wrists, collarbones and skulls will soon suppress this lawlessness.

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  16. Simple, pull all support services from the town. They want to act like ferals, make them live like ferals, No power, no water, no food, no infrastructure. Maybe then they may evolve to be community minded.

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  17. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Nothing new for stuff like that happens all the time but the Govt. keeps it quiet for they are always rioting at Aurukun, and police have to flown in via police aeroplane. They even stopped the sale of vegemite for it was used as a base to brew home brew. The odd thing is that Lockhart just across the Peninsular is more or less is a pretty peaceful place most times. Most of the so called communities are bloody awful places these days whereas they were reasonable when under the control of the various missionaries long ago.

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