Russia is not the problem it is the Vatican

Letter to the Editor

Another step toward total subjugation as the citizens continue to live in fairy land, blindly accepting whatever they read on their corn flakes packets, or early morning medication shots, whilst satan, the boss of this hell bound planet, through his A.B.C., t.v and radio assets, tells all their listeners everything is fine, don’t panic, go back to total apathy, and remember, it was Russia who owns the world bank, not the Rothschild, etc., and they, the multi-billionaires are really on our side.

  Russia is not the problem, it is the Vatican, and her American lap dog!

  That’s what most were told on the morning news, along with absolutely nothing about how the Truckers in Canada have actually tried to wake the public up to what is really going on, and, possibly this will lead to the global shut down of food, water, medications, did I say, medications, toilet paper, as food, or the lack of it, or toilet paper, or lack of it, becomes Big Mumma’s next weapon of mass destruction.

  OHHHHH! Did I say toilet paper? 

  That’s exactly what the masses are being fed, carefully wrapped in used toilet paper, political and especially religious pancreas, along with artificially coloured, preservatized, flavoured, crap, to give all who eat AIDS, HIV., MUMPS, SYPHILIS, etc., along with their tracking devices, with which they will be able to turn off any disobedient, rebellious citizens, at any time, with their rebellious attitudes!!

   What we are part of is the establishment of a satanic hierarchy, headed by the vatican, enforced by their servant, America, the image unto the beast, as every possibility of escape is now closed to all, though, funnily enough, it will be these children of the beast, who will be praying for the rocks to fall on them as GOD allows satan to murder his, satan’s children, in their mass tomb! (With their reams of toilet paper, to wipe the pancreas which is dribbling out of their respective mouths!

  Whether it is Biden, or any other supposed political leader, it is the same pancreas, and, like their toilet paper, will come in many assorted colours for them, as they are crushed by their god, the anti-Christ, headed by their pope, along with his assorted arch-bishops, pastors, etc., who have all rejected GOD, preferring to believe, accept the lie first sold to Eve, in the beginning, at she would not die!

  OPPPS! Have we heard this before?

  Have a great day, stock up on sanity as it is now in short supply, along with the toilet paper!

from J Nolan


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. J Nolan: Now how the f k is the Vatican in control of everything. They have no power over anyone, they have been infiltrated by Masonic Jews, who are serving the Agenda of Israel and the New World Order pledged to the Jews in 1940. Did you know that protestantism was created by and connected to the antichrist occult and the Synagogue of Satan? Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian financed by these Masonic Jews of the secret society called the B’nai B’rith, you cannot get any more occult than that. And then you’ve got King Henry VIII, who was an adulterer and murderer. So anti-Catholic protestantism is founded on the antichrist occult, adultery, and murder.


  2. Trump owns the Vatican ,look up EO’s 13818 and 13848 . Just like he owns Canada , Australia , NZ and more . Trump and Vlad good friends .


  3. Dear Mr. oldavid,

    Your argumentum ad hominem has been noted.

    Yours sincerely,

    Han Barkmeyer


  4. Orrite, Lindsey. I will contend that there is no “ethnically Jewish”. Ethnicity is a combination of ancestry, culture and religion. There are many “light-bearer worshippers” who cannot claim any ethnic connection to the Synagogue but who are ideologically committed just because they hate the yoke and burden of truth and virtue.


  5. Phew! Mr Barking Meyer! The audacity of the bloody children of the “Father of Lies” is utterly astounding! The first pope was an “uncultured and unlettered” fisherman from Galilee; one of the main scoffs levelled at the early Christians by the “cultured and lettered” Sanhedrin, etc.

    If you are to maintain your visceral hatred of Apostolic Christianity you will not examine these pages:

    nor will you examine any of the historical documents relating to the fundamental incompatibility between the Synagogue and the Christian Church.

    You bods ought to stop imputing your own errors to the “Vatican” because now your Judas agents in the “Vatican” are implementing your agenda. That political/rhetorical tool known as “projection” must be getting harder and harder to sell, even to a morally and culturally decadent target market.

    I suggest that the political megalomania attributed to the “Vatican” is best applied to the “City of London” and its empire building, and that the intrigues ascribed to the “Jesuits” is the activity of Free Masonry.


  6. The bigger question of course is “Who owns and controls the Vatican”? No point in believing that the theater runs the theater owner.


  7. We will be getting plenty of Valdai Party Line now that Vlad has invaded Ukraine.

    For those who want to run it – they will have grapple with the following facts – since this thing goes ‘way back’ we’ll go way back.

    Council of Chalcedon (4th Ecumenical Council) in the 5th century makes the whole ‘Donation of Constantine’ a bit of a damp squib whether you think it is a ‘forgery’ of the Emperor or not. The Emperor Marcian convoked Chalcedon and the Council ruled that among the 5 Apostolic Sees – Rome had the primacy of jurisdiction. This is an important ruling for the nations of the Nova Roma because in those nations the Church was the foundation of the social order. The Emperor and the temporal authority was held to rule / legislate on the basis of the faith and morals of the Church. As we would say today – the teachings of the Church were the jurisprudence of Nova Roma. Politically the East was strong and Rome was being sacked by the barbarians (again).

    The Eastern Christian nations of Nova Roma fell to the sword of Islam in the 7th century A.D.The Iberian peninsula in the West was conquered 711 A.D. The Western Christendom of Nova Roma was at war from that time.

    The estates of Lombardy, Burgundy and Ravena were given to Rome as the seat of the Western Patriarchate by Charlemagne. The Italian peninsula was a mosaic of little kingdoms , principalities and city states until the Revolution swept through under Garibaldi and Mazzini, created the Kingdom of Italy and threw a Jew bank down on top of it to monetize the debt for the Revolution.

    Constantinople fell to Islam 1453.

    The Russia Revolution 1917 was not ethnically Russian at all. Khazarian Jews out of Tartary plunged Russia into the bloodbath of Communism. They were financed by Jacob Schiff and the Wall Street Banks – all members of the central banking cartel. They looted the wealthy bank of Russia – independent of the cartel and from that time to the present day, the vast nation of Russia and its peoples are owned by Big Jew Bank – which today has its Apex in the Bank of International Settlements. Vlad does what he is told by the ruling Cabal – just as the US (which has been owned by this cartel through ‘the Fed’ since 1913) . Since that time, In terms of geo-politics macro-managed by the Ruling Cabal, it matters not a jot who holds executive office whether it is Woodrow Wilson or Joe Biden.

    The Jews who front the Ruling Cabal in Soviet Russia are not ethnically Russian. They might not look like Ashkhenazi Tartars and Turks – like Lenin, Trotsky, Chertov, Bourla, Jabotinsky etc., they might come from Jewish families that have captured a lot of Russian / European genetics, but they are ethnically Jewish and they rule on the basis of the Judaic hegemon for ZOG East. They are not Russians. Solzhenitsyn was very clear on the subject of who are the rulers of Russia and they didn’t change just because Boris stood on a tank and waved a flag. They are responsible for the Holodomor in the Ukraine and the slaughter of upwards of 60 million ethnic Russian Christians. They are responsible for the invasion of Ukraine in 2014 and the setting up of ‘independent’ oblasts Luhansk and Donetts People’s Republics. They are responsible for the population transfers of ethnic Ukranians out of their country and the ‘resettlement’ of non-Ukranians in Eastern Ukraine.

    The NATO allies appeased Russia by refusing the Ukranian request to join, but NATO support from the Great Satan and the Globalists is pouring into Ukraine. So now Vlad has moved the heavy armor and troops into Eastern Ukraine.

    The EUSSR is a Communist entity run by crypto Jews. So of course they want to have a single soviet with the Soviet Union: Eurasia. The national populations of the European nations, however, want their own sovereignty. The EUSSR has insured that the Soviet Union can leverage the Communist agenda with energy, but there is no reason why sovereign nations of European people can not create their own energy and manufacturing. They won’t be allowed to do that , of course, because their governments of traitors have signed them up to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.The idea here is to tank all Western economies. And, of course, their governments are part of the corporate infrastructure of Big Jew Bank.

    Whatever may be one’s opinion of NATO, the EUSSR is against it (of course), but they will pretend to be for it and invoke the terms if it means another world war in Europe and they think the NATO nations will be certain to lose. The EUSSR and crypto Jew government of European nations want NATO finished. The Valdai Party Line is that the NATO nations – the evil Globalists – are certain to lose against Vlad. Whatever. The Ruling Cabal will NET-NET the war but the wild card is the populations of the European nations that might use the occasion of the war to offload the EUSSR and void the ownership of their nations by Big Jew Bank.

    No one can imagine what would happen if the Teutonic people of Europe – in their nations – unchained themselves from the EUSSR, Big Jew Bank and government by crypto Jews. They wouldn’t need NATO.


  8. It may come as a surprise to you bods who’ve been trying to destroy Christianity ever since you failed to destroy it by having its founder murdered that it’s not much of a surprise to us who’ve been on the receiving end of your relentless attention for about 2000 years.

    I guess that the “perfection of civilisation” referred to by Zola is when the Synagogue has subjected the whole World to its “Light Bearer”. It’s not going to happen, buster. The pressure that you put on us is only the wind that separates the wheat from the chaff.

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  9. Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser claims that the first Pope was a Jewish Rabbi:

    The Jews created Christianity, the Catholic Church and converted the European Goyim to Christianity. When the Europeans colonised the world they brought Christianity with them to their colonies.

    Christianity was a clever Jewish ploy to bring the Goyim worldwide under the Jewish spell of Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and above all: The Fear Of God. That is the Jewish God.

    There are now almost 2.4 billion Christians in the world, strong supporters of Israel. With the Christian-Zionists in America the most fanatical supporters of Israel. All thanks to Jewish-Christianity.

    Christianity taught the Goyim “to turn the other cheek”, while:
    Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God
    Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed.

    Sanhedrin 57a. When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.


  10. “Civilization will not attain to it’s perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest”.
    Amile E.C.A Zola, 1840-1902, French Novelist


  11. Letter to the Editor from J Nolan, sounds like coming from a revving maniac, who blames the Vatican for everything bad in the world, without even trying to substantiate his claims. I think a drink of camomile tea would do some good to him.


  12. Poor B’nai B’rith must be in an apoplexy of desperation to be publishing this kind of hysterical slander.

    The “American lap dog of the Vatican”? Our J.Nolan fellow is either a deliberate agent of the Enemy of Christendom or he (she or it or id) is abysmally ignorant because the “Crown Corporation” of England and the “U.S.A.” are documentally and ideologically founded on the repudiation of Apostolic Christianity (no papists accepted) and the adoption of a man made facsimile.

    Don’t believe me? Go and look at the 1688 “Bill of Rights” that practically says that no one has any rights except the landed gentry who accept the definition of “rights” according to the “Crown Corporation” and a shallow, mushy, “Jesus” figure to beguile the “profane”.

    There is no indication anywhere in Scripture that the “Synagogue of Satan” does not wreak its havoc until the end of time.

    [quote= Nolan] accept the lie first sold to Eve, in the beginning, at she would not die! [/quote] What are you saying Mr. Mstr. Miss. Mrs. Ms. J.Nolan? Are the promises of arcane esoterica
    suddenly credible because the original promise of the Deceiver is always and everywhere incompatible with observed reality?

    You, (he she it id) Nolan deserve a place in the pantheon of the vacuous for implying that “Illumination” is the exclusive preserve of sycophants who can (willingly) detach themselves from “outmoded” notions of transcendent truth and virtue.

    Pompous arsoles have been, for centuries, promoting all sorts of “fixes” to all sorts of gripes from (“Ah caint get no satisfaction”) to the current mantra “”Freedom!!””. Y’ hafta ask “freedom to do what???” If we want the “freedom” to say “You piss of, Mr God, we’re running this show and we don’t tolerate interference from You and Your devotees .

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  13. “Pancreas” does not make any sense in this context, can anyone discern what this person means?


  14. Putin has the West lining up. Russia is once again being treated as a superpower to be feared, cultivated and never disregarded.

    An Unwinnable War in Ukraine has No Upside for Putin, But Threats have the West Lining up to Listen, by Patrick Cockburn.
    February 18, 2022

    We may be seeing the high tide and the turn in the Ukraine crisis as some Russian troops return to their bases, though the toing-and-froing of the Russian army is not a good indicator of the Kremlin’s intentions.

    “When I sat down at my desk every morning for years,” a retired British diplomat told me, “the first thing I would read were reports of Soviet, and later Russian, military manoeuvres on their borders.” He added that these could cause alarm, but they never turned out to mean very much.

    Suddenly, American and British politicians and diplomats are speaking of a faint glimmer of hope of peace, illuminating the dark scene they had been painting only 24 hours earlier when a Russian invasion was being described as imminent. Russian officials are crowing about dispelling the dark cloud of war hysteria and stressing that no invasion had ever been planned.

    More persuasive than these assurances that an invasion was always highly unlikely is that the supposed invasion force of 127,000 soldiers is about a third of the minimum number required to seize and occupy Ukraine. When in 1968 the Soviet Union, along with Warsaw Pact forces, invaded Czechoslovakia, a country which was less than a quarter the size of Ukraine, they fielded an estimated 200,000 to 250,000 troops.

    Another compelling reason why a Russian invasion was never going to take place was that there was no upside in it for President Vladimir Putin. By invading he would have launched an unwinnable war and Russia would have had to endure heavy sanctions. But, by way of contrast, he has every reason to threaten an invasion aimed at extracting concessions, elevating Russia’s status and making the expansion of Western influence in Ukraine a more risky business.

    In the last few weeks, the benefits to Russia from its sabre-rattling must have far exceeded the Kremlin’s expectations. It has produced a traffic jam of presidents, prime minister and ministers making their way to Moscow.

    They may be issuing warnings against a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the reality is that for the first time since 1991 Russia is once again being treated as a superpower to be feared, cultivated and never disregarded.

    This mass migration of Western leaders to Moscow is not likely to continue, but the Kremlin will draw the lesson that Ukraine is a good pressure point to bring the Americans and Europeans running to its door. The most interesting unanswered question now is why Putin’s not very credible threat was taken at face value and given further substance by officials pumping out strange tales of Russian plots and ploys on a daily basis?

    A general answer to this question is that the new Cold War, like the old one in Soviet times, enables governments of all stripes to posture as defenders of the people against foreign threats. Political leaders become statesmen, however bad they may smell.

    President Joe Biden and Boris Johnson have a more specific reason for hyping the foreign threat since they both face the potential of electoral defeat in 2024. Johnson’s desperate need to present himself as something other than a dissolute law-breaking party-goer is self-evident.

    Biden was politically damaged by the chaotic and bloody scenes at Kabul airport when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. If he stands tough over Ukraine defying Putin he may be able to wipe away these humiliating memories from the minds of American voters. Another motive for Biden is that in the next few weeks. the US could resurrect the nuclear deal with Iran, signed in 2015 and denounced and dropped by President Donald in 2018.

    Any such deal will inevitably be denounced by the Republicans as further evidence of Biden’s weakness in the face of America’s enemies. This makes it difficult for him to compromise with Putin. It may be to his political advantage to keep up the war of words with Russia whom the Democrats spent years blaming for Trump’s victory in the presidential election in 2016. They never succeeded in proving this and accounts of Hillary Clinton’s shambolic campaign suggest that she needed no help in losing at the polls.

    It is easy enough to show that a war in Ukraine is not in the best interests of Russia, though the threat of a war may well be astute policy. But what if Putin does not grasp what is in his and Russia’s best interests? History is littered with self-destructive wars when leaders acted [and] made this mistake. Saddam Hussein’s invasions of Iran in 1980 and Kuwait in 1990 are good examples of this.

    I have witnessed two Russian military interventions of rather different type under Putin, the first a regular war in Chechnya in 1999 and a more limited intervention in Syria from 2011, with a major escalation in 2015.

    Both were well planned from a military point of view with a clear idea of what was feasible and what was not. An invasion of Ukraine, by way of contrast, would be an open-ended adventure offering plenty of opportunities to Russia’s enemies – and the evidence of Putin’s track record is that he is not a man who takes chances.


  15. I’ll have another go IF I can find the way around the censorship protocols. Ah ha! perhaps I have found how “WordPress” has confused me.


  16. Since the Donation of Constantine the Vatican has been mans enemy number one.

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  17. Poor B’nai B’rith must be in an apoplexy of desperation to be publishing this kind of hysterical slander.

    I will comment further if this comment is not vanished or blocked, as is the habit of the agents of the Synagogue.


  18. Great writing


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