Aussie Cossack asks ASIO why they are not monitoring the political parties which have seriously harmed the people with Covid vaxx

Aussie Cossack has sought asylum in the Russian Embassy. His lawyer Mark Davis said “I can confirm that Mr Boikov is currently at the Russian consulate in Sydney, that he is seeking consular assistance and is considering seeking refuge at the consulate, and then exploring his options thereafter,” Mr Davis told News Corp.

NSW Police are having difficulties locating Cossack but if they rang the Russian Consulate in Sydney or looked at Facebook they might find him.

NSW Police urged anyone who knew where he was to call Crime Stoppers.

“Officers from Suburbs Police Area Command have commenced inquiries in relation to the whereabouts of a 32-year-old man from Drummoyne wanted on an outstanding revocation of parole warrant,” a spokesperson said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have been contacted for comment.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    Marina Dolnikov, whatever baggage you are carrying, please put it on the first one way flight to Central Europe, then enjoy the remaining freedoms Australia offers.

    Are you saying that Aussie Cossack sleeps with a blowup doll of Ulyanov?

    It is rumoured that head stock keeper of Australia’s cattle, Sir Red Rupert Murdoch of the Dark Side, slept with his bust while at Oxford Uni.

    Are you willing to fight, to protect your fellow Australians’ bodies and minds, their freedoms of movement and expression, their private and state property, from corporate enemies using treasonous Australian politicians and bureaucrats imposing policies that will make our children, until rendered worthless, the personal property of the State and controlling elites hiding in the shadows of BlackRock, WEF, et al.?

    If you are, then full respect, because 99% of Australians wouldn’t, unless offered a contract by momma and dadda politicians.


  2. Marina Dolnikov said – “Even Putin the war criminal is not buying into his stunts.”

    How interesting – please, Marina, please elucidate your inside knowledge of Putin’s “war crimes”.

    It would be most enlightening to understand the gravity of the events which justify classifying Russia’s President Putin as a “war criminal”.

    Meanwhile, Marina Dolnikov also said – “Russian Ballsack, TRAITOR to Australia…”

    While I shudder to contemplate your knowledge of his Ballsack, the Aussie Cossack has steadfastly and heroically defended the freedom and sovereignty of his fellow Australians from Day One, and has consequently suffered relentless persecution by the Globalist stooges entrenched throughout government and their brain-dead bash-artist hired Gestapo thugs – and you call him a traitor for this?

    Maybe you should be rubbing shoulders with Klaus Schwab and creepy Bill – that is, if you can somehow convince them that you have a suitable pedigree. Good luck with that. Perhaps UkroNazi Zelensky can write you a reference.


  3. In the same vane as Julian Assange the Nazi,s that run this country don,t like the light shining under their filthy maggot infested rock. Aussie Cossack just happens to have quite a good flashlight.


  4. We believe Zelensky is the arch criminal. Put is cleaning up. Ed


  5. Russian Ballsack, TRAITOR to Australia; is mates with the consulate staff in Sydney, hence his attempt to hide from a common assault charge, and trying to turn it into political persecution, which is clearly NOT true. Even Putin the war criminal is not buying into his stunts.

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  6. Following COnVID-1984 “Conspiracy Theories” are now better known as “Spoiler Alert”!


  7. jon6560 said – “They are all bought and paid for, this covid and climate scam makes Nazi Germany look like a Kindergarten playground.”

    I think you’re being a bit harsh on Adolf’s regime – true, it was rough around the edges, but he actually did some good things for his people economically and socially speaking, and they genuinely loved him for that.

    It’s quite the opposite here in Australia now – most Australians are increasingly worse off economically and socially, our freedom and safety are being ripped out from under us, it’s an open secret that the government wants to kill ALL OF US and they keep doubling down in their efforts to do so, and in general terms Australians regard the genocidal bastards in control and their swarms of brain-dead hired Gestapo thugs in EVERY STATE AND TERRITORY with visceral hatred.

    I think maybe Cambodia under Pol Pot would be closer to the mark than Nazi Germany.


  8. The article quotes – “NSW Police urged anyone who knew where he was to call Crime Stoppers.”

    What a bunch of wankers.

    Who are these brain-dead hired Gestapo thugs to be “urging” anyone to do anything – as if anyone actually places any trust in them at all, or even gives a flying crap what they might have to say.

    That’s a bit like the creepy child-molester “urging” the children to get into his van.


  9. It is funny and VERY disappointing, to say the least, but back in the Sixties people told me to go back (Germany/Holland/ they did not know which one, but somehow I was told you are a Nazi) if you don’t like it here your bloody Continental!. “I often told people you do not know the real history and you only accept what has been showing on the headline of your damn news papers. And you British warmongering Empire.

    Now (Australia) is – are in (worse) the shit, and the same people say what bloody hell happened? I’m NOT going to answer this one. Just unlock yourselves being “Spell Bound…”
    Now the same Grandparents/daughters and sons/children are walking right into the for ever abyss. The REAL – OZZIE Spirit really has evaporated a long time ago…
    “Gullible like Sheep and Lambs…” I only write this comment because I do know what it feels like loosing a 10 year old child, then a daughter followed by my wife. So don’t write that I don’t know… >>>Fight for your children, if you got any GUTS left…<<<

    REVOLT and SAY NO — This Means NO… To anything that is controlled by private enterprise, and you have not voted for…THE W E F – THE W H O, and so many more.

    Remember: Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, "Give me control of your money/banks and I do not give a DAMN who is in power…" Just think about this sentence, please.
    Yes, they control most banks worldwide…Don't believe ask Rupert Murdoch…
    They have been and are the biggest culprits for many years, right on top of the Pyramid…

    Just educate yourself, if you have time:

    Apply your sport-loving spirit to your Freedom that is going up in Smoke while you are watching your favorite sport.

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  10. All of our institutions have been compromised, full of corruption and wickedness, they are run by entities loyal to their satanic masters, they treat us as idiots, and to a degree we are because we let them get away with it ,the attitude of she’ll be right mate is not on, if we want change we have to be proactive in it not passive compliance, in my opinion they are all a mob of traitors , I wonder sometimes why I signed up and served this country, its bloody pathetic

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  11. We are the Lackey country controlled by the same people that own the media and so many more like Big Pharma… Come on OZZIE’S BLOODY HELL WAKE-UP

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  12. They are all bought and paid for, this covid and climate scam makes Nazi Germany look like a Kindergarten playground.

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  13. Find in our constitution where it says we have freedom of speech Kevin..
    We have never had it, imagine if we did, we’d have the likes of the Westbro church in America protesting at funerals, telling people that they are going to hell, calling them all kinds of filthy names, I wouldn’t want that here, would you?
    This is what Freedom of Speech gets you, America has it as it’s first amendment.
    Even the Magna Carta doesn’t cover all of Australia, It only covers certain states and territories..


  14. Does TWAT mean Troll Wants A Tweet.
    Thanks Tom, Now F*CK off.
    A “narcissistic twat” standing up for free speech is better than no one standing up for free speech.
    I suppose a narcissist just loves having lots of attention from cops, courts, media hacks, the prison food, other criminals, fines, harrasment, and of course trolls
    Nice work I’m triggered


  15. You have to laugh.
    The cops confiscate his phone and complain they can’t get in touch with him.
    You can just see it -‘But boss, every time we rang him a mobile phone on one of our detectives desk rang, We’re baffled as to why’.


  16. Thomas Collins


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  17. He is just a narcissistic Twat.

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  18. Kevin John Dyson

    Welcome to the NEW AUSTRALIA, a country where freedom of speech is becoming a thing of the past. This once so called “Lucky Country.” no longer exists and it is NOT just Covid. There is a push to rain in our once freedom for the sake of corrupt Federal and State Politicians.


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