The Uluru Statement from the Heart, signed by only 0.03% of the Indigenous population, demanding constitutionally enshrined identity politics – that’s unifying and representative of the entire Indigenous population.

A democratically elected Senator and Aboriginal woman, representing a Territory with a population that’s almost 30% Indigenous, who has a long-held and well documented belief that ALL Australians are equal – that’s divisive and ignorant.

PM Anthony Albanese is the representative of the communist UN who is enlisting all of the left brigade and the union Marxists to foist the Voice of 0.03% of pseudo blackfellas onto the Australian people to win the referendum for a black voice in Parliament, further dividing the nation into black and white.

Makes sense…

Of course it’s rubbish, and they know it too.

And it didn’t take much for the charade to drop and their true colours to show.

Somehow the Voice has made it acceptable for privileged blokes to attack Aboriginal women over their stance on Indigenous issues – and the lefties are all on board.

I mean, we all knew this would happen.

You can’t oppose a constitutional gravy train for those after taxpayer funded salaries, and not expect a few fireworks – but wow, that was quicker than I was expecting!

We don’t even have details on Albo’s Voice to Parliament and already its backers have sunk to name calling, intimidation tactics and racially motivated abuse to help bully their way to what they want.

When the Nationals stood before Australia and declared our opposition to the Voice, we did so because we knew no unelected body could speak for ALL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

How could it? How could a body of 24 people cherry-picked from the nearly 900,000 Indigenous Australians hope to speak for all of them without even consulting them first? It couldn’t.

And every day since that announcement, the Voice proponents have come after me in the media, telling everyone that I don’t speak for them, I don’t represent them, my views aren’t their views.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory


We are not the same! We think differently! We have different views, opinions, beliefs, ideas and plans.

We are not a monolithic people destined to agree on everything!

We vote for leaders who best represent our individual views and we send them to speak those views in the nation’s parliament.

Just like every other Australian.

I know it, you know it, they know it.

That’s why Albo and his Referendum Engagement Group are changing the rules for referendums just in time for their Voice vote.

They’re throwing buckets of taxpayer cash at the Voice, they have the backing and big bucks from woke corporations and sycophants, they’ve played the game to build their Yes campaign, now they’re changing the rules to try and stop the No cause.

It’s undemocratic, cynical and dishonest.

Labor has changed the referendum rules to saturate the country with “education materials” on the Voice.

The Yes campaign will ramp up its bullying, gaslighting and emotional blackmail tactics – anything to get their own spoiled-brat kind of way.

And while we all waste our time and government money on this, nothing gets done to address the REAL problems.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Price