The beautiful city of Geneva has some very dark, not-so-secret things going on that we hope will soon see the light.


THE incredible story of “Q”, Trump and Spaceforce is an intriguing and wonderful story to hear. But “incredible” literally, means hard to believe, and there are some problems with this story, amazing and full of hope, as it is.

The Q narrative would have us believe that everything we see in the public eye, through mainstream and other media, is an illusion – or at least not what we think it is. What it really is, is “part of The Plan”, so we are told.

So, despite the global “Covid19” plandemic and mass population poisoning with an experimental vaccine, the invasion of the US by millions of illegals from all over the world, the war in Ukraine, the threat of financial collapse, a digital central bank currency and great reset and now the Israel-Gaza war, we’re supposed to believe everything is “under control” and “The Plan” is proceeding.

Perhaps this period of unrest and wars and threats of totalitarian control is “the storm” that Trump warned about years ago. In the digital AI war game world, which is reality in today’s world, it would be a predictable scenario that would be programmed in and expected to play out.

Former Swiss international banker Pascal Najadi, who has apparently come over on to the side of global freedom fighters says he’s part of this. In an interview on the Mark Atwood Show, Najadi again claimed he is a member of Trump’s Space Force, but in what role he would not disclose. Not only that, he was being treated during that very interview for his vaccine injuries, remotely by scalar waves sent by Space Force.

Najadi, and various Americans and others, say Space Force represents a centralised global military force presided over by Trump, who remains as Commander in Chief, operating under various US statutes and executive orders. He has also apparently co-opted a million members of the US National Guard.

“Spaceforce has got technology that is literally out of this world and when people are smart they can connect the dots,” Najadi told Attwood. “Now Trump is legally, formally, constitutionally the acting Commander in Chief of the US military. He has centralised all command and control of all military branches including the Nuclear Strike Force, into the US Space Force, which is not that big. It has an official website and personnel and each and every one of them, those brave men and women, is called a Guardian,” he said.

The plan involves the installation of a “military occupation” and the US government operating under “Continuity of Operations” or “Continuity of Government”, the US military in turn being under the command of Space Force. Access to the Space Force web site is by passwords only.

Nijadi (and others) subscribe to the idea that Joe Biden actually died in 2021 and the inauguration was a fake operation staged with an actor taking Biden’s place. We might ask where the proof is for that astounding claim. Fact checkers, of course, love these sorts of stories.

And work out this statement out if you can, from Derek Johnson, one of the outspoken defenders of the Trump-Space Force narrative, who has produced a 25-page list of “Laws and Orders that outline what the Military Operation and World Alliance of Generals are using with Trump as CIC: “I never said Joe Biden was dead. I’ve never used that language. I’ve said Joe Biden received a funeral service by military customs and three cannons.” Johnson says Americans have a terminology problem and don’t understand law. But why the word games?

Najadi has claimed that his father Hussain, the founder of the Arab-Malaysia Banking Group (AmBank), worked with Klaus Schwab as a joint founder of the World Economic Forum, but left around 1984. According to Wikipedia, which is not immune to disinformation, “no other source other than himself seems to confirm this. Hussain doesn’t mention it either, even during a filmed conversation about his career.”

In his interview with Attwood he said his father worked pro-bono for Klaus Schwab in the European Management Forum, the forerunner of the WEF, which at the time was an actual, low-profile discussion club on how to improve productivity worldwide. The EMF then morphed into “the monster that is now the WEF”.

Interestingly, in that filmed conversation in March 2013, Hussain says AmBank helped create a capital market that made Malaysia, unlike Greece and other heavily indebted nations, entirely self-sufficient without having to borrow from the IMF or World Bank. “No big banks, no Goldman Sachs, no JP Morgan, no Barclays, no Deutsche Bank. That is one of Malaysia’s tremendous economic strengths,” he said. But there was also high-level corruption.

On July 29, 2013, Hussain Najadi was fatally shot at close range in a parking lot. His wife was seriously injured. According to Asia Sentinel, the shooting was “one of a string of murders peripherally connected to the US$4.8 billion collapse of the state-backed 1Malaysia Development Bhd (public company).”

Pascal, who was a banking consultant in Moscow at the time, has claimed for the past five years that his father had been murdered because of his objections to shady banking practices on the part of former Malaysian PM Najib Razak. He also said Razak’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, had paid RM30 million to a gangster named Lim Yoon Soo to arrange the murder.

Soo, the part owner of a security firm, went on the run for two years to China and Australia, and ended up getting arrested at Kuala Lumpur in 2018, then mysteriously being released later. Koon Swee Kang, a gambler and truck driver, was tried as the murderer and sentenced to death.

But back to Najadi and Space Force, and his interview with Mark Attwood, in which a very believable video produced by Najadi is played. Essentially it says Geneva, Switzerland, is the HQ of some very dark forces – the WHO, the global vaccine pushers GAVI, big pharma and big tech firms and the WEF itself.

Najadi accuses this group of undertaking democide (murder by governments) through mass vaccination of a highly dangerous and often lethal bioweapon called the mRNA vaccine. He, of course, is among many others making this allegation, including Dr Astrid Stuckelberger PhD, a friend of Najadi and scientist and writer at the University of Geneva, who appears in the video.

Najadi explained that Stuckelberger was in a conference in Seoul when she heard about the Wuhan virus outbreak. She flew 11 hours non-stop to Frankfurt and when she arrived everyone was running around in hazmat suits. The virus had somehow beaten her 747 flight to Europe from Asia. It was then she realised that the whole thing was being staged and later resigned her positions.

Stuckelberger oppposes world government and says she’s involved in a global “we the people” movement to bring change. She said GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunisation, got total immunity from the Swiss Government, and represent a “coup d’etat and global crime scene”.

Najadi says the “snake head” is in Geneva and is a clear and present danger to the Swiss people. “But I can tell you it is being cut off,” he said. He raised some intriguing information about historical Swiss links to Egyptian occultism.

There is no doubt that there is some very spooky high-level occultism going on in Switzerland. The overtly occult “show” put on for the opening of one of their Gotthard Base tunnel was one such example, and an open-air satanic ritual was seen at the CERN campus in Geneva, which seems to be some sort of quasi-scientific attempt to open portals into the spiritual realm.

A video of the mock human sacrifice ritual at CERN in Geneva was circulated widely and mainstream media reported it as a “prank by scientists that had gone too far”. The ritual took place in front of the statue of the Hindu deity Shiva that is on permanent display at the complex. How curious for a facility allegedly devoted to “scientific research”.

Geneva was also where the Order of the Solar Temple cult was founded in 1983 by the Belgian Luc Jouret and Frenchman Joseph De Mambro, a Rosicrucian. Jouret committed suicide in the Swiss village of Salvan on October 5th, 1994 as part of a mass suicide. In total, the group would claim 74 lives. A day or two before this, five members of the same cult and a baby were found with multiple stab wounds and burned to death in Quebec, Canada.

So this part of Pascal Najadi’s narrative, the occultism and location of key globalist institutions in Geneva, Switzerland, certainly has substance. There is no reason to disbelieve most of his claims because his public record aligns with what he tells Attwood.

Najadi also recounts in detail his attempted meeting with Klaus Schwab in 1998, at a WEF cocktail party held in the Salzburg Fortress, Austria. He introduced himself as the son of Hussain Najadi but Schwab “just flipped around like a devil running away from the light”, “not even saying hello”.

Najadi said he knew Schwab as a kid and went to the cocktail party at great expense with the intention of surprising him and comparing notes. During October he released a copyright-free video for distribution, in which he addresses Schwab, rebuking him for his greediness, seeking unegotiated power and believing he can simply kill people with a depopulation plan, abolish private property and cars and force people to eat insects.

Pascal insisted that “there will be a correction for humanity” before he dies, despite the fact that corrupt judges had dismissed his vaccine injury case against Swiss Home Affairs chief (now President) Alain Berket. “It’s deplorable but this machine is coming to its end. The snake’s in Geneva and that’s where the head has been cut off already without them knowing and they will realise it. It’s over.”

When Attwood introduces the subject of UFOs is where Najadi occasionally sounds unbelievable. He described standing with his wife near the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur one night when a great triangular object filled the sky. Najadi insisted only he and his wife saw it before it vanished. Was it a Space Force visit?

On the Swiss links to Egyptian occultism, Najadi said the word Pharoah actually meant viper and 50% of Swiss people had precise chromosomal links to Tutankhamen’s DNA. He said Egyptian soldiers had come from Luxor with the famous general St Maurice to fight in the mountains with the Romans’ Theban Legion near what is now St Moritz, the exclusive ski resort.

Further, he believes that the descendants of the Pharoahs had migrated north the region. “Everything evil in this world, that is part of that democide, and wars and other massacres, comes from Geneva, unfortunately, I have to say this.”

One can see where the famous Swiss banking services might become not only useful for wealthy power brokers across the planet, but for the Swiss bankers and authorities who keep their money.

In summary, Najadi’s story, except for a few disputable, esoteric points, seems to add up. Cairns News would like to hear from anyone who reckons they have hard evidence of the operations of Space Force and the hopefully, soon-coming destruction of the globalist project.