Trump playing up the opportunity getting his mug shot taken by Fani Willis’ law officers.


TRUMP’s indictment in Georgia by yet another Democrat district attorney, on sublimely hypocritical charges of subverting the election system, reveals the depth of desperation of the Democrats and the wider deep state that is hellbent on destroying the former US president.

Asked by Tucker Carlson why his enemies simply wouldn’t kill him, Trump avoided directly answering the question, just saying in typical Trump melodramatic style: “They’re savage animals, they are people that are sick.” But he is basically right because he knows them well.

Trump’s latest round of indictments come from Fulton County, Georgia, one of the main scenes of the notorious voting hanky panky in 2020 and numerous court actions related to that. The Democrats, now dominated by their New Left, cultural Marxist factions who worship political power, will do anything to get or keep it.

This is one reason why Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is bringing a swag of charges against Trump. It has absolutely nothing to do with justice and everything to do with dirty power politics at her level and much higher levels. Willis is said to be one of the of Democrat DAs across the US who got big campaign donations from the ugly frog man Soros.

Not only have they charged Trump but 19 of his associates in total. They include the former director of Black Voices for Trump, Harrison Floyd, former New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani and lawyer Sidney Powell. Floyd, 39, turned himself into the Fulton County jail because he didn’t negotiate bail, so he remained in custody after being charged with racketeering, conspiracy to solicit false statements and influencing witnesses.

DA Willis’ political bias is so obvious that the Judciary Committee of the House Republicans has written to her pointing out that her indictment and prosecution “implicate substantial federal interests”. “The circumstances surrounding your actions raise serious concerns about whether they are politically motivated,” the letter politely reads.

It also points out the scandalous actions of Willis’ Superior Court clerk in prematurely releasing a list of criminal charges against President Trump before the grand jury actually voted on them. After first calling the list fictitious, the clerk later claimed it was a “mishap” and that when she hit save “it went to the press queue.”

But of course “Fatty Fani” and her Fulton County crew are just small political players acting under the orders of Big Backroom Boy Obama, Soros, Schwab and the rest of the global corporate cabal desperately trying to impose their vile new world odor on the people of the world. For them, Trump is one big problem, because since 2020 he and others around him have repeatedly called out their global election fraud industry.

Just one shocking example of how sophisticated this criminal activity has become are the actions of the New York City Board of Elections that was found to have inserted at least four algorithms inside the New York voter registration database in order to manipulate numbers.

Another is the Muskegon, Michigan bogus voter registration scandal uncovered this month by Mike Hoft of the Gateway Pundit. In October 2020, weeks before the election, a local election clerk discovered a left-wing ballot harvesting company GBI Strategies had delivered 8000 to 10,000 fraudulent voter applications to the elections office.

Muskegon is a city of about 38,000 people, so the registrations represented about a third of voters. They found fake signatures and addresses on numerous papers and city police were alerted. State election officials were eventually alerted and they reported to the FBI. Police raided a GBI office and found guns and silencers, burner phones and bags of gift cards and pre-paid cash cards.

Unbelievably the Michigan Attorney General’s office told media that because an intrepid elections clerk discovered the fraud, “we should take comfort that the system worked and that our elections are reliable and secure” and therefore no prosecution was necessary.

GBI had in fact been working right across the US. Despite the report to the FBI that was the last they had heard. Meanwhile US media repeatedly blathered on about “Trump’s false claims of election fraud” and the story went down the memory hole for two years.

Lust for and abuse of power is the dark side of human nature and happens in every political jurisdiction. But it is restrained in nations with the rule of law and strong checks and balances such as constitutions, courts, borders and shared and decentralised jurisdictions that have a reasonable level of function.

However, the rise of globalism and so-called global free trade has taken away protections and borders and given certain corporations and their owners unprecedented levels of wealth, hence the new billionaire and multi-billionaire class – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos being familiar names among them.

In order to protect their markets, these corporations have bought into the WEF-UN globalist narrative and have established a vast network of so-called NGO and foundations around that. This system is Orwellian – both communistic and fascist at the same time. It can only work with its key member nations being in agreement with the big plan of one world government, as reflected in the projects of the World Economic Forum, the UN and the various global think tanks and foundations, rubber-stamped by the G7 and G20 government meetings.

We are now well into the stage where this corporate global cabal and the highest level of globalists have their “utopian” (in reality dystopian) unipolar 2030 vision in sight. But in order for it to work fully, they must have compliant national governments in place, especially the US government, and that can only be guaranteed by fixing elections.

They also (prematurely in the view of some) created the two-year plandemic to suppress national populations, bankrupt governments, introduce totalitarian controls and make huge profits. However, worldwide nationalistic populism offers resistance. Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan is a statement against globalism.

Meanwhile in recent years the Five Eyes nations and many others have been electronically hacked and defrauded by the private companies that run the global electronic election business. Konnech and Dominion Voting Systems are the two leading players in this criminal fraud perpetrated by a vast network of corrupt players.

As reported by the Cloudfare internet infrastructure provider, in September 2017, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security informed 21 states that their voter registration files or public election websites had been targeted for cyber attack.

The landslide election of Trump in 2016 was a major blow to the plans of the globalists. One of the first executive orders of Trump was to commit the US to withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, a key plank of globalism which is now driving the insane carbon mitigation business worldwide.

That was to take place after Trump’s expected re-election in 2020, but the globalists, using a crooked, compromised girl sniffer Joe Biden as a puppet president, ramped up their election rigging apparatus that had failed to get the globalist Democrat witch and crime boss Hillary Clinton over the line in 2016.

The US election scammers, primarily the Democrats, used the 2020 Covid scamdemic to vastly increase the number of mail-in votes, and therefore the ability to manufacture bogus votes using, for instance in the case of Nevada, tens of thousands of parking lot addresses. Another scamdemic may be ramped up again this October, according to TSA airport security officers who spoke to Alex Jones.

Investigative reporter Heather Mullins predicted on a forum on TwitterX that the powers that be would “unleash a new virus just in time for the elections so they can push lockdowns, mass mail in ballots, and dropboxes to try and steal another election.”

Dominion Voting Systems and others involved in this gigantic scam have repeatedly spoken a big lie, that their systems are not connected to the internet. This claim has been debunked by numerous IT investigators such as Bruce Schneier, one of the world’s leading IT security specialists.

The various IT experts also insist that any computer system linked to the net can be hacked without great difficulty. Eric Abbenante, speaking on one of the new TwitterX call in forums, said organisations promoting voter registration, such as those given millions of dollars by George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, were major players in the US vote fraud operation.

Kris Hunter, an IP address specialist, has tracked the online transactions of Dominion and other election companies worldwide. He also shows how Dominion (like Konnech) is indirectly linked by business ties to the Chinese Communist Party government.

Other IT vote fraud investigators told a recent TwitterX forum said they knew the NSA themselves “chaperone things happening when we run tracers”. “We can follow them as they create instant tree branches,” said one, referring to NSA attempts to thwart their tracing activity.

They said there were six different apparatuses “used in the night to make things happen” including “a very basic drag and drop operation”. Estimates were that 20 to 30% of voter rolls were compromised.
These observers said that due to the electronic voting system connected to the internet, Secretary of State offices could now get front-running data on elections that would allow them to estimate “required numbers” to get their party across the line and “drag in and drop roll names”.

The big question for Australia is, are the powers that be so desperate that they would try to rig the Voice referendum? Given that “indigenous co-governance” is such a big part of the globalist takeover plan the chances are high.