Welfare recipients will have to get jab after election or be denied benefits

from a social media site

Cairnsnews suggests you contact your federal member of parliament immediately by phone and ask if this is the intention of the duopoly. Then vote the bastards out before they kill your kids.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross767

    “…….And of course all the GP’s who have been told they will lose their medical licence if they speak out against the vaccine narrative by their governing body AHPRA.

    So much for informed consent.

    The name of the Chairman of AHPRA is Alan Morrison.

    Who just happens to have a brother called Scott the PM. Of Australia”

    Commenter –


    From an unknown commentator: “Always wanted to know who is controlling the politicians of Australia? Look no further than Jane Halton. Australia’s representative at the infamous Coronavirus Pandemic simulation ‘Event 201’ in October 2019, Halton is now currently part of the Australia COVID-19 Commission (Advisory Board) and so much more! She is also Bill Gates favourite Australian, helping push the experimental ‘COVID’ injection out and digital Vaccination Passports through ‘Vault Cloud’, which she also chairs.


    Jane Halton, who Morrison appointed as head of the government’s National Covid-19 Co-ordination Commission. Jane is the daughter of Charles Halton, a British Military Scientist brought to Australia in 1973 by Gough Whitlam to overhaul the country’s transport system, and who served as Secretary of Defence and Secretary of the Department of Communications under Hawke and Keating. Daughter Jane is now the CHAIR OF CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), set up and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and World Economic Forum in 2015. Jane was part of Event 201, a pandemic exercise organised and funded by John Hopkins, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations and the World Economic Forum in October 2019. Jane’s husband is Trevor Sutton, Deputy of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Chair of the Governing Council of Statistics for the Asian and Pacific region. Trevor heads the Statistical Business Transformation Group which received a $256 million investment program to radically transform how ABS collects, processes and disseminates information, data and statistics.
    In 2016, ABS data collection and survey systems were awarded to Accenture, a partner of ID2020 and GAVI. Trevor is a Member of the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation of which Jane Halton is also a Board Member, and which receives funding from the Gates Foundation and WHO. Trevor Sutton’s brother is Dr Brett Sutton. Dr Sutton is the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, who advises Dan Andrews Government on public health and pandemic response measures.

    Professor Brett Sutton is an employee of the Burnet Institute in Melbourne and has been for 14 years He is ‘on loan’ to the Victorian Government to fill the post of Chief Health Officer

    The Burnet Institute is primarily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote vaccinations.

    And of course all the GP’s who have been told they will lose their medical licence if they speak out against the vaccine narrative by their governing body AHPRA.

    So much for informed consent.

    The name of the Chair of AHPRA is Alan Morrison.

    Who just happens to have a brother called Scott the PM. Of Australia”


  2. So any idea then where “AshkeNazi” comes from?


  3. They are getting desperate because Russia is winning this no matter what the west says, and its a big fly in the ointment of their NWO plans… they can send their weapons, Russia blows them up soon as they get there… The West will not win… if they could they would have taken Russia out… but they can’t… Putin is much smarter than them, and Russia defence technology is war more advanced..

    Here is Scott Ritter’s take on it…and he is usually spot on…ttps://www.rt.com/russia/554729-us-ukrainian-perception-donbass/

    Let the free world pray for Russia please… because it will be a win for us all.


  4. crisscross767

    Nazi – an insult derived by Jews and in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler’s party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant – being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nazis emerged. Jews seized on this and shortened the party’s title Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, to the dismissive “Nazi”



  5. crisscross767

    America summons its NWO allies

    “……Convened by US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin, and at the behest of US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, representatives from 40 countries gathered last Tuesday at Ramstein Air Base, US territory in western Germany, to kick off the so-called Defense Reform Advisory Board of Ukraine, which is scheduled to meet monthly from now on. The aim is clear: to secure and extend its influence along Russia’s western borders at any cost.

    Present were representatives of the 30 NATO countries, the Ukrainian Defence Minister, the Pacific partners (South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand), the Africans from Tunisia, Liberia, Morocco, and Kenya, plus Jordan, Qatar, and Israel on behalf of the Middle East. Why so many seemingly randomly chosen guests is in the realm of speculation.

    Austin had just arrived from Kiev, where he had negotiated the delivery of new arms deliveries to Zelensky, among them certainly more than a handful of Javelin and Stinger missiles manufactured by Raytheon Technologies, of which he is on the board and has made himself a millionaire. Austin also made it known that time is of the essence to get even more military assistance to Ukraine, but that the stakes “extend beyond Ukraine – and even beyond Europe”. Do you see the whole picture?

    Milley warned that “time is not on Ukraine’s side” and feared that the ongoing Russian operation would be “potentially decisive in the east”, predicting that the coming weeks would be “critical”.

    Later, the commander told CNN that “if Russia gets away with it,” then “the so-called international order will also be lost.” So much for the ‘rules-based international order’ that is so much to Washington’s liking, leaving nothing more than a necessary redesign of the Defence architecture in accordance with the new balance of powers. A nuisance for the complex that sucks more than $800 B a year out of the American taxpayer, and for its soldiers, who will no longer be able to roam the world with impunity, as he himself did in Panama, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan…….”


    Russia’s back against the wall as International Jewry Allies with Ukraine




  6. This would not surprise me in the least… people don’t realise how deep the evil rabbit hole goes and that this has all been in the planning for many many years… and Australia is part of the NWO gang. These are the countries that are in on it, the same ones trying to take Russia down – UK, EU, US, Australia, NZ. Australia is not Australia any more and it never will be again unless we the people make it so. Vote below the line for all the freedom fighters… in particular, Lindsay Temple for Qld Senate. And vote all majors last.

    Now we have Flu-rona… soon as I hard that as a news headline, I turned off the TV. Its gone from stupid to ridiculous. So, no trace of flu for over two years, and now a flu epidemic linked to COVID. Only the brain dead will swallow this one, and these same brain dead will vote these mongrels in again and line up for the 4th shot.

    My daughter and her partner had covid last week after attending a crowded concert.. He is vaxxed (2) coerced for work and she is not but both are not D3 deficient and have been taking many supplements over the last couple of years.. I was surprised… but then I remembered reading about the use of aerosols of some kind at events like this. Has anyone heard of that? Anyway they had a few very rough days and have recovered mainly because they were on a truckload of herbs and supplements. When looking at the Qld Health website the home treatment kit is panadol and ibuprofen… are they kidding? No mention of high dose D and C, or Zinc or NAC or any such thing..

    I also know of people who have been terribly injured from vax, continuous seizures and the like – and cannot believe people are giving these to their children… are they insane??



  7. I took a client to centreline last week. They were told to link everything to an online only interaction with centrelink so they no longer would be coming to the office


  8. chockylover – hope and praying does nothing.


  9. Al – I think your booster is due…


  10. lindesymonds – Unfortunately for you – you are totally mislead – ignorant. Ukrainians are not fighting for their freedom. The population of Ukraine is murdered by even their own – the azov nazi battailons. The Russians are in the Dunbass area – which is Russian in ethnicity and fighting to free them from the past 8 years of ethnic cleansing by the nazi battailons. The Ukrainian refugees – if they go to Germany – they get jabbed – if they go to England they get housing – even when the homeless English citizens get nothing. Learn before comment – it is free on the net.


  11. Scott Morrisson aka Mike Hunt! Then there’s Mike Holt (join the names together)


  12. criscros767 – get Telegram – then get RT news – there you will find info on where are the front-lines etc.


  13. Bill – Putin is good – very good – but not omnipotent. He is alone against all this garbage Western/WEF/US bunch of murderers.


  14. Mick – I found it annoying – maddening – hurtful towards the editor – stupid – unreasonable – impertinent – whichever you choose to ask the ONLY person in Australia who tells the truth to prove it what he says – parallelly probably believing every bs on the msm.


  15. vanderleyen DU BIST TOT JUDENHURE

    This is nazism. Nothing else. I’d rather starve than getting injected with their poison.

    What they want is clear: exterminate the Australians and enslave the remaining.


    Start to burn injection centres, burn any offices linked to benefit paiements. If you can’t get yours, nobody can.

    And if you end up in jail, then you will be fed and hosted for free…




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  16. Wow! There’s a lot of anxiety on this thread. There was a referendum, I could be wrong but it states that we are entitled to Social Security which means pensions, etc.
    That voting for this or that party in a bogus election system will make any difference is fairy land ideas. THINK “Why don’t they fine those who don’t vote anymore?”
    We must put the wind up all politicians directly, face to face, and ask them why they continue to perpetuate the myth of representative government? But don’t be aggressive or angry, be assertive.
    Ask them, in person, how they got to be exempt from “experimental vaccination”?
    Ask yourself and others how “the experimental vaccination” became “the vaccination” “the jab” losing “experimental”. Oh, of course, it’s too much of a mouthful to say but by removing “experimental” it loses it’s threat in the meaning in our think.
    It’s all going to change when we get out there and hold vigils outside politicians offices and homes 24/7.
    We’ve still got a way to go before we all participate in organised direct action. But we must be very careful of those that put themselves up as leaders. Look at what happened in Canberra; no result!
    There’s enough evidence on the internet you can find that exposes the current wanna be leaders. But we each have to do our own research. Don’t use google, duck duck go, yahoo, msm, to get unfiltered info, there’s other search engines such as presearch, search for alternate search engines.
    I believe we can get through this massive challenge so long as we can find what we all have in common.

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  17. Why has the Common-wealth of Australia been sold off to private interests?

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  18. No problem, Ed, just helping Homer out on account of his dyslexia.


  19. Yeah David we said the same. Ed


  20. homer: “Thats bullshit, the constitution doesnt allow the government to mandate the jab to get the old age pension”

    Please let us know which part of the Constitution prohibits the government from doing so. If you’re referring to S51 23a read again! The civil conscription prohibition does not refer to pensions and welfare allowances. It refers to the provision of medical and dental services.

    The govt ALREADY subjects child welfare payments to children being vaccinated. HELLO! BEEN ASLEEP FOR A WHILE, HAVE WE?

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  21. STOP these liars,they need to be “VOTED OUT”.STOP COMPLYING to their BS.

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  22. Do you remember when Scomo and other ministers said as much last year. We do. As the story advises
    contact your local member.Ed

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  23. Homer, where have you established that politicians work within the constitution or even consider the constitution, they are unaccountable and are supported by the party faithful to dictate unhindered by constitution al restrains .. ED2

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  24. Hi Homer you have been living on Mars for a while it appears. Didn’t you know that parenting allowance is
    tied to the jab and childcare the same? Always remember engage brain before keyboard. Ed

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  25. I can’t help but think this will happen. It’s just so in their program.. Criminals.

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  26. Thank you for your comment palmfrond22 | March 11, 2022 at 9:46 am

    This is REALITY that can be looked at from both sides. The magic word “Conspiracy” includes us all. How about SIMPLE TRUTH for all (even if it hurts ALL that think differently)?

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  27. Thats bullshit, the constitution doesnt allow the government to mandate the jab to get the old age pension, stop spreading fear and bullshit


  28. Can you please tell me the source of the information in green on this post?

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  29. Do you have any back up to this statement? I would like to have some official links to show proof when talking to others.


  30. Yeah Mick Scomo said it last year but he won’t repeat in on the eve of an election will he? Ed

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  31. Why didn’t you approve my comment?? I did as you asked and contacted my local MP and had a valid response.


  32. Is Australia really this behind? A lot of the world is already saying it’s just a bad cold or flu, and a huge amount of info is now freely publy available about what a total con it all is and how dangerous the jab is, with official documents from pfizer showing very clearly how deadly it is. Does this mean the Centrelink bureaucrats will be the ones held responsible for injuries and deaths? All of the workers enforcing it should be made to know that. And they should all watch the Corona Investigative Committee Grand Jury. Anyone with a 3 digit IQ who watches that will surely realise what’s going on and want nothing to do with it.


  33. If they do, it will be the finish of them. Australia vote them out put them last, never forget what they have done to our nation.

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  34. Kerrie Gallagher

    Honestly, would you expect the corrupt Gov Co to tell the truth now on this, just before a federal election. Of course NOT. However, I will contact the relevant parties in order to see what they say. And I’d strongly advise others to do the same.
    Regardless if what they say, we the people must vote all of the major parties out at the next election; Liberals, Labor, Greens and Nationals. My vote is going to GAP, Rod Culleton and his team are certainly doing a fantastic job in order to get our country back. Access to Gap can be done through FB, at

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  35. some official information to back up this claim would be nice, not just someone’s opinion


  36. Sadly the threat of welfare payments being stopped around August will cause people to rush and get vaccinated because they rely on them.So the threat alone will have succeeded. A welfare society is great when used correctly. unfortunately to many people abuse it.


  37. I texted this article to Warren Entsch last night at 9 pm, asking on behalf of my unvaccinated 93 year old Mother, who is on a Pension. Twenty two minutes later he rang me…SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!! Well was he ever angry! He started ranting “That this is a fake website” blah blah blah. I kept asking “is it true, is it going to happen??” He wouldn’t answer, just went on about this website and me being a conspiracist. I answered “we’re all out of conspiracy theories because they are all coming true”…lol. In the end after much ranting, he said he hadn’t heard of anything about vax mandates for welfare recipients. I said a simple yes or no would’ve sufficed!! I felt unconvinced. What a terrifying thought that they could implement this mandate?? Was his anger due to the fact that he was horrified the truth had come out prior to the election?? Was it guilt?? I think they are rattled as they all should be, after what they have forced us to endure over the past 2 years. Ed,I think you are on target.

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  38. Andria. You believe that the Electoral System is not rigged? Try doing some internet searches on the topic of AEC problems and who controls the AEC
    Have you forgotten about how The Australia Act was put in?
    I thoroughly recommend watching “The Truman Show”

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  39. Tony B, Australia has become a target for self destruction and I doubt the horrible excremency Morrison has much to do with it apart from doing an excellent job while filling his holy pockets as he clearly does the work of “god”. The treasonous traitors are US Aussies because we are doing it to ourselves while our eyes are wide open and waiting for the next election. Vote for whom in a set up of a system that is rigged to the core and that can not be undone? That is sick. Very sick!

    Putin has not bombed Syria or Iraq. He might have cashed in in some form in Syria but the “bombing” of civilians, children, hospitals and commercial targets there were done by the “Western alliance” – which again is supposed to be us. An “alliance”, that like thieves stole oil and ancient artifacts and bled the desert sand with native blood in the name of DEMOCRACY.

    White helmets staging gas attacks on civilians just to pose as heroes is not Russian propaganda either. It is that of the “West” controlled by a little country in the “East” that seems to be the brain of the projected 5 eyes that in reality are only one.

    If Australia is bombed it will be done by the West disguised as the “East” and again Putin will not have much to do with it but as MI6 stages our disturbed reality: Putin is evil, just like the whole of Russia, China, or as Saddam Hussein was, or Assad that gassed the ones who adore him, or Iran, or Venezuela and all the other Nations that dare to be independent in a global gulag that is owned by liars and thieves.

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  40. So sorry to read about your daughter in law and son. Saw a lawyer in America state that cancer and heart attacks are up 300% and neurological damage up 1000%. I receive a disabled pension and no way in hell will I get the jab. A good site I recommend is http://www.NaturalNews.com and their BRIGHTEON videos. Look for the STEW PETERS SHOW. He talks to whistle blower nurses and doctors every day on it.

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  41. In response to the Editor, is it considered insider trading if you know in advance that shares such as CSL are going to sky rocket because of a vaccine mandate coming?
    Is it considered insider trading if you know that certain businesses will profit from lockdowns?

    If any of the Politicians involved in this 2020 Agenda had previous knowledge before the rest of us, and in doing so were able to position their sure bets on a monetary gain then how does that fit in with what the law in this Country allows them to do?

    I hope someone is looking there.
    We could probably throw the book at all of them.


  42. Well, we can’t let any of the major parties get back in to power. Make sure the main 4 are voted last. Give your first vote and all the preferences to minor parties you like or independents. Whichever party is in power in your electorate, vote them last, followed by the other major guy, then either one of the other larger 2. None of the independents or minor parties fighting for freedoms will preference the main 4, so hopefully we can lock them out!

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  43. Yes Susan we have heard much of this. How did Scomo accumulate $45 million of personal wealth? We could ask big pharma. How much did Albanese get? Ed

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  44. I’m due for my aged pension. Morrison doesn’t want to pay any for we elderly, he said as much. I gather he wants us to starve on the streets. He hasn’t had it, nor his family or other politicians, they’re exempt! Why? I’ll never have that poison in me, I don’t care. Especially after what it’s done to my 45yr old daughter-in-law. Two minor strokes after her booster and has been told she can have a major stroke any time. She now has an aneurysm in her carotid artery. My son now has a cancer on his ear and doing chemo. Don’t tell me the vax didn’t do this.🤬😈😠

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  45. They’ve done this thing before and could do it again. … But before I post articles, I thought the floods and Vladmir Putin put an end to the vaccine injection nightmare!?

    From 1 January 2016:

    Click to access no-jab-no-pay-new-requirements-fact-sheet.pdf

    6 August 2020

    19 August 2020


  46. Mis-informed consent – deadly deceit was act of war

    The Pfizer docs are damning.

    It is not surprising that the criminals at Pfizer and their political partners did not want the public to see them.

    They evince egregious and murderous fraud in which trials that showed their vaccines to be deadly were ignored and hidden from the public and the booby-trapped product inflicted on that public in full knowledge of the fact that it would injure and kill consumers in large numbers.

    There are no words to describe the enormity of the crime perpetrated against the citizens of nations whose government promoted the fake pandemic and then equally cynically promoted the boobytrapped vaccines as a “solution” to it.

    Read on –


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  47. shane888d: “This is fake news!!! Shame on you editor of Cairns News!”

    Two weeks to flatten the curve, eh? Everything else turned out to be fake, right? Including lockdowns, mandatory injection blackmail and enforcement, police state violence and restrictions, incessant MSM gaslighting, massive censorship and cancellation of anything but the official line ….

    Run along, your dreams are superfluous to the reality we’ve already seen in Australia.

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  48. Russia won’t send any missiles to Oz. There is nothing Oz can do that will harm Russia. Ed

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  49. Do you work in Scomo or Albanese office? Ed


  50. If we can get the message out grey power is massive. Ed


  51. That’s going to go a long way given that the pension is now considered a welfare payment rather than an entitlement. The pension burden should scale back quite a bit as the number of pensioners decreases.

    Love to know how many grannies and grandpas plan to vote for that! However many it’ll be too many I’m afraid. Stockholm Syndrome I suppose. 😦


  52. Write to your local member and ask for a straight answer…not the usual airy fairy stuff they send.If this story is true…God help us.We take action.

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  53. This is fake news!!! Shame on you editor of Cairns News!


  54. this is for Jo, scumo has made us a target by facilitating weapons delivery to Ukraine , these bureaucrats think they are untouchable wait till some hyper sonic missiles come our way as retribution from Russia, they will soil themselves hopefully some well deserved karma goes their way they are a mob of treasonous traitors in my opinion

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  55. Where are all the major pharmaceutical companies are based?

    What city in Jewish governed Ukraine has Putin’s armed forces surrounded?



  56. Thanks Barb can you elaborate a bit could be a good story. Ed


  57. We’re all in this together, so they say. Then what happened to the Common wealth of Australia? Are’nt we supposed to be sharing the nations wealth in common? How come the wealth of the nation is now all privatised and Australia now cannot afford to easily put the sufferers of a natural disaster back on their feet?

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  58. “The staff culture and environment is toxic” at centerlink. Isn’t that exactly how Australian citizens that need assistance are treated? From above, Australian public servants spit on the general public while threatening anybody that does not comply to the bureaucratically merry go round of doing endless circuits that serve the “well paid servants” only but in no way the public. Bureaucracy is a fat monster in the SYSTEM that continuously feeds itself while only caring about itself.

    Aggressive behavior after being in a queue for eons while listening to these automated messages in endless circles after 10 times repeating ones TFN or other numbers because Governments AI automated services do not “understand” helps furthering aggressiveness, but heh, it’s a beautiful world in government offices.

    Is the rest of the Australian population now supposed to feel sorry that the lower cast of bureaucratic “henchman” of Authority are BURNED or are treated similar like the useless bottom feeder and burden of Australian society?

    To work for the REGIME/TYRANNY of destroyers of nations while receiving a continuous paycheck to comfort ones own desires and life style while the rest of the nation is slowly starved out of existence while consuming their live savings or watching it disappear says all one needs to know.

    “Oh, I only was trying to do the right thing” is what Morrison & Co tell us all along.

    The right thing to for these PUBLIC SERVANTS WITH A CONSCIOUSNESS would only be to get rid of themselves while there is still time instead of a call for compassion from those who are constantly treated like excrement and are pushed from one corner to another just to keep the MOB of useless bureaucratic office dwellers stuffing themselves according to their caste and rang.

    Hardly anyone of THEM could survive anywhere else in this world or in nature but they are telling us how to live, how often to breath and how much to pay for each breath we take.

    A huge portion of society now has lost their homes and livelihoods while the honorable excellence Morrison sneaks around the back to avoid “criticism” after feeding the global war machine. There is no criticism in a political correct world. It is a beautiful world and a just one. That’s what think tanks like Low(r)y’s tell those that do not think.

    Doesn’t this show the masses who love to be brainwashed and think like Rupert & Co that there are many tailored realities in a political correct world and that non of us citizens are part of it or do really matter if we are there or not?

    Soon the last “free” thinking individuals become extinct while fiddling themselves to their rhetoric end and ALL will be like a walk in the park for those designers who have got the rest of 99.9% humanity by their imaginary balls that are now located in an empty human skull.

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  59. Then we pray to GOD to have this shit over by then. According to Elena Danaan, the consciousness will have lifted to a greater level by July. PRAY! I wonder how I stand where the contents of the vax were put into my wine as I slept and I drank it in the following night, as I choked on 4×4″ fine slithers of GUT. I passed in and out of life and felt like self-combusting from the severe effects of the Diabetes Insipidus and graphene etc. I was never in my life so ill, and cured myself…well, mostly, using triple doses of the most efficacious herb int he world, Ganoderma, as well as by making huge pots of turmeric, ginger, lemon myrtle and cinnamon tea…and rest. I know it was related to Morgan’s who have been my enemy since 2021 after calling them out for being unethical and lying to the public in reports. They have made several attempts on y life. They also use another psychopath who psychics call the Devil himself, who stalks everything I do and follows everywhere. I am now homeless as the rent hike was over half our pension. How can we even have an election with knowledge that our thoughts are not our own and Dominion has been used in conjunction with mind control for decades…Australia being owned by cabal. ???

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  60. This will be their modus operandi if they manage to introduce their beloved Universal Basic Income (UBI), which is a a central tenet of the Great Reset.

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  61. Corrine Snoswell

    Hitting welfare may be even retired people

    Praise God We will trust Him Corrine


  62. Centrelink is a toxic heap of Shit & has been for years!


  63. Yeah tell us how you know! Ed


  64. Well may we say God save the Queen but He won’t save Us from the LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly.

    Voting for them and more of the same from them will be an act of MASOCHISM beyond divine intervention and any rationality!


  65. These corporate agents pretending to be the Commonwealth of Australia government are running a slo-mo (rhymes with sco-mo) genocide with military grade bio-weapons. Normalizing heart attack and stroke for grade schoolers is all in a day’s work for these UN commissars.

    The whole idea here is to kill a lot of people (especially ‘useless eaters’) and to bring a population capable of 4IR transhuman transition into the world soviet.

    This is a standard issue communist genocide. We should plan for a ‘sack them all’ election that will be hijacked. We might get independents elected but we will not be able to secure the vote count because the Marxist state owns the electoral process.

    For the people in the Ukraine, now fighting their war of independence, you don’t have to draw them a picture. They are now fighting their war of independence street to street and house to house in the major cities.


  66. Vote them all out or even worse is coming.

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  67. More fake news.


  68. Is this to help the crime rate escalate in FNQ so we can’t insure our Possessions, Homes, Cars and we see the poverty and homelessness rise further now Cairns has one of the highest intakes of refugee’s ?

    I drove past Barlow Park the other night and seen a line from the old bunnings entrance gates to Mobil service station. Rosies must have fed at least 100 people.

    Where are all the church groups?
    Where are the Salvos?
    Where is Mission Australia in all the brand new landcrusers?
    The government are renting all the houses for refugees, Garden variety hard working Aussie’s can’t get a look in because Church groups and Mission Australia are getting them in aid for government funding.

    I feel things will get a lot worse in Cairns before it gets better.

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  69. Who could doubt how low these slime would go..

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  70. I get a disabled pension and I worry what I’d do if I were forced to get the Jab in order to keep my pension. Hope it will not come to that.


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