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UN imposes totalitarian taxes in the form of council rates

by Jeanine Bird

Maybe cost-blowouts of Rates, Interest, Power, Fuel & Food will do the trick!!

Councils are trying to impose Recession-rated rate hikes to support an international agenda which
just taxes the local mugs. Leeton Shire Council, for example, is trying to get a 52% “R-rated” rise
over 2 years, with a fall-back position of 20% over 2 years. 26% annual inflation at worst, and
10% at best, which will only be the tip of the iceberg if Councils keep kowtowing to the UN/WEF dictates
by imposing these totalitarian taxes, and central banks keep driving interest up.

According to the Australian Local Government Association (, the 17 “transformational” UN
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to “tackle our social, economic and environmental challenges”,
are being taken on by Local Government. Globally, Mayors are leading the way, it boasts because in
September 2015, at the SDG Summit, Mayors from 40 countries met and declared their support and
intention to drive the SDGs in a declaration of cities.
Actually, it was well under way long before 2015, because the United Nations have been planning the
demise of our Local Councils for many decades, aided and abetted by politicians and bureaucrats who
have been feted at UN funded gala events, and introduced to the “best way” to do things, (ie
international best practice, so our bureaucrats think they are up with the best, doing the right thing).
So far, despite three referendums on the subject, “the people” have decided to keep their local
government (an arm of State governments, ie, not State Corporations). However, the UN and those who
know better have been busy circumventing the law to suit themselves, and take power out of our hands.
Councils are no longer owned and operated by the people, for the people, with elected Councillors to do
our bidding.
Many will remember what’s generally referred to as the Tasmanian Dam Case (1983) – a watershed
moment for Australia, when the High Court made a decision that because the Commonwealth
Government had entered into various international treaties, agreements and conventions under the
External Affairs Power of the Constitution (S51 [xxix]), then it could over-ride the State’s rights.

Part I: Councils Lighting a Fire under Ratepayer Bums – J Bird 16/10/22 1

Since then, we’ve signed a plethora of these agreements, and totally eroded our Constitution, our
freedoms, and our rights. What we, the Aussie people want is of no concern any more. Effectively, UN
law now over-rules our Common law by default. AND, rest assured, the UN has been VERY busy while
our pollies sleep, or are compromised.

Our very muddy and divisive Water Act (2007) is driven by the international agreements we have signed
– all relating to eco/climate or migratory birds. Furthermore, I was the first person in Australia to point
out in my various submissions regarding water that the Act also, in tacking on words to the effect “and
any other relevant treaty”, could mean FUTURE TREATIES which haven’t been thought of yet. Thus,
more mess and red tape to unravel, at the expense of those of us living and working in rural and regional
I remind you what two High Court Judges on the Tasmanian Dam Case said, who in 1983 could foresee
this as well:
Judge Wilson: “…It is no exaggeration to say that what is emerging is a sophisticated network of
international arrangements directed to the personal, economic, social and cultural development of all
human beings. The effect of investing the Parliament with power through section 51 (xxix) in all these
areas would be transfer to the Commonwealth of virtually unlimited power in almost every conceivable
aspect of life in Australia, including health and hospitals, the work place, law and order, education and
recreational and cultural activity to mention but a few ….”
Justice Gibbs: “…There would be no field of power which the Commonwealth could not invade,
and the federal balance achieved by the Constitution could be entirely destroyed”.
Yet Justice Lionel Murphy thought this wouldn’t be enough! He said “…Australia would be an
International cripple unable to participate fully in the emerging world order….” (being fully aware that
we were committed to World Government because we signed a UN Agreement under UNCTAD (UN
Conference on Trade and Devt) – the Declaration for the Establishment of a New International Economic
Order adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1974.)
We have not been vigilant, while the UN ploughed on taking our rights and freedoms over many years –
very aggressively after Lima and then Rio when Agenda 21 emerged under UNCED (UN Conference on
Environment & Devt). That was a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, national and
locally by organisations of the UN system, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which
human impacts on the environment”. That means a “World State” using “sustainable” programs driven
by Local Government.
Does that remind you of Judges Wilson & Gibbs’ comments?
Agenda 21 has morphed to Agenda 30 [ie 2030] and Paris now, so we have the WEF implementing their
“Great Reset”. Trump at least got in their way; consequently people are now waking up all over the
world as to what these elites have done to us, and are fighting back. Big time!
Australian governments of both major parties followed the Lima Declaration (1975) with disastrous
results, exporting jobs and industry to developing countries (predominantly China), and set us on the

Part I: Councils Lighting a Fire under Ratepayer Bums – J Bird 16/10/22 2

path of dependence on imports (eg from China) while decimating our industries. Farmers and family
businesses were bankrupted; banks, conducting, or in on the act, raked in the interest, and today we
continue to reap the agenda sown by the UN and compliantly implemented by governments, as we are
on the brink of their latest financial and societal collapse to bring in the elite’s “Great Reset”.
The “environmental movement” that may have gone nowhere was bolstered to usher in our compliance
by the Club of Rome, formed in 1968 and often described as a “crisis think-tank specialising in crisis
creation”. The purpose of this was to create a crisis that would unite the world and by “gradualism” (the
long game), conditioning us to accept their “global solutions” to our (created) “local problems”. (Some
may remember when the Club of Rome decided that Egypt didn’t have to pay our Wheat Board for our
wheat. Who were they to make that decision???!)
In a report by the Council of the Club of Rome, “The First Global Revolution”, they said “In searching for
a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea of pollution, the threat of
global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill….. All these dangers are caused
by human intervention.”

p75 Sound familiar?? Fifty years later and $zillions of UN money (funded by
us), and we are reaping their rewards to our detriment as they usher in their Great Reset; it’s infiltrated
down through all levels of government, and affecting us at local council levels.

A 52%, or even the fallback 20% Special Rate Variation is just assisting the Great Reset, and your
advancement to owning nothing, while the “elites” who own the global media tell you what to think, and
the banks or financial institutions (who we allow preferential trading terms over anyone else, and pay
them for the privilege!!), hike interest, foreclose, and become owners of your property, or sell off to
their elite mates. No doubt you’ll be happy, with a brain adjustment so you see it their way!
These SDGs have been overlayed over all council plans, often window-dressed innocuously as
‘biodiversity’, ‘bushfire’, ‘flood’ (= increases to your insurance premiums), gender equality, green energy,

sustained and inclusive economic growth, reduced inequality, climate action, water, land, and public-
private partnerships. They always sound good, but in general, you can say that whatever the UN is

telling you they mean, it means the opposite.

We need to ask local Councils, what has been the cost of implementing the SDGs to OUR local council?
(I bet they have no idea, it’s SO endemic now!)
Ask too, what is the ongoing cost of our local council in following these UN directives and continued
implementation of these SDGs? I’m willing to bet it’s close to the the 52% increase required! They
should just stop it, and work for the Aussie people, not the UN, who are un-elected.
Aussie Councillors need to get a handle on this. So do our local Parliamentary Representatives. They are
completely clueless, or they’d be speaking out, if not compromised, or perhaps one of the graduates of
the WEF “Young Leaders” program, which Schwab boasts infiltrate Cabinets and bureaucracies across
the globe. Of course, the sessions the States run for aspiring local councillors are run by the people
pushing this agenda, and they railroad well-meaning community-minded people into thinking that they
have to follow the UN dictates which the State is pushing about how Council works, thus usurping our
system of governance.
Part I: Councils Lighting a Fire under Ratepayer Bums – J Bird 16/10/22 3

The World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and WHO, in cahoots with Big Media and Big Pharma mates with
all the UN agreements, foremost being the Paris accord, of which we are part, are using “climate
change” and “Sustainable Development” goals to usher in a monetary reset which will mean they will
not only control the global financial system (they already do), but nearly every aspect of your life. You
WILL lose equity in/or your property with the financial Great Reset they have planned. Their next
planned CRASH is in free-fall now.
This CONCERNS YOU, it’s YOUR LOSS of property/rights, YOUR well-earned money going into THEIR
black hole, and YOUR freedom so do your research, don’t take my word for it. You are not that far
away from losing it all via an induced global DEPRESSION on the heels of Covid19. You could say that
REAL INFLATION is half of the 52% proposed rise, and you wouldn’t be far off!!

There’s a not-so-secret war being waged against us – and many world leaders, including Prince Charles
have echoed World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Chair, Klaus Schwab’s sentiments in his book “COVID-19:
The Great Reset” to “make good use of the pandemic” and “not letting the crisis go to waste”. It’s to
be ushered in under Covid, because, as Schwab’s offsider Yuval Noah Harrari proudly asserts, “humans
are now hackable animals” (that’s if they had the jabbadabbadoo). Harrari says the idea that humans
have freewill, is over. (This is where our churches have let us down badly – very few will stand for
anything now.)
Harrari said Covid-19 is critical because this is what convinces people to “accept TOTAL biometric
surveillance”. “We need, not just to monitor people, but we need to monitor what is happening UNDER
their skin.” He’s happy that “mass surveillance systems” have been established in “even democratic

Local Councils are helping to achieve this, but they do not understand they do NOT have the Common-
law Constitutional power to do this. They have usurped that power, but you, as Ratepayers and local

people, can take it back.
Ratepayers have to reverse this, and LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOUR FRIENDLY COUNCIL instead of letting
them do it to us.

Labor will hijack councils to wipe ratepayers out with climate change emergency

Update to 2019 NLGA conference

by Alison Ryan

The Resolution 29: That the NGA call on the Australian Government to:
Declare a climate Emergency
Establish a $10 billion national fund for councils to build the resilience of climate change vulnerable communities
Commit to providing maximum protection for all people, economies, species, ecosystems and civilisations, and to fully restoring a safe climate
Mobile the required resources and take effective action at the necessary scale and speed across Australia
Transport the economy to zero emissions and make a fair contribution to drawing down the excess carbon dioxide in the air
Encourage all other governments around the world to take these same actions

The Response, 24 Oct 2019, from Sussan Ley MP Minister for the Environment, read as follows:
The Australian Government takes the issue of climate change seriously. The Government is taking the action that is needed to address climate change. As a result of the policies that the Government has put in place over the last six years, Australia will exceed its Kyoto 2020 targets by 367 million tonnes. The Government has set out, to the last tonne, responsible targets to ensure that Australia meets its Paris 2030 commitments. Emissions per capita are now at the lowest level in 29 years and by 2050, emissions per capita will fall by 50 percent. Due to the Government’s commitment to meeting its Renewable energy Target, Australia’s investment per capita in renewable energy is currently the highest in the world. The Government will continue to take responsible action on climate change in a way which ensures both jobs for the future, and a clean and green environment.

A much clearer news report from The West Australian says, “Environment Minister Sussan Ley tells mayors to stay out of climate change”, dated 18 July 2019.
“Ms Ley did not say if she would declare such an emergency, but believes councils should focus on dealing with local environmental issues, such as household rubbish.”
“The Australian councils are part of 800 across the globe to have declared climate emergencies, encompassing more than 140 million people. Victoria’s Darebin City Council was the first to take the leap in 2016. Darebin has taken a steering role among other local administrations, leading a national climate emergency conference last year.”
Link: Environment Minister Sussan Ley tells mayors to stay out of climate change | The West Australian

I think these Councils are a not fit to do other than services. Through ICLEI they are globalists. eg: Think local – act global.

ICLEI news reports “Labor commits to working with local government on climate action”.
“Friday 8 April – Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, The Hon. Chris Bowen MP committed to collaborating with local governments on climate action if elected to the Federal Government. The Hon. Chris Bowen joined over 200 Mayors and elected members representing over 108 local governments from across Australia to discuss Labor’s priorities to adapt, mitigate and build resilience.”

“As one of the small handful of former Mayors in the House of Representatives, I embrace partnership between the Commonwealth and local government, particularly in climate change,” stated Mr. Bowen. “States, territories and local governments are getting on with doing the job and I want to provide a better framework for that to occur as part of a more consistent national approach.”

“During the Roundtable, if elected, the Shadow Minister Chris Bowen committed to:
A roundtable with the Mayors in June to discuss how to accelerate climate action with local governments.

Invite a representative of the Australian Local Government Association to a meeting of all jurisdiction climate change and energy ministers to develop a national framework for climate change and energy policy.”
Link: Labor commits to working with local government on climate action — ICLEI Oceania

So there we have it – Local Government sneaking into the National Cabinet = 3 tiers of government.

SACK THEM ALL is the Rally cry for Melbourne’s next Freedom March on 14 May.
Telegram: Contact @melbournefreedomrallyupdates

Local Government partners with the UN to implement Agenda 21/30

by Alison Ryan


Local Government Councils work hand in hand with Federal and State governments and partner up with various UN bodies to implement Agenda 21 goals (UN SDG 2030). Under Liberal/National and Labor and Greens – it’s all been full steam ahead. Nowadays, Asian friends tell me the Australian education system is 2 years behind that in other Asian countries.

Soft touch and ignorant local government body passed a motion calling for a ‘climate emergency’

The top experts enlisted to create change in curricula for Global Education under the SDGs come from the ranks of the Trilateral Commission, such as Tom Kompas, Professor at the University of Melbourne, and ANU. Other Australian/NZ members on the TC list from the Asia-Pacific Group are:

Prof Quentin Grafton, Director of Food-Energy-Environment-Water (FE2W) Network, Chairman of UNESCO Chair in Water Economics & Transboundary Water Governance, Director of Centre for Water Economics, Environment & Policy (CWEEP) at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Convener Geneva Actions on Human Water Security, Convener Water Justice Hub

Allan Gyngell, Fellow Australian Institute of International Affairs (FAIIA),Convenor, Coombs Forum; Director, Crawford Australian Leadership Forum

*John R. Hewson, Former Federal Opposition Liberal Party Leader, Australia Professor and Chairman of Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, *Executive Committee

Tom Kompas, Director of Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU; Director of Australian Centre for Biosecurity and Environmental Economics (ACBEE); Editor-in-Chief of Asia and the Pacific Policy Journal, University of Melbourne

Mike Moore, Former New Zealand Ambassador to the US; former Director-General, World Trade Organization, Geneva; former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Michael Wesley, Director, Academic Outreach and Research, National Security College, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) at University of Melbourne
See: The Trilateral Commission

Michael McCormack (Nationals MP) is quoted: “local government should be recognised in the constitution”, from a news report on Monday 17 June, 2019, “Local councils vote for a referendum”.

Australia’s councils have voted to demand a referendum giving local government constitutional recognition.

The motion, calling for the government to initiate a referendum “at the earliest opportunity”, was carried 201 votes to three at the National General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) in Canberra on Monday.

“Local Government presently depends on the continued will of the various State legislatures to empower local government to exist and perform various functions,” the motion put forward by Toowoomba Regional Council states.

“It seems preferable that the Commonwealth entrench the right for councils to exist and perform certain roles.”

If agreed to by the government, it would be the third referendum on giving local councils constitutional recognition after previous referenda held under the Whitlam and Hawke Labor governments both crashed.

It’s also not the first time ALGA has taken a crack at a referendum. A motion for a referendum within five years was passed at last year’s NGA but was given a polite thumbs down by the federal government, which said in a subsequent letter to ALGA it had no immediate plans to change the constitution.

Qualified support from the government in Monday’s vote came after Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack told delegates earlier in the day that local government should be recognised in the constitution to enable direct funding.

“I think, I believe, I know that local government should be in the constitution,” he said to applause from the audience.
“There is probably no more important thing than the commonwealth be able to fund local government directly, so that we can avoid going through the bureaucracy and so that we can get the money direct to where it needs to go, and that’s right on the ground.”

But he added a referendum had to be worded in the right way to convince the Australian public, and it had to be put to them at the right time.

“I know we’ve had referenda on it before, but next time when it goes up – and it has to, it should, it must – we have to get the wording right. And we have to put it in at a time when the Australian voting public is in the mood that they’re going to carry it.”

The referendum was among the first of a total of 121 motions that are up for debate over the next two days.

Motions to restore Financial Assistance Grants, support recycling and take action on climate change also featured heavily in Monday’s debate.

Motions passed at the ALGA NGA
# That the federal government declare a climate emergency
# That a minister be appointed to assist councils in their response the changing environment
# That the federal government establish a national strategy for climate change adaptation and resilience
# That the government consider indemnifying councils that take climate change mitigation initiatives
# That the current drought be elevated to natural disaster status
See: Local councils vote for a referendum – Government News

Regionalism is also a tool of the UN for integrating economies. The 5 UN Regional Commissions – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA) work like underground moles at the subregional and regional levels to make an end-run around national sovereignty.

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