Israeli surveillance cameras in Gaza. Queensland Labor it seems has been following the same program.

By Lyndesy Symonds

The Khazarian (Ashkhenazi) Jews invaded the nation and land of Palestine just after the defeat and collapse of the Ottoman Empire WW1.

I see no evidence of colonization – an arrangement which according to Soviet ideology can be a mutually beneficial partnership [except in colonies of European powers of course].

Just ask look at the colonies of the Communist Bloc – Zimbabwe, for example, which was recently sold to the CCP. Zimbabwe is a colony and failed Marxist state where child slavery in the lithium, chromium and cobalt mines is a thriving business model of ‘stakeholder’ capitalism.

Facial recognition cameras on West Bank installed by Israel

What we see in Palestine is a gulag where every aspect of life is under surveillance and control of the Israeli state. The population is routinely bombed or shot or arrested or subjected to destruction of homes and infrastructure by tank.

The entire world should demand a free and independent Palestine and an end to gulag conditions enforced upon the Palestinian nation by Israel. Support for Israel is support for state sponsored terror.

For the Western nations support for a free and independent Palestine should not extend to support for the Islamic nations as a power bloc, Islam and the way these nations have used the invasion of Palestine and its ruthless subjugation as a ‘plight’ to leverage a high moral ground for Islam vs Zionism and build their own base and jihad against the West.

The Islamic terror organisations that have been foisted upon the captured Palestinian people as their ‘leaders’ and the Islamic Jihad of the Muslim nations – especially against the West – do not necessarily speak for the Palestinians whose authentic voices on the ground is heard in the independent media.

The way these Muslim protests are shaping up, especially in Europe, we are supposed to think that in order to support a free and independent Palestine, you have to support Islam, the Muslim Bloc and its jihad against Israel and the West.