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Welfare recipients will have to get jab after election or be denied benefits

from a social media site

Cairnsnews suggests you contact your federal member of parliament immediately by phone and ask if this is the intention of the duopoly. Then vote the bastards out before they kill your kids.

Hoody fly us back home…..

Written and recorded by David Lawrence 2022

Former union heavyweight John Wilson backs Riccardo Bosi to clean up the Canberra club

Wilson pulls no punches saying there is a huge mess and it has to be cleaned up. He is backing AustraliaOne leader and former SAS Lt Colonel Riccardo Bosi to swing the axe. Wilson has formidable credentials and says Labor Leader Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party are hopeless. Wilson was the former head of Trades Hall Council in Canberra, State Secretary of the ACT CFMEU, Senior Industrial Officer for the Commonwealth Public Service Union and the Federated Clerks Union in Queensland. He is now retired on the Sunshine Coast.

Wilson attacks the Federal Police for deploying acoustic and heat ray weapons on a docile protest of more than one million people from across Australia. Wilson said he is not one of the pink pussy transvestites that “infect the Left of today.” I am an old leftie, an old trade union commo leftie, and f….n proud of it mate.” (warning some…rather…colourful… language)

SAS Lt Colonel Riccardo Bosi
John Wilson supports Bosi. Australia’s ‘lightning rod’ to clean up the corrupt Canberra club

Brisbane rally at parliament house March 15

Rally at parliament house, 7am on March 15, then March 17 at 9pm

Trudeau drops Emergency Act after world-wide condemnation and truckies dig their heels in

Internet of things been planned for a long time

from Greg Tennyson Reverse 5g Global Prayer Talk 29 Feb 2020 covers the 5G Trojan Horse & wires topic rather well, 20 minutes.

3 minutes with the ARPANSA scientists: 5g Science & Wireless 2019 Enforced Sterilisation?

For the more technically minded: Inside the Radio Frequency Labs: Smart Grid, 5G, AI & IoT 90 minutes! Read the text below the video for a full index of interview. Includes =

Thank You to Chris Zombolas of EMC Technologies providing permission to share this video presentation that provides a deep insight into testing and reporting of electronic equipment, including wireless devices.

5G & Internet of Things (IoT) has been planned for a long time. At about 29 to 39 minutes, both mesh network capability of ‘smart’ meters, and the Home Area Network (HAN) are highlighted, a wireless version of Local Area Networks (LAN) that potentially connects dozens of devices simultaneously, even the refrigerator and toaster!

Trudeau is Big Pharma’s little bitch bringing in UN troops

Russia is not the problem it is the Vatican

Letter to the Editor

Another step toward total subjugation as the citizens continue to live in fairy land, blindly accepting whatever they read on their corn flakes packets, or early morning medication shots, whilst satan, the boss of this hell bound planet, through his A.B.C., t.v and radio assets, tells all their listeners everything is fine, don’t panic, go back to total apathy, and remember, it was Russia who owns the world bank, not the Rothschild, etc., and they, the multi-billionaires are really on our side.

  Russia is not the problem, it is the Vatican, and her American lap dog!

  That’s what most were told on the morning news, along with absolutely nothing about how the Truckers in Canada have actually tried to wake the public up to what is really going on, and, possibly this will lead to the global shut down of food, water, medications, did I say, medications, toilet paper, as food, or the lack of it, or toilet paper, or lack of it, becomes Big Mumma’s next weapon of mass destruction.

  OHHHHH! Did I say toilet paper? 

  That’s exactly what the masses are being fed, carefully wrapped in used toilet paper, political and especially religious pancreas, along with artificially coloured, preservatized, flavoured, crap, to give all who eat AIDS, HIV., MUMPS, SYPHILIS, etc., along with their tracking devices, with which they will be able to turn off any disobedient, rebellious citizens, at any time, with their rebellious attitudes!!

   What we are part of is the establishment of a satanic hierarchy, headed by the vatican, enforced by their servant, America, the image unto the beast, as every possibility of escape is now closed to all, though, funnily enough, it will be these children of the beast, who will be praying for the rocks to fall on them as GOD allows satan to murder his, satan’s children, in their mass tomb! (With their reams of toilet paper, to wipe the pancreas which is dribbling out of their respective mouths!

  Whether it is Biden, or any other supposed political leader, it is the same pancreas, and, like their toilet paper, will come in many assorted colours for them, as they are crushed by their god, the anti-Christ, headed by their pope, along with his assorted arch-bishops, pastors, etc., who have all rejected GOD, preferring to believe, accept the lie first sold to Eve, in the beginning, at she would not die!

  OPPPS! Have we heard this before?

  Have a great day, stock up on sanity as it is now in short supply, along with the toilet paper!

from J Nolan


EMF readings at EPIC Canberra camp need to be taken again

Malcolm Roberts on Twitter

Video emerged of an RF meter from EPIC campgrounds at the convoy to Canberra showing spikes in frequency. We consulted external experts to explain if the levels seen on the video were dangerous:

Video was sent to us of an RF meter from EPIC campgrounds at the convoy to Canberra showing spikes in frequency. When shown this, we didn’t know enough about RF to understand what it was showing so we consulted external experts to explain if the levels seen on the video were dangerous.

The measuring device appears to be a Trifield Meter Model TF2 set to RF mode (dial to the right). In this mode the device is measuring in milliwatts per square meter (mW/m2) up to 19mW/m2 which can also be seen on the screen. The manufacturers specifications can be found here:

In the video the meter can be seen recording levels of up to 19 milliwatts per square meter, spiking only once at the 19.999mW/m2 limit. You’ll notice that the person recording the video mistakenly interprets the reading as spiking at twenty-thousand mW/m2, not twenty (or 19.999) as it actually reads.

The standard for exposure to Radiofrequency fields is given by ARPANSA:

Schedule 3 on page 30 shows that the maximum exposure to RF frequency in the 6 GHz range (the maximum frequency detection of the meter) is 10 watts per square meter. 1 watt is equal to 1000 milliwatts. This means that the safe exposure to RF at the highest frequency that can be detected by the meter is 10,000 milliwatts per square metre, far above the 19 milliwatts detected by the meter.

You can see the presence of a phone cause spikes in the meter here (at 2:02) from youtube video:

How to Take EMF Measurements on the Trifield EMF Meter IC-TF2

It’s possible that even the person filming the original video with their phone so close to the meter could have been causing some of the meter spiking, in addition to the larger than usual amount of phones and signals in the area due to the thousands of campers at EPIC park.

In either case, the energy levels seen on the meter are 0.19% of the ARPANSA exposure levels. Many people have sent us this video and asked us to investigate, this is what those investigations found.
February 21, 2022 –

The AFP, regarding use of Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) in Canberra, has yet to give Senator Roberts answers on notice.

from Alison Ryan

Editor: The overwhelming absence of denials from the AFP or anyone else over heat rays and acoustic blasters being used in Canberra has been deafening(caused by LRAD?)

Twitter threads about use of ADS heat ray in 2020 US riots

Letter to the Editor

Some comments from a twitter thread (Sept 17, 2020) when it was allegedly used in the USA in relation to their riots:

“They played with the active denial system (heat ray) at my Base. It burned the shit out of one of our Officers. But we were all forced to use the term ‘intense heating sensation’ to the Press because the word ‘burn’ was NOT to be used. The ADS is no joke”

“So called Heat Ray is termed ‘Active Denial System (ADS) by Military.
‘Silent Sentinel’ by manufacturer Raytheon (NYSE:RTX). DOD wouldn’t employ it to Iraq for fear of it being labelled a ‘torture device’”

“It’s a non-lethal form of riot control with a potential for pea-sized blisters. Sounds like a bad sunburn”

“Flat sheets of aluminium foil are very effective against weapon. Hypothetically, make a shield/glue foil to it. Reflects the microwaves. Safety hazard. Possibly back in the direction they are being fired”

“Whenever I read stuff like this, I can’t shake the feeling….is doing it intentionally in the hope the protestors turn violent, give a reason to send in the Army, declare Martial Law…postpone elections”

“They are Military Grade weapons. They have no place or legal purpose on the streets of our Cities or Towns. Unarmed civilian protestors are not insurgents”

From Seb


AFP likely deployed the ADS heat ray and the LRAD acoustic device against Canberra protesters

from Popular Science

All evidence points to this device

Earlier this week, an NPR report uncovered an exchange from June 1, in which a military police officer wanted to know if the D.C. National Guard owned a pain-inducing heat weapon for potentially using on protesters. He also asked about a powerful auditory communication system that’s been compared to the “voice of God.”

The Active Denial System in the US as owned by the US military and National Guard probably caused the second degree burns and worse to a number of Canberra protesters on Feb 12. Since when did Australia acquire these deadly weapons?

The weapon, the Active Denial System (ADS), is a real thing, as is the sound system, which is called a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD).

In documents published by NPR, a member of the National Guard recounted the email thread in which the question was asked, and stated: “I responded that the DC National Guard was not in possession of either an LRAD or an ADS.”

The fact that a controversial weapon was floated as a possible means of dealing with what the Washington Post described as “peaceful protesters” has sparked outrage, with the ACLU writing on Twitter: “REMINDER: Our government shouldn’t be conspiring to use heat rays against us for exercising our constitutional rights.”

The ADS referenced in this conversation comes from the US military, and it’s not new. To understand why such non-lethal science-fiction-type machines were developed, it helps to wind back the clock to the 1990s, says Mark Cancian, a senior advisor for the international security program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“This family of capabilities grew out of the DOD’s experience in the 1990s in Bosnia and Somalia,” Cancian says. “In both instances, you have [the] military dealing with civilians, who could be violent, but weren’t really combatants.” The intention was to create new kinds of tools that were somewhere between a rifle, and close-range crowd-control gear, like shields and batons.

Cancian has experience in this field. He served in the Marines on active duty for 11 years, and also directed the Land Forces Division (a part of the Office of the Secretary of Defense) from 1995 to 2006. His office reviewed the budget and programs of an entity formerly called the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. Today, it’s called the Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office.

Because of this experience in Bosnia and Somalia, he says, the Department of Defense “created this non-lethal directorate to explore a whole bunch of technologies.”

LRAD was used, look at Commissioner’s response in senate Hearings and at least 10,000 photos of it

Letter to the Editor

Were Long-Range Acoustic Devices used against the protestors on the day?
Acoustic Devices or Microwave Weapons?….

Oz Cops Use Inhuman DEW On Innocent

Oz Woman Burned Right Through Her Body
By Govt DEW Attack On Innocent Protestors

Watch The Demonstration In Canberra Where
The Deadly EMF Radiation Weapons Were
Used On The People

LOOK at the Australians Who have been Cooked
From the INSIDE By Their Own Govt EMF Radiation
Weapons…Many Will Die

from Phil


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