Senator Jacinta Price is the only real representative of NT Aborigines and entire indigenous population – says NO to the referendum question

The Uluru Statement from the Heart, signed by only 0.03% of the Indigenous population, demanding constitutionally enshrined identity politics – that’s unifying and representative of the entire Indigenous population.

A democratically elected Senator and Aboriginal woman, representing a Territory with a population that’s almost 30% Indigenous, who has a long-held and well documented belief that ALL Australians are equal – that’s divisive and ignorant.

PM Anthony Albanese is the representative of the communist UN who is enlisting all of the left brigade and the union Marxists to foist the Voice of 0.03% of pseudo blackfellas onto the Australian people to win the referendum for a black voice in Parliament, further dividing the nation into black and white.

Makes sense…

Of course it’s rubbish, and they know it too.

And it didn’t take much for the charade to drop and their true colours to show.

Somehow the Voice has made it acceptable for privileged blokes to attack Aboriginal women over their stance on Indigenous issues – and the lefties are all on board.

I mean, we all knew this would happen.

You can’t oppose a constitutional gravy train for those after taxpayer funded salaries, and not expect a few fireworks – but wow, that was quicker than I was expecting!

We don’t even have details on Albo’s Voice to Parliament and already its backers have sunk to name calling, intimidation tactics and racially motivated abuse to help bully their way to what they want.

When the Nationals stood before Australia and declared our opposition to the Voice, we did so because we knew no unelected body could speak for ALL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

How could it? How could a body of 24 people cherry-picked from the nearly 900,000 Indigenous Australians hope to speak for all of them without even consulting them first? It couldn’t.

And every day since that announcement, the Voice proponents have come after me in the media, telling everyone that I don’t speak for them, I don’t represent them, my views aren’t their views.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory


We are not the same! We think differently! We have different views, opinions, beliefs, ideas and plans.

We are not a monolithic people destined to agree on everything!

We vote for leaders who best represent our individual views and we send them to speak those views in the nation’s parliament.

Just like every other Australian.

I know it, you know it, they know it.

That’s why Albo and his Referendum Engagement Group are changing the rules for referendums just in time for their Voice vote.

They’re throwing buckets of taxpayer cash at the Voice, they have the backing and big bucks from woke corporations and sycophants, they’ve played the game to build their Yes campaign, now they’re changing the rules to try and stop the No cause.

It’s undemocratic, cynical and dishonest.

Labor has changed the referendum rules to saturate the country with “education materials” on the Voice.

The Yes campaign will ramp up its bullying, gaslighting and emotional blackmail tactics – anything to get their own spoiled-brat kind of way.

And while we all waste our time and government money on this, nothing gets done to address the REAL problems.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Price

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Blisskitt, Yep. So far during the past few weeks, we’ve had the totally debauched, coke and orgy devotee (and “rainbow raised” lol) Finland PM Sanna Marin, make in-person house calls to both Albo and Ardern… followed now by the equally morally challenged POS Zoomer Zelensky. Gates probably enabling and picking up the tab on that.
    As things generally go in 3’s – who next I wonder is going to come trotting out from Schwab’s Stable of Satanists?! Oh yeah, maybe it will be Turdeau’s turn? Or what about Crazy Nancy? Since Taiwan was a bit of an epic fail and she’s now at rather a loose end these days haha. Actually, a house-call from UK ‘implanted’ Ratsh*t wouldn’t surprise eh? Guessing the crook and also ‘implanted’ Meloni is far too busy with her ongoing masquerade and avoiding getting lynched. Plus she probably doesn’t like pineapple on her pizzas.
    Am sure I’ve missed a number of other ‘possibles’. Any suggestions Blisskitt?…or anyone else?
    What an absolutely repugnant indictment of our so-called leaders. And too utterly stupid to understand what a dangerous game they are playing.


  2. Hi DJ
    It is not unbelievable, this individual has already zoomed in to Australian Parliament and the ANU to a bunch of students, wearing the same attire he has for the last what 9 months is it? Here is one link to ANU address.

    From the article:

    “Mr Zelensky addressed a packed auditorium at The Australian National University in Canberra on Wednesday evening before taking questions from students from 21 universities across the country.”


    “Mr Zelensky noted he was delivering his speech on the 161st day of the bloody war sparked by Russia’s invasion of his homeland.

    The rolling conflict in Ukraine has killed more than 1600 civilians, according to United Nations’ estimates, and left Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, facing international condemnation and allegations of war crimes.

    The war has also had worldwide ramifications for inflation, with Ukrainian-produced staples such as wheat now in short supply.

    It has also driven up the price of petrol and created a shortfall of energy supplies as Ukrainian allies wean themselves off Russian coal and gas as a result of their sanctions condemning the invasion.

    Mr Zelensky said on Wednesday he never thought the reality in Ukraine would be even more terrifying than “the scariest movies”.

    He said was very thankful to Australians and the federal government for their “significant support” including military assistance.

    The Albanese government and its Coalition predecessor have together contributed some $388m in military assistance to Ukraine.

    Mr Zelensky said his country would be grateful for continued support from Australia to “help conquer evil”, reminding the audience the war was not over.”

    Call me a sceptic but how is it possible for a country supposedly in the middle of a war to have no disruption to communications and he can guarantee to appear on time via ZOOM? Was this individual an actor at all in a previous life, he also references movies ? The only true words spoken in the last three years ‘we are all in this together”. Yes they are.

    At our expense.

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  3. And we think we have parliamentary problems!! This is unbelievable…well maybe not!


  4. Check this out. Australia spends billions of dollars / year on the Aboriginals with a view to them getting their social problems sorted out their way.

    So here is an embassy to Vladimir Putin from an Aboriginal group. Putin who has mandated the CoVID vaxx and if you are drafted into the Soviet military and refuse the draft (and your vaxx) you get 10 years jail.

    Aboriginal Australian Ambassador Appeals to Russian President Vladimir Putin


  5. Thank God for some voice of reason from Jacinta….that’s the real voice of the people who elected her to represent them.
    Corrupted narcissists and self serving wankers fill our government.

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  6. Jancita is spot on

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  7. I think the Northern Territorians have an excellent Senator in Jacinta Nampijinpa Price. I think she is the authentic voice of her constituents – 30% of whom are Aboriginal. She is making a courageous and principled stand against the United [Communist]Nations CoVID Regime in Australia and its Gooks – a significant cadre of which are White Abo-Box Tickers who hate White Australia. Senator Price is an Australian who supports the Aboriginal Law (recognised in Australian jurisprudence) in the interests of her own people. She is the real deal.

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  8. What a gem Jacinta is.

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  9. Hi obviousbob, Yep and re: “It seems Mr Rudd wasn’t sorry for anything much at all, was he?” Simply virtue signalling bs.

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  10. I think the Blackfellas should be under their own Law, and not the Gub’s Law.
    And I think the one thing that has always held our Blackfellas’ back and kept them down is the LEGAL system that they seem so infatuated with.
    And as regards a “Voice”, the grubberment will take them in and the forget about them, as they have the Whitefellas.
    We have parallel Constitutions, and governments in Australia do not observe them, latest example being the total disregard of the Constitutional prohibition on civil conscription related to the vaccines-Section 53, isn’t it?
    And then: Kevin Rudd said the big “Sorry”, but still our Blackfellas are bashed form pillar to post, incarcerated at massive rates, and nothing has changed for them.
    So why would anyone think an undefined “Voice” is going to amount to anything more than a mouse’s squeak in a cathedral?
    And are things like this going to stop:
    It seems Mr Rudd wasn’t sorry for anything much at all, was he?

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  11. Divide and conquer

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  12. This articulate and intelligent lady makes an impregnable case. And – as she says – the more they belittle and bully her the more they show that they are unsuitable to hold positions in the Voice processes and the more the Voice itself is shown to be a ill-conceived project; maybe even a time bomb.
    But she needs to be more than a “one-person band”, so I hope she is training others to spread her message more widely as she can’t possibly cover on her own the whole NT – which is bigger than most of the nations in the world.

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  13. Hi tonyryan43, Thank you. Well stated. You especially, already know my opinions on Price lol, based on historical evidence – so am not going to go into all of that again. Re: “I won’t be holding my breath.” Exactly. Besides, a blue face is never a good look eh?!

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  14. Dick Yardly… Chucking absolutist words around might be fun when you are at the barbie with equally pissed mates, but you really need to actually spell out how you arrived at that conclusion. I have had two deep conversations with David Hurley and he struck me as one of the few white people I have ever encountered who grasped that you cannot understand another culture until you first learn their language.

    I, Elkin, and also Donald Thompson, have been trying to convince governments and Australian anthropologists of this axiomatic fact of life for some 80 years. And still they cannot grasp it. But the Governor-general did, and is studying Indonesian Bahasa for that reason. For a man with a distinguished military career, this denotes an exceptional intellect.

    He also recognised the bravery and devotion of eight Yolngu men who forcefully prevented a very large croc from taking the body of a woman ranger it had killed. They were armed only with a turtle spear. The GG travelled to the tiny homeland of Gan Gan to present the awards. His questioning about local culture was astute, and not the usual politicians’ asinine questions.

    I judge a person by what they achieve, and Hurley is thus far the only person on the political landscape with the capacity to take Australia forward.

    So, Dick, a little caution, please. The entire system is corrupt and has been for nearly half a century. Good men and women can and do emerge from corrupt systems. In fact, that is what history is all about.

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  15. It’s hard to argue against the logic presented by Jacinta Price, but it’s also hard to not apply the same rules to her.

    Let me make two points.

    Jacinta was elected by Territorians, but I don’t know how many of those votes were Aboriginal and there is no way to find out. But considering I seldom talk to anybody who is not Aboriginal, I have never heard an Aborigine support her. But I have heard many speak of her disparagingly, especially women.

    The second element to which I want to draw attention is that Jacinta cannot claim to represent a people who she has never even talked to or, more to the point, listened to. Where I live in Arnhem Land, I have never heard of Jacinta Price seeking the opinion, aspirations, needs and complaints of Yolngu or any other Aboriginal people in the North. It seems to me she is another Patrick Dodson… a white politician’s puppet.

    Having said that, I would never regard Jacinta with the contempt I have for the Dodsons. She is a politician and, compared to most, there are aspects to admire, like a functioning brain. But if anybody thinks the CLP have ever given a toss for Aborigines, they are delusional.

    One single reservation here, I am not entirely dismissive. One CLP MLA actually requestd clarification over local decision-making issues, so I am ever hopeful of change.

    Currently, I do not see any politicians in the Territory as being part of any solutions to Aboriginal problems. If Jacinta would get off her privileged arse and visit the people of the north, I might take a stronger interest in her position on other issues. I won’t be holding my breath.

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  16. Hi Editor

    Treasonous Political Parties own the Treasonous so-called Governor-General. As this so-called Treasonous Governor-General sits in Treason, therefore has no authority to write a writ for any Referendum. Like all Referendums after the Treasonous Political Parties took control of the Treasonous so-called Governor-General the Treasonous Political Parties don’t take any notice of the Referendums unless they get the answer the Treasonous Political Parties want. Dick


  17. Rhodesia gone
    South Africa gone
    New Zealand going
    Australia next

    The first two were taken down by revolution and the AK47

    Australia and NZ taken down by Fabian Socialism. That is, by gradual legislative changes.

    So now ya know. Whats ya gonna do.

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  18. How this referendum could ever get a Yes vote is beyond me. Unless, maybe, they rig it, like everything else.

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