Bold anti-Ulez messages are gaining popular public support and action. ABOVE: Anti-Ulez protestors line a London street.

“LOOK at this people,” a man with a thick Cockney accent says on a phone camera as he approaches another Ulez van rolled out to data mine and rob motorists with “uncompliant” vehicles. The Ulez camera on top of the van has been attacked, the driver and passenger side windows broken the windscreen covered in eggs and flour and the tyres let down. “Oh, look at the state of it!” he says in mock horror.

In another clip a man in dark clothes climbs a pole with a Ulez camera and gets to work on the camera bracket and wires with a cutting disc. Sparks fly and the big camera unit drops to the pavement.

Elsewhere in broad daylight, two women lift a vinyl bag up on a stick and place it over a camera while motorists at the traffic lights are stopped right in front of them. One of the motorists appears to give a friendly wave as the “Blade Runner” woman waves back.

A post on the Blade Runners page on X revealed some artistic camera blocking work.

In another post someone posted a shot of a van with a number plate that sends an “f… you Ulez” message to cameras. “What a legend, driving through Romford today and seen this , drive through the ULEZ Camera and then his number plate spins round to his official plate . Stick that in ya Khan #ULEZ #BladeRunners,” says Jim.

At a recent protest an ULEZ van was surrounded and covered with billboards. Then expanding foam was sprayed on the windscreen and tyres let down. Expanding foam is a favorite method of disabling cameras. “The ULEZ bloke was inside the van, and the protestors wouldn’t let him out. So the police turned up to help but a low loader had come to pick the van up and the police closed the road. It’s chaos. The whole of Biggin Hill is gridlock,” a protester told media.

A few days ago The Express reported that cameras had been vandalized nearly 1000 times in seven months. Met Police statistics showed 987 offences had been recorded since April 1 and of these, 767 were reports of cameras being damaged and 220 of cameras being stolen. So far three people have been charged, one of whom has had their case dropped, and two arrested and bailed.

London’s little WEF lackey and Labour Party mayor Sadiq aka “Sadist” Kahn went on the media to whine about how these attacks would “endanger lives” because the cameras were stopping “polluting vehicles” that were “killing thousands of Londoners”. You couldn’t make that shit up, but Kahn and his cronies did.

ULEZ is now the biggest “clean air scheme” in the world and every day 57,200 drivers of non-compliant vehicles (broadly pre-2005 petrol and pre-2015 diesel) are having to fork out to the Transport for London corporation a £12.50 (AUD$24) daily tax to drive within the zone. Motorists already pay a £15 (AUD$30) congestion fee. Wealthy people who can afford new electric vehicles don’t pay.

According to The Express, on average 2696 fines a day are being issued which are £180 (AUD$341), reduced to £90 if paid within 14 days. After the camera scheme was expanded to outer London boroughs from August 1st, Kahn’s greedy TFL bureaucrats raked in an extra £52 million.

Kahn and his caring bureaucrats will now allegedly “compensate” all London families hit by this money grab by allocating an additional £50 million for family allowances. So one wonders just how much a two-income family with one or two older cars who pay at least £120 a five-day week for the privilege of driving on London streets will be compensated. It’s obvious that Kahn and company believe only the elite should drive cars and the rest take a bus.

But the compassionate Mr Khan is also reported to have handed out contracts worth £151.8 million to companies to chase drivers who have not paid their ULEZ fines, which indicates that the City of London Corporation is more interested in forcing compliance than just making money. The bailiffs being sent out to seize the property of non-payers are being challenged too.

The same “environmentally aware” Kahn and his London City Council recently destroyed hundreds of trees on the edge of a lake to build a data centre to process Ulez information. “Sadist Khan cut down hundreds of trees to build an Ulez data centre on flood plains in Wraysbury. Would be a shame if the Bladerunners and Ulez Mobile Van Location Groups got hold of this information,” “Deb” posted on X.

Apparently data gathering associated with these attacks on car travel is not very reliable. A massive 400,000 snaps failed to produce driver details because of a breakdown in the system. Or was it a hack?

Because of the large numbers of Ulez fixed cameras recently destroyed by the Blade Runners, Kahn and his council crew started rolling out mobile vans with cameras on their roofs. But that simply made the vans the target of attacks and prompted continuing protests.

There’s no doubt that London, like any big city, has traffic problems that need to be addressed. But there are multiple ways this can be done without penalising people for exercising the basic human right of movement and enriching an ever expanding environmentalist bureaucracy.