Cairns News has recently emailed a newsletter to our readers. Many thousands have been sent through our database but we are still learning all its new features so each edition might be an improvement on the previous issue. All mail so far regarding the newsletter has been positive.

It is actually easier to mail a newsletter than to post stories especially for urgent issues that need attention.

Furthermore we would like to advise the great, many commentators on the site that the available space allocated to Cairns News is not finite and we ask that comments not be too long and not have too many links to other pages especially Youtube which often opens in comments taking up much space.

Most commentators stick to these guidelines but for those who post voluminous comments please be mindful. It should also be noted that CN cannot and does not alter any posts until after they are published and only if there are too many links which won’t publish anyway.

As long as comments are not overtly defamatory and contain no swear words 99 per cent are accepted.

Thanks for reading and contributing to help clean up the ALP/LNP/Greens destruction of Australia.