Courageous mum Zoe Buhler handcuffed by Dan Andrews’ Covid cops in 2020

Courageous Ballarat mum Zoe Buhler was arrested by six Covid cops while pregnant. Her arrest had 14 million views around the world in September 2020. Her crime was to mention on Face Book perhaps having a rally about mandates which former Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy has since admitted were unnecessary.

Her treatment by Victoria’s fascists was remonstrated internationally giving Premier Andrews and Australia seriously bad names which were well deserved. The Covid plandemic has now been found by specialist medical researchers around the world to be a scam, no virus has ever been isolated and there have been 32,000 excess mRNA vaxx-related deaths discussed in the Australian senate which refused by one vote not to mount an investigation.

Charges against her were eventually dropped.

Zoe and her family

Young Ballarat mother arrested two weeks ago by rogue Victorian cops in payback raid

Here we go again when on November 8, Deadly Dan’s rogue, tattooed police thugs snatched Zoe’s baby from her arms and grabbed her other children, handing them over to children’s services. She was then charged by these mindless mugs for violence against her children, an easy accusation often made by anonymous informants.

She has a court hearing set down for December 12, 2023 in Ballarat Magistrates Court. Any supporters please attend.

It seems the Andrews stench still pervades Vicpol and Victoria Labor.