Deadly Dan cranks up the ‘Smart Cities’ cellular existence in Melbourne so he can have total control

Nothing much new for the New Age New York mob

Melbourne people love Dangerous Dan so we are sure this NWO concept will fit well for them.

Pedal-power Utopia

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Only said it once Catherine. Ed


  2. I’m from Melbourne and I hate this communist, legalised mafia Govt. I never voted for Andrews or Labor so please stop saying we love Danger Dan. Many of us hate him but we are fighting a corrupt two tier Govt in VIC. Councils are his enforcers.


  3. Robyn McKiernan

    Just another form of totalitarianism and control. People won’t be able to shop or leave their premises. We’re like stock. The chip will allow them to monitor and find and control or kill us. “If you have nothing you’re happy!”. These satanic plebs on Earth will see their days end. I do believe. Satan rules the Earth at present..but God rules the Universe


  4. Thanks – at least you guys answer – while I beg bitchute two years now why I cannot unmute the mute button and they don’t even answer.
    Still I’m not happy about being unable to contribute my 2 penny…



    What will self appointed domestic and foreign policy ambassador Twiggy Forrest do with his $98M toy, capable of flying 11000 klm’s non stop, if he is only allowed to ride his bike 15 klm’s?


  6. My last comment on Cairns News.

    Looks like we will not put in place community groups / assemblies to run our own communities and vote in our own (no party politics) reps. Sure there are a few assemblies already in place in Australia, a few, we need hundreds.

    Keep bitching and complaining, and waiting for a savior to arrive to save our pathetic, apathetic, cowardly, and knee bending complicit and compliant march to our downfall, servitude and deaths.
    That is what we have been doing, we did it for the last three years and we will do it again this year.

    We have been trying to warn people about what is going on, what is planned for their futures and/or lack of any future. If the sheeple have not bothered to listen, to take any notice, especially over the last three years, then they do not want to know.

    The sheeple are a major part of the problem, I have very little respect left for them. It is now time to let them go, let them wake up in their own time or let them be chewed up by the corrupt systems that they in fact support.

    I have no intention of fighting fellow Australians (sheeple) to get them out of the way, so as those who are willing to put in the effort to take back our country and governments could do what previous generations of Aussies have done – keep us free of tyrants and their minions and lackeys.

    To those who just bitch and complain and offer no real workable solutions, and to the sheeple, you are part of the problem, you deserve no further comment.

    To those who protest, who are not complicit and compliant, who push back against the tyrants and their brain dead lackeys, I offer the very best of luck and thanks for your efforts. Stay healthy and I hope that I get to see many of you if we survive this mess.

    Reality can be very sad.

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  7. Unwalled prison zones. Love the propaganda from the WEF.


  8. Great if you want to live in Government controlled open air Prisons. To hell with this one world government, new world order, world economic forum, communist hell-hole. You want war you will get it.

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  9. Could be your server some times it doesn’t work for us either. Ed


  10. Great comment Pat from Vic. Hoisted with his own petard.


  11. The author Editor, cairnsnews said – “Melbourne people love Dangerous Dan so we are sure this NWO concept will fit well for them.”

    Sure, Editor, just like YOU love AnAL and Palaszczuk – it’s your very own logic, so we can take that to the bank. What sort of misfit ARE you exactly, having such fealty to these characters?

    Just like Americans love Bidet and Pelosi – the logic is inscrutable.

    As quite a few posters have pointed out, the Australian electoral system is so thoroughly corrupt that there’s virtually no point to even voting any more.

    Perhaps we DO “get the government we deserve”, not because we “vote” them in, but because NO-ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO STOP THEM OR REMOVE THEM.

    That’s a hard call seeing as how the arsehole bash-artist hired Gestapo pretending to be cops IN EVERY AUSTRALIAN STATE AND TERRITORY are highly organised and have all the weaponry and resources, and most importantly have no qualms or hesitation attacking and murdering their fellow Australians – much like the East German Stasi, BTW. How did the East Germans fare under such circumstances?

    Also BTW, the Canberra rally did indeed muster an attendance from around Australia of SEVERAL MILLION PEOPLE – Canberra traffic records substantiate this assertion. Were YOU there at the Canberra rallies, Editor cairnsnews? Conspicuous by your absence – you must really LOVE AnAL and Palaszczuk after all.

    For the people that actually DO care enough to shift their arses, the next time the call goes out to stand up and be counted, every man & woman and their dog better be ready. Brazil has already shown the way.

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  12. Here we go bitching at each other instead of realizing we are all in the same boat. Many did noy vote for Dan I did nt vote for Anastasia. But we got them. Now what ? What is to be done ? All of these words we write, have changed nothing it would seem. I talk to people and they say “I do not want to think about it.” Well that is going to get us a long way.

    As for Dan’s cities. They are for all of us.They are already being set up around the world. Smart cities. We have smart phones,smart meters, smart grid, how will it be when there is no more cash ,just numbers in a computer and the grid goes down ? Won’t that be fun ? And what about when you go shopping and get too much booze, or smokes or meat etc. Or if you go out of your zone to see your mum or a friend and you get a fine. And it disappears out of your bank account, immediately. And do not forget, you will not need a car because everything is within walking distance.

    Oh but the pollies will be flying here and there for chats and conferences and I dare say having booze-ups at the slave”s expense whilst deciding how to make our miserable lives more miserable. Or how they can squeeze our last bit of blood before we get our last injection.

    And when we die they put us in a container with straw, lucerne , a herb or two a chemical or two to help ud decompose quicker. When we are done. we will be minced up and our Rellies and take us home and grow flowers, or if you are really daring, veges.

    Who is going to read this stuff anyway ? And who is doing enough about it ? NOT ENOUGH . Wake up people , we slaves are all in the same boat.

    Write and Talk and stop bitching. There is not time for that.


  13. I have no idea what is going on but several months now I am unable to like any comments. I do not like this. Any idea of what is going on????????


  14. Mark Bailey doesnt drive a car ??? he is a transport minister ? have i got this right??


  15. Here you go Cairns News, a perfectly obvious reason why Melbourne people love Dangerous Dan.
    Channel 7 report on Melbourne’s fluctuating temperatures causing “gene changes” and illnesses.


  16. Yeah we know that Kathy and appreciate what has happened there perhaps we should have added the majority of Melburnians. Thanks Ed


  17. Why is the basic introductory ad for this concept depicted in pastel rainbow colours and looks very much like an updated Toytown from the Noddy books?
    Are we children, or are we being treated like children? As for Des per ado Dan being voted back in …. ugh!! Aargh!! Don’t get me started!!


  18. Australian people love Albo so we are sure this NWO concept will fit well for them too.


  19. Wow a 20min city. I wonder if you will have 20min lockdowns too?


  20. The Victorians have no more power to change their subverted government through electoral process than we, here in the Big Pineapple, have the power to change our subverted government through electoral process.

    The best an electoral process can do for us is to install some controlled opposition as part of the Schmo Screen.

    All parties are merely factions of one Ruling Paedo, Masonic Elite. The Agenda under the aegis of the United [Communist] Nations always moves forward. It looks like the Education State gets to be a Belt and Road colony of the CCP. We in Qld do not yet arise to colonial status, we are more like a plantation of the CCP. Our overseers are busy with same control grid .

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  21. This is for Kathy and Catherine…. This is no different to when Palletofshit got back in Qld. We got the same comments you are and yes, quite a few were from victorians. You need to do what we had to, suck it up baby. The trolls soon go away.
    As for unsubscribing from Cairns News is your choice, but for as long as I have been receiving their emails, the editors have spoken nothing but the truth. If they print the wrong thing, they are the first to say so and apologise.
    Everyone that counts in australia knows that Andrew’s didn’t get voted back in… no more than any other politician.

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  22. He can stick his smart city where the sun dont shine


  23. Hi Cairns News, I’m from Melbourne and I *don’t *love Dan and most of my friends don’t love Dan. On top of living here and suffering under his dictatorship, it causes us additional pain to have people say we voted him in and love him. We don’t trust the voting systems. We don’t trust the media. We don’t trust Dan. Kindest regards, Kathy

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  24. Are you telling me Dan Andrews is still alive? Looks the Victorian population is slipping up…

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  25. Victorians have the government they deserve , I sure feel for the 10% though.

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  26. Dan Andrews is a complete moron that is full of self importance but without an ounce of brain. That is the only reason why the state election masters rigged the last VIC Election to put him back into power. They needed brain-dead Dan, who asks no questions but does as he is told, at the helm, so they can do whatever they want and achieve the NWO agenda, whilst stroking his ever growing ego, which by now must be too big for his shoulders. He was the perfect candidate.

    That said, this has been part of the NWO order plan for decades ( Agenda 21 published in the 90s ) and it is all being implemented in plain sight, with the trigger button having been the CONVID-19 that we have seen for the past 3 years and that many are still, bafflingly-enough, believing in. They are unfortunately either as brain dead as dastardly Dan or have been so brainwashed that they have now the most severe case of cognitive dissonance in the history of humanity.

    If one knows the end game, one can then understand the journey. We are living in a world that is run by the prince of darkness, and there is, in my humble opinion and research, not one thing in this world that is not in one form or another, a lie as the prince of darkness is the father of lies. The New Year celebration at midnight, unknown by many, is a good example and a blatant lie that was instituted by the Pagan Constantine to worship their Pagan goddess Janus, Christmas being the other blatant lie that has also gripped the whole world. The end game is the Spiritual Battle, as per the good book, that is soon coming head to head.

    However, all those who have perpetrated the crimes against humanity, will have their time in the sun basking in the nakedness of their evil actions for all to see. There is nothing that will remain unpunished and I, for one, do not really want to see the nakedness of the travesty of a man that is Dan Andrews.


  27. More fear mongering BS, the real Dan, dealt with long ago. People need to wake up to what’s actually happening, not what they were trying to do.


  28. You are so incredibly ignorant and I’m sick of your vitriol towards Melbournians. I don’t know ANYONE who voted for Dan Andrews, so stop blaming us for the fact he got back in to power. The Victorian government is the most corrupt in Australia’s history, so how about we lay blame where it actually sits. Reading your articles is like reading the letters of a woman scorned. You need to grow up. You’ve just lost me as a subscriber.


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