By Kevin Linton

As a scientist and an engineer who worked in the rural water industry, I had experience in Agriculture in both NSW and Victoria and also contributed to the Murray Darling Basin Plan prior to 2007, I could see that water around the globe would be a commodity that future wars would be fought over.

However, we were sold the idea of a new Basin Plan on the basis that eucalypts were were dying in the Millennial Drought and the environment needed a share of water going into the future. A glaring mistake of the plan was not to consider the future of towns and communities within the Murray Darling Basin and this never appeared in the brief.

When I asked about the future viability of these within the Basin, I was told it was ‘not our problem’ and no plan on this aspect was ever prepared. Twenty years later I now wonder whether this was by design as the author of this article suggests it has turned out that international covenants and the United Nations have made it easier for foreign entities to gain control of our water resources.

Water is now scarce in Gravity Irrigation Areas compared to the 1980’s, it is expensive in comparison even when the water storages are full, population in these areas have halved, there is less young people, jobs and businesses. In my small town alone, over 50% of the shops and businesses are closed buildings and this is on the Newell Highway with the Riverina Highway not far away. Because water prices have increased it can be seen that most irrigated crops are no longer financially viable to grow and farmers have millions of dollars of debt.

It seems to me that control of water has also meant control of food production and population in what was considered the food bowl of the nation. For those of you that are familiar with the left wing socialist policies of UN Agenda 21 and those that followed since the 1960’s, you will know that these aim for total control over population, a few large cities, a small world population, large wilderness areas and reduced democracy.

Controlling food and fibre production would of course be done by necessity. Australia has the capacity to feed and clothe 100’s of millions of people around the world. My bet is that Australia is being made to heal to the United Nations whims as both sides of the political spectrum in Australia have signed up to the UN Agenda’s over time as has every other western country.

In my mind, I have always wondered how such agenda would achieve a much smaller world population, but with climate Change and related policies etc., the war in Ukranine and the benefit of age, it all seems much more realistic.