Victorian Liberal Party backbencher Russell Broadbent,72, has quit the Liberals after losing pre-selection for his long-held seat of Monash at the weekend. He now sits on the cross-bench.

Broadbent was a critic of mandatory Covid jabs and supported Ivermectin as a cure.

Liberal MHR Russell Broadbent loses pre-selection for criticising Covid regime

Mr Broadbent has long been an outspoken voice in the Coalition party room and was one of a handful of MPs who opposed its policy of offshore processing for refugees in 2006.

In 2017, he was one of four MPs who voted against same-sex marriage legislation.

More recently he opposed mandatory vaccination during the pandemic and promoted the use of the antiparasitic drug ivermectin.

Nothing has changed in the compromised Liberal, or Labor Party for that matter when it comes to criticism of the Covid regime.

Pfizer rules the roost in Australia and just about every other country which signed up to their deadly, experimental gene-altering concoction that has caused more than 30,000 excess deaths across Australia.

With a claimed 91 per cent national vaccination rate there are many more deaths coming in the next few years.

Capable Liberal senator Gerrard Rennick dumped after Covid criticism

Is it any wonder Queensland’s health system has disintegrated and Ambulances are ramping at most major hospitals for many hours every day, unable to cope with cardiac and blood clot disorders that were not prevalent until the jabs started nearly three years ago.

Broadbent joins the capable Liberal senator Gerrard Rennick who took on Big Pharma in the senate seriously questioning the mRNA inoculations and the ensuing epidemic of adverse reactions and deaths.

Rennick was placed in an unwinnable spot on the Liberals senate ticket.