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OK for Victoria Police to lose 100,000 firearms and OK to bash and pepper spray Covid protesters?

from National Shooting Council

Liberal Democrat Victoria MP Tim Quilty, has put the spotlight on Victoria’s firearm registry once again, after it was revealed that 100,000 guns simply went “missing”, raising serious questions about how it is run.

Mr Quilty, a licensed shooter and proud NSC Member, has been probing the operations of the Registry through questions in Parliament to the police minister for nearly a year.

Ministers’ pushback on transparency

The government of communist Dan Andrews has taken a strong dislike to the questions. 

Every time Mr Quilty has asked questions, he has been ridiculed, berated, and attacked in the house by Andrew’s government ministers, Gayle Tierney and Jaala Pulford.

Tim Quilty MP widening cracks in Firearms Registry

Tierney represents Police Minister Lisa Neville (as Neville sits in the lower house).  Her attacks on Tim have increased in their ferocity and nature every time he raised LRD matters.

It is clear from the government responses that it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable on the matter. It is also clear the government doesn’t want to see cracks appear in the registry, in an election year.

Registry faces heat

Thanks to Tim’s efforts, it has been confirmed that the registry does have 100,000 guns missing. 

The police and government have attempted to “bat this off” by blaming discrepancies in the old firearms database that they stopped using in 1996 when it was replaced by the current Licensing and Registration System.

On the 6th April 2022 Tim asked whether there were 100,000 missing guns, and what was being done about the matter. He also asked if VicPol did in fact hold a firearm dealers licence, and if so if it was bound by the same laws as other Victorian Firearms dealers.

On the 6th May 2022 Tim received a written response from Lisa Neville. The link for Tim’s questions and Neville’s answers can be seen by clicking here.

Apart from confirming the missing guns, the responses reveald that “Operation Ravelings” reviewed 60,000 firearms records held by registry without explaining what was found.  The responses also confirmed VicPol holds a firearms dealers licence and that it:

“is required to meet its licence requirements within accordance with the Firearms Act 1996.”

The way VicPol treats dealers for any offences is well known.

Dealers who lose a firearm or who have discrepancies in their records have their licences suspended/cancelled, lose their businesses and are prosecuted – but the registry does not apply the same rules to itself.

There have been a number of high-profile cases where VicPol was forced to admit it was wrong. 

The most recent being the case of Rod Haugh from the Outdoor Sportsman in Geelong who was able to clear his name after a six-year legal battle that cost him his health and a fortune on legal fees.

On Wednesday, 25th May 2022 Tim asked more questions in Parliament about the “missing” guns.

Instead of answering the question, Labor MP Gayle Tierney attempted to divert the house’s attention by referring to the USA primary school shooting days earlier. The link to what Tim said can be seen by clicking here or simply watch it here.

This time Tim dropped a bomb on the government. He revealed that he was in possession of a Victoria Police Affidavit (a sworn statement) signed by a senior LRD officer that attempted to explain the disappearance of seized guns and gun parts as having been “inadvertently” destroyed.

The officer involved, Senior Sergeant Andrew Armstrong (right), is the firearms portfolio holder at the LRD and has been since mid-2014.

Armstrong had his Affidavit witnessed by his immediate subordinate officer, Sergeant Paul Connor and made the claim that the firearms destroyed were of no monetary value.

These revelations show that the Victorian registry is a basket case and how its seems to operate as a law unto itself. The NSC eagerly awaits the government’s response to Tim’s questions, and predict a lot more is likely to be revealed in the fullness of time.

Full credit to Tim Quilty for having the guts to pursue this matter when others wouldn’t. In fact he’s the only MP in the Victorian Parliament who has shooters’ interest at heart.

One thing that is clear is that the government has a lot of questions to answer. In particular, it needs to explain the documented links between it and senior VicPol force command members

Even former VicPol Chief Commissioner Kel Glare publicly described current force command with “an old proverb that says ‘the fish goes rotten from the head’”.

Ironically the NSW government has just announced a review into the operations of its own registry.  Yet it’s a move that is unlikely to be copied by the Victorian Government.

Editor: It should also hold a judicial inquiry into the atrocious conduct of police officers both government and private mercenaries when confronting tens of thousands of protesters in Melbourne last year.

Ex-crim uses VicPol props in bizarre attempt to shut down Serene Teffaha


“Lucky Lance” Simon, from one of his ridiculous YouTube videos faking a police stake-out of lawyer Serene Teffaha.


VICTORIAN lawyer and advocate Serene Teffaha would like Victoria Police to demonstrate some integrity and pull the plug on the antics of “Lucky Lance” Simon, the former meth head and convicted drug dealer married to Melbourne gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson. Lucky Lance has been stalking and defaming Ms Teffaha – all recorded on his own YouTube channel, with Victoria Police vehicles used as props.

This character’s sleazy behaviour is running in parallel with outrageous actions by the Victorian Legal Services Board against Ms Teffaha, and has promped her supporters to rally in her support this Saturday, May 22nd.

Ms Garde-Wilson should be having some serious chats with her hubby about his silly, law-flouting conduct, because it could get him into more trouble with the law down the track. Senior Victorian police should also be having some serious chats with the members of the force about how police vehicles appear in some of Lance’s videos. We wouldn’t want to think police were complicit in a campaign of stalking and defamation involving a former meth head and drug dealer.

“Lucky Lance” Simon should not be throwing stones from his glass house. He was on a meth binge on the day he allegedly stabbed hospitality worker Paul Thornell, 38, to death on December 5, 2011. In 2013 he was found not guilty of murder and lesser related charges. The victim’s father told the court he saw Simon holding a large knife before he demanded money, ransacked the kitchen, stole a wallet and a phone and ran away.

Four years earlier in 2007 Simon was convicted of trafficking meth and possession of steroids. He avoided jail after a judge heard he was a full-time dad to his new baby and ordered him to do 175 hours of community service. While on bail for those charges he spray-painted nine Versace handbags worth almost $30,000 at a Crown Casino store in Melbourne in a dispute over his Versace suit.

Curiously, in July last year, Lucky Lance gained media notoriety by going online and “spreading conspiracy theories” about the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that he’s chasing a lawyer fighting the establishment over COVID-based state crimes, his criminal past apparently doesn’t matter. In January the Sydney Morning Herald painted him as a “anti-scamming activist” hunting down those who profit from the anti-pandemic narratives.

That this man is now harassing a lawyer, apparently with police co-operation, is testament the crisis of government in the corrupted state of Victoria, until recently run by “Dictator Dan” Andrews, who has disappeared from public view in strange circumstances after “slipping and falling and seriously injuring himself”.

The Victorian Legal Services Board has suspended Ms Teffaha’s legal licence over her public allegations of corruption and pedophilia in the judiciary. She is not the only person to raise those issues and if the legal profession had some integrity, they would investigate the matters and deal with them – like churches did. She also accuses several leading figures in the VLSB of criminally defaming her by implying she is fraudulent and involved in misappropriation of trust money for personal gain.

The VLSB has somehow given itself the power to seize Ms Teffaha’s AdvocateMe trust account and personal donations accounts and the Commonwealth Bank is going along with this outrage. Ms Teffaha is not accused of any crimes nor has been subject to client complaints.

“They’ve gone into another stage,” she told Cairns News. “This guy out there (“Lucky Lance”) has been escalating the whole thing. He staged a police stand-off saying ‘the cops want to talk with you’,” she said.

She made a complaint to Victoria Police about Simon, whose YouTube channel has 308 followers, where he has recently posted the videos with police vehicles in close proximity and making false and defamatory accusations against the lawyer. Police have not yet brought him in.

In one episode Lucky Lance appears “first on the scene” in front of a police SUV he claimed was blocking off a street while police attempted to get Ms Teffaha to come out of her house. The lunatic states: “Serene, I know you watch my content. Please Serene it’s gone too far, enough’s enough. Just come out, you won’t be hurt. They just want to ask you about the misappropriated funds. They want to know where the money is. They want to get the money back.”  (false and defamatory statement)

In another episode he stands out the front of Ms Teffaha’s house, calling it the site of a criminal enterprise. In another episode he offers $30,000 cash for information on Ms Teffaha. Just to show how he “means business” he holds up several big wads of cash in his hand. It’s asinine, embarrassing behaviour and his lawyer wife should be reining him in.

Ms Teffaha has upset the Victorian establishment by running two class actions against the clearly unlawful government actions to imprison people in their homes, shut down businesses, force mask wearing and other outrages around the so-called pandemic – in reality a flu epidemic involving a genetically modified virus that can be stopped with common drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and supplements like zinc and vitamin D.

“Lance Simon has been given a platform to escalate his violence towards me due to the platform provided to him by the Sydney Morning Herald, by the Victorian Legal Services Board, by the conduct of Jacob Uljans of Hall and Wilcox and the representation by Nicole Papaleo and Landers for VLSB at the hearing,” Ms Teffaha stated on her Telegram channel Advocate Me Updates.

Ex-crim stalks Serene Teffaha using VicPol cars as video props

Bryant should have had due legal process

Letter to the Editor

Whether Martin Bryant is innocent or guilty is irrelevant, what is relevant is that a man has been jailed for life without following due process, sect 80 of the constitution guarantees a trial by jury of one peers, it’s a basic right that dates back 800 year to a document that ended up being the foundation for the creation of governments.

Unless you are communists you have no reason to argue against Bryant’s right to trial, the last this thing that the people of Australia should be undertaking is giving the government freedom to circumvent proper due process, even the most honest politicians(government) can be subverted let alone one that it already known to be corrupt, conspiracy theorists keep governments in check.

I’m trying to understand why people who don’t believe Bryant is innocent are reacting in such a manner, why so angry and defensive, I don’t understand why you would be against having the justice system serve the people and carry out the task it is intended for, I thought you would have more confidence in the judicial system and government that you are so adamantly defending.

A reader says whether Martin Bryant is guilty or not he should have been afforded due legal process as mandated by the Constitution. And a full coronial inquiry should have been held, which on the finding of the limited inquiry held in Tasmania would have found Bryant innocent.

I found some information regarding the port Arthur shooting that is only mentioned on a few occasions.

Martin Bryant inherited 27 million from his old lay friend who was the niece of George Adams (tattersalls) , retroactive laws made after the shooting allowed the government to access those funds for the victims, 3 million was paid out to the victims and 24 million went to admin fees. (disarming the public is not the only motive)

The serial number of AR15 used in the shooting was traced back to the 1987 Melbourne gun amnesty , the firearm was acquired by the Victoria S.O.G’s which is not unusual , they get to keep certain firearms and use them for police work, the part that is not okay is the firearm ending up in Port Arthur 9 years later.

The commonwealth bank employee that was in the cafe recognized the gunman and stood up and yelled “not in here” before the gunman shot and killed him ( he was also an ex asio agent)

Editor, cairnsnews you have done your research on the Port Arthur incident, but you certainly have no idea what you are talking about when it comes world war 2 and Adolf Hitler, you are making the same mistake that your adversaries are making.

Hitler did not disarm the German people, Hitler expressed his disgust with the communist parties disarming Hitler labelled these Bolshevist as traitors in a speech.

I for the life of me cannot understand why so many people cannot see this pattern that keeps repeating.

To many people have this ill conceived perception that the world is perfect , that there is no evil, people perceive the world as if it is the movie clip of Julia Andrews singing ” the hills are alive with the sound of music”.

I can assure you that no man in history has been misrepresented the way Hitler has been misrepresented, you are talking about a very educated, creative, empathetic and intelligent, who was democratically elected, who rebuilt Germany’s broken economy, who was a vegetarian because he couldn’t bare to kill an animal, who was responsible for creating laws against cruelty to animals, who banned all the smut art that the Bolsheviks brought over with them when the were finished destroying Russia, the man that watch Churchill’s planes bomb Germany for 3 months without retaliating, the man that kept pleading for peace while Churchill kept bombing, Hitler refrained from retaliation until Polish Jews murdered 5000 Germans that were living just over the Germany border in a polish town,then he was blamed for the murders claiming it was Hitlers propaganda designed to initiate a war.

Here we are 2020 the year of the covid-19,I’m seeing the world through a sentient beings eyes and it is crystal clear, while many see it through sheep’s eyes, and i’m in noway condoning the behavior of the evil beings that control this world but these damn sheep who suffer from severe cognitive dissonance are the ones that make all these atrocities possible, this dimwits are happy to jail an innocent man and allow psychopath cold blooded murdered go free before they have their ego bruised. I am absolutely disgusted and at my wits end with these types of pathetic excuses for human being, what kind of absolute moron argues against his own inalienable inherent right, why is it so hard for your people to see right from wrong, it’s because you bloody don’t have a clue what is right and wrong, get a grip of your righteous self and wake up. if you want to live under a communist regime you wish is about to come to fruition.

What kind of moron argues with such conviction against his own rights, looks like you’re going to get you wish, the communist cabal has arrived in our neck of the woods as many of the conspiracy theorist figured they would, just our luck, we don’t have any semi automatic rifles to defend ourselves with, and even if Bryant did it, does that mean that were are supposed to get our asses handed to us by this tyrant government.

These sheep wont believe that we are under attack because it will be our police that initiate this attack on the Australian people , they have already started and the people are supporting their actions —> “thank you Vicpol for making people wear masks and saving my precious life how dare these people risk my life just because they are trying to protect everyone’s rights, shoot and kill anyone that puts my life in danger”

I honestly thought people were much smarter but I was obviously wrong, the majority of people are so damn stupid and even if you try to educate then you wont get anywhere, they become so engaged in the argument defending what they believe, they don’t realize how stupid they look because they are opposed to common sense, 800 years of common law, basic fundamental rights, law of equity, the bible, western democratic society and logic.

The more i see this people and their subjective argument the more I realize how this country has become a communist country overnight, these subverted fools have helped usher in the Bolsheviks, these fools that watch the 6 o’clock news and believe that the majority of the 26 million people in Australia are murdering,criminal,drug dealing, violent, bank robbing, street racer, outlaw, tax evading, psychopaths who are a straw on a camels back away from dowsing their family and pets with fuel and striking the match, while these dumb asses cheers our government on for implementing road side speed detection cash registers, random blood alcohol testing of sober motorists and we can’t forget the fining notorious p plater not displaying P’s, registration or license expired psychos, busting weed smoking pablo escabar serial killers, thanks to you morons that have been subverted, we are all F**KED now, you people allowed this to happen, you useless POS caused this, F**K you and your precious enslaved life, we’ll see if your life is going to be worth living now , you wanted a communist police state, you got it.

Stephen T,


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