Any readers wanting to join the Greens contact Senator Sarah Hanson Young, or Senator Mehreen Faruqi both the epitome of Green ideology. Senator Faruqi, from Pakistan, is spokeswoman for Education, Housing, Industry, Anti-racism, Animal Welfare, International Aid and Development, and Employment and Workplace Relations.

Either Senator Hanson Young or Faruqi will explain how to depopulate Australia of unnecessary people and farm animals: just leave all the farm gates open, sell your guns to China for armament recycling, build thousands of Smart Cities, give 80 per cent of the federal budget to the UN, WHO and Pfizer to make stronger bio-weapons, cut your electricity bill by tearing out your smart meter box and send it for copper recycling, conserve water by cutting your mains supply, replacing water with beer or wine, buy a donkey and cart with digital currency and give your Toyota Prion to less fortunate African gangs so they won’t need to steal any more cars, fill in all coal mines with iron ore and revegetate with marijuana crops and to kill the car industry, subsidise manufacturing of all bomb-grade lithium batteries so your car will blow up when you charge it with windmill power.

Followers of the climate cult should be flocking to join the Greens. Contact their Canberra office.