Global fallout from the latest war. In Chicago thousands of people came on the streets to support Palestine while millions of other Americans also support Israel.


UKRAINE apparently is not enough death and destruction for the lizard king globalists, now they’ve stirred up their old favourite, the Middle East cauldron.

While US Republicans were railing against Biden’s “weak support for Israel” and his release of $6 billion of frozen funds in South Korea to Iran, the latest outbreak of war in Israel has suddenly transformed Biden in media from a president facing impeachment to “US Commander in Chief defending his No. 1 Middle East ally”.

This same media just loves another hot war to distract from the worldwide populist rebellion against the globalist agenda. In Israel, a CNN reporter gleefully treated us to “action shots” of him and his newly arrived planeload of passengers taking cover on the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport as air raid sirens howled in the background.

The media narrative that Israel suddenly forgot to defend their border is about as believable as green moon fairies. It looks more likely that the global powers that be, while running out of cards to play, and given Biden’s predicament and the failing war in Ukraine, decided it might be beneficial to stir up the hornets’ nest that is the Gaza strip, the West Bank and Israel itself.

War always claims a just and noble cause, but in reality it serves the interests of geopolitical powers who pull the strings, sell the munitions and use the chaos to their own advantage. The only questions are whether the Israelis really were caught unawares and who was pulling strings behind the curtain.

Western media were calling the attacks by Hamas as “sophisticated” but the footage indicated otherwise. They blew holes in the big fence out in the desert and then brought in a giant front-end loader to finish the job. The Israelis apparently failed to spot this big yellow sitting duck out in the desert.

The Hamas “holy warriors”, who hardly looked like a disciplined military force, also took to motorised hang gliders to cross the border, apparently because slow-moving aircraft are not detected by the defence system. But where were the crack IDF snipers who could have picked them off easier than Tiger Moths?

Most of Hamas fanatics, released from their Gaza strip open prison, charged across the open desert on foot and poured through into Israel’s southern border on the back of utes and motorbikes under repeated barrages of thousands of low-grade rockets that Israel’s sophisticated defence technology was apparently unable to counter.

Again another unlikely narrative was spun out that Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defence system had been caught unawares – if that is even possible. Apart from vision of wrecked and burning cars, there was little evidence of this rocket barrage doing much damage to buildings, although a video from northern Israel showed a hilltop facility being hit by a missile.

The Hamas fighters apparently advanced to a number of Israeli towns and undertook kidnappings and brutal killings. Given the level of hatred of Hamas for Israel that might well have happened. Apparently one of the victims was a young German woman who went to Israel for a music festival, but how much of this was propaganda and how much was real? One video, overdubbed with a laughing Islamic voice, showed festival attendees fleeing. Another video showed dozens of wrecked and burned cars but apparently no bodies.

But as stated by one Palestinian sympathiser, the festival, also called a rave, was organised on occupied land adjacent to Gaza – an obvious security risk – and apparently not defended by the IDF. The festival, incidentally was a display of open western decadence set right beside an Islamic stronghold.

Speaking on an X forum hosted by Eric Abbenante, a caller identifying as a US Marine and Afghanistan veteran didn’t buy the “caught unawares” story. He said in the military everything is checked methodically and you can’t even plug an iPad into a network without permission. “You’re telling me no-one was on the guard towers? There’s drones and literally eyes on everything in the military.”

Video showed an Israeli tank captured and burning and the driver being dragged out. According to Hamas they took 35 Israeli soldiers hostage including Major General Nimrod Aloni, the former commander of the Israeli defence force’s Gaza division. The IDF denied he was taken hostage.

Media, including Arab media, showed only very brief video clips of Hamas advancing into Israel. But there was no way to know if these were real or propaganda. One such clip showed two Hamas fighters buzzing through a location on a hang glider just above ground level, machine guns at the ready.

Other clips, apparently from drones, showed explosive devices being dropped on top of IDF personnel beside an ambulance and another of an unmanned and undefended gun tower being hit with a small explosive device dropped from above.

Predictably, within 12 hours of these attacks, the Gaza strip was being hit by the Israeli airforce. A three-tower, 12-floor apartment block said by the Israelis to be a Hamas nest was pictured collapsing as if being blown up by demolition experts. Residents were apparently given an hour’s warning to get out.

This begs the question that if Israeli intelligence knows the exact location of Hamas cells throughout Gaza, how could they miss a force of Hamas fighters mobilising for an attack on the border?

Predictably, the war promped public demonstrations against Israel by various Islamic communities in the UK, US and Europe, which in turn prompted outrage from groups like Britain First and others. There’s nothing like a Middle East war to fracture and divide communities and put the security state into action again.

Some Islamic people in Sydney apparently celebrated too, or was it footage of a soccer celebration? Will we see the deep state ramping up another round of totalitarian clampdowns, this time in the name of countering Islamic terrorism?