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Karumba and Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria urgently seeking workers

Big money for those giving it a go

TOURIST towns in Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria region are crying out for more workers, and in response businesses are offering high wages as they move into the peak winter tourism season.

The Federal Member for the area, Bob Katter, has toured the region this week and says it was the number one issue business owners and residents raised with him.

Workers desperately needed in Far North Queensland. Fishing, hunting, photography and fun. Try it out you won’t want to leave.

“Everywhere I’ve gone up in the Gulf country, whether it be Croydon, Georgetown, Normanton, Kurumba or wherever, everyone is screaming out for workers,” Mr Katter said.

“They can’t get people up here and they are desperately short for labour. In some instances, they are offering wages 30 percent above the award rate, for what I would consider are pretty easy jobs.”

Australia’s worker shortage problem has been increasing as backpacker numbers have gradually depleted since the start of the Covid pandemic.

Derek Lord, who operates Just Lord’s in Normanton – a car hire, refuelling and shuttle service – is currently chasing two workers.

“We have good fishing, good hunting, and plenty of fresh, clean air. So why wouldn’t you want to come up?” Mr Lord said.

“I know the pubs are also desperate. The backpacker shortage has hit them hard. They need cleaners for rooms and half the rooms in town aren’t even open because they can’t be serviced.”

Mr Katter said people in the major cities who were struggling to find employment should strongly consider heading north.

“So, come and have a great working holiday in one of the best tourist destinations in Australia,” he said.

“Cobold Gorge is spectacular. You can walk over it on a glass bottom bridge, take a chopper tour or kayak in the Gorge itself. There’s brilliant fishing at Karumba and Normanton including the Barramundi Centre. And the Undara Lava Tubes are breathtaking. 

“The other benefit of coming up here is you can escape the cold winter months of the southern states. It won’t be too hot, just perfect sunny days.”

Soon you will need a licence to buy a fishing rod or hook

The Labor Member for Cook, Cynthia Lui, from Yam Island in the Torres Strait, is urging northern recreational anglers to record their catches.

In the Cairns Post ‘Household Fish Quiz’ Cynthia is asking weekend fishermen to make and send these records to the Fisheries Department so they can collate the numbers and species being landed.

Any fisherman who falls for this entrapment would be a complete fool.

North Qldrs will not forget comrade Cynthia Lui deserted her Cook electorate office in Mareeba for Cairns, where she now ‘performs’ her functions from the Cairns office of Labor member Michael Healy.

By hook, line or sinker Cynthia’s carefully woven spider web is enticing you to tell big brother about your catch so the Marxists of the State Labor Government can introduce much tougher legislation to regulate amateur and sports fishermen.

Look at what the Labor Government has just done to the professional fishing fleet.

The hard pressed fishermen of the local fleet have been forced to spend thousands to install GPS devices which record their vessel’s every movement in real time even if crossing a ‘Green’ area to get to regulated fishing grounds.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries intends to make fishmeal of those few struggling commercial fishermen left in the north.

Up and up will go the cost of ‘fishing licences’ (and fish) and soon you will need a licence to buy a rod or hook.

We urge all fishermen, commercial or amateur to revolt against the fascist Queensland Government. There is not a court of competent jurisdiction in Australia.

Read senator-in-exile Rod Culleton’s foray into the UK court system which has systematically overturned any authority of an Australian court which functions under the fictitious ‘Queen of Australia.’

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Don’t fall for it Queensland fishermen. Never ever vote for the communists of the ALP! – contributed by a recreational fisherman