A clearly upset Labor PM Albanese after learning he was unable to deliver the remainder of Australia to his United Nations masters is a referendum result that alternative, independent media can be proud of. Cairns News is astounded he hasn’t yet been banished by Labor Left.

By Senator Jacinta Price

It hasn’t been a month since we defeated the divisive Voice referendum but it’s clear the Albanese Government has learned nothing.

Even I couldn’t have imagined the way the Prime Minister would shut his eyes and close his ears to the message his referendum defeat sent, and go straight back to deliberately not understanding the situation in remote Aboriginal communities.

Maverick senator Pauline Hanson told Sky News she is proud of Jacinta Price and would “back her all the way.”

His incompetence came to the fore with the recent reports from the NT News that he has no intention of committing to needs-based domestic violence funding despite the need clearly falling most tragically on Indigenous women in the Northern Territory.

At the moment, federal funding is allocated on population.

And while we know domestic violence can and does occur across the Australian community, we also know it is most serious and prevalent in Indigenous communities.

Rates of violence in remote communities are alarmingly high, higher than anywhere else in the country. 

We know this already – we didn’t need a Voice to tell us – but Anthony Albanese has apparently decided because his Voice went down, he can just stop listening.

Downplaying these facts just shows he is not serious about real solutions, nor has he ever been interested in improving the lives of our most marginalised.

After more than 18 months of this government, we’ve now seen this pattern repeated over and over again.

Inflation, electricity prices, energy security – they’re all problems the Prime Minister and his Labor and Greens mates are simply refusing to understand, much less solve.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hurting from the cost of living, or hurting from the pain and violence in your community – Albo doesn’t seem to care much.

And even if he did, it’s clear that he’s got no idea how to fix it.

It’s a disgrace.