Barrister Julian Gillespie, who is fighting big pharma corruption.

LAST Tuesday, November 21st, Australia’s slimy and most senior health bureaucrats, backed up by their quislings at the government propaganda department, otherwise known as the ABC, announced “an early Christmas present” – two new Covid19 booster vaccines.

The geniuses at the ABC, instead of asking the obvious question about how safe or effective these new whizzbang injections were, simply parroted a media release given to them by the Department of Health and Aged Care, and ran it at the top of their bulletin.

Ignoring current legal action accusing Pfizer and Moderna of serious criminal offences in Australia and ongoing worldwide reports of frequently fatal cardiac arrests and crippling side effects in otherwise healthy, fit individuals who have received mRNA shots, the ABC announced like ringside clowns:

“If you were hoping for an early Christmas present, you might just be in luck: the federal government has announced updated COVID-19 vaccines will be available from December 11. That means those who roll up their sleeves could have boosted protection against severe disease and hospitalisation by Christmas Day.” Oh goody goody gumdrops, the peanut gallery shouted in unison.

The ABC blathered on: “Experts say that’s critical given Australia is in the midst of a fresh COVID-19 wave which could see millions infected (or re-infected) in the next few months, according to one of the country’s eminent infectious disease experts.” They were referring to Professor Brendan Crabb, the bought and paid-for mouthpiece of the Gates-funded vaccine pushers, the Burnet Institute in Melbourne.

The ABC assured us that the composition of the two new vaccines, which are already available in the US, “is different to those you may have already received. But that’s what makes them more effective at this time,” they said in the same breath. One could almost hear the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca marketing departments clapping in the background, raising their champagne glasses to another $20 billion revenue grab.

What the lying grubs at the ABC and Health Department are covering up is the repeated warnings from doctors and others represented by the Australian Medical Professional Society (AMPS) that gene-based COVID-19 pharmaceuticals like Spikevax and Comirnaty are a serious threat to health, particularly children.

The ABC ran its Crabb interview the day before the big announcement of the new shots. The professor and his ABC interviewer avoided the vaccine side effects issue like synagogue goers avoid non-kosher bacon.

The professor, with a hint of pride, admitted he had covid, but studiously avoided even a hint that there might be treatment options available other than the latest toxin-laden syringes that his universally-hated psychopath sponsor Gates feverishly pushes like the local crackhead drug dealer.

The ABC interviewer then went on to the subject of covid19 variants, saying she had “lost track of which variant we are up to and I’m not sure it even matters”. The professor quickly responded with a flush of honesty, admitting that the variants mutated “week by week and month by month” but that the focus was on just two covid19 mutants or “two flavours” as he described them.

And here lies the real scam of vaccines designed around viral mutations. By the time the lab rats at big pharma have isolated a mutant and adapted it to a vaccine, the mutant has moved on. This scam was noted by Australian barrister Julian Gillespie early in the plandemic. This same “find-a-mutant-and-design-a-vaccine-for-it” scam operates annually with influenza variants and vaccines.

Meanwhile Gillespie’s legal team is fighting on against all odds in a thoroughly compromised system, to get justice for the crime and corruption of big pharma and their government enablers.

Between February and October 2023, his legal team, with the aid of Senator Gerard Rennick presented to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the Attorney-General of Australia, Mark Dreyfus, a brief of information and evidence to show both Pfizer and Moderna continued to commit serious criminal offences in Australia, for failing to first obtain GMO licences from the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR), which may or may not have been granted.

Gillespie’s legal team allege the same in the civil law Federal Court GMO proceedings against Pfizer and Moderna that is still ongoing. For various reasons, Gillespie is currently not operating as a certified barrister.