UN imposes totalitarian taxes in the form of council rates

by Jeanine Bird

Maybe cost-blowouts of Rates, Interest, Power, Fuel & Food will do the trick!!

Councils are trying to impose Recession-rated rate hikes to support an international agenda which
just taxes the local mugs. Leeton Shire Council, for example, is trying to get a 52% “R-rated” rise
over 2 years, with a fall-back position of 20% over 2 years. 26% annual inflation at worst, and
10% at best, which will only be the tip of the iceberg if Councils keep kowtowing to the UN/WEF dictates
by imposing these totalitarian taxes, and central banks keep driving interest up.

According to the Australian Local Government Association (alga.com.au), the 17 “transformational” UN
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to “tackle our social, economic and environmental challenges”,
are being taken on by Local Government. Globally, Mayors are leading the way, it boasts because in
September 2015, at the SDG Summit, Mayors from 40 countries met and declared their support and
intention to drive the SDGs in a declaration of cities.
Actually, it was well under way long before 2015, because the United Nations have been planning the
demise of our Local Councils for many decades, aided and abetted by politicians and bureaucrats who
have been feted at UN funded gala events, and introduced to the “best way” to do things, (ie
international best practice, so our bureaucrats think they are up with the best, doing the right thing).
So far, despite three referendums on the subject, “the people” have decided to keep their local
government (an arm of State governments, ie, not State Corporations). However, the UN and those who
know better have been busy circumventing the law to suit themselves, and take power out of our hands.
Councils are no longer owned and operated by the people, for the people, with elected Councillors to do
our bidding.
Many will remember what’s generally referred to as the Tasmanian Dam Case (1983) – a watershed
moment for Australia, when the High Court made a decision that because the Commonwealth
Government had entered into various international treaties, agreements and conventions under the
External Affairs Power of the Constitution (S51 [xxix]), then it could over-ride the State’s rights.

Part I: Councils Lighting a Fire under Ratepayer Bums – J Bird 16/10/22 1

Since then, we’ve signed a plethora of these agreements, and totally eroded our Constitution, our
freedoms, and our rights. What we, the Aussie people want is of no concern any more. Effectively, UN
law now over-rules our Common law by default. AND, rest assured, the UN has been VERY busy while
our pollies sleep, or are compromised.

Our very muddy and divisive Water Act (2007) is driven by the international agreements we have signed
– all relating to eco/climate or migratory birds. Furthermore, I was the first person in Australia to point
out in my various submissions regarding water that the Act also, in tacking on words to the effect “and
any other relevant treaty”, could mean FUTURE TREATIES which haven’t been thought of yet. Thus,
more mess and red tape to unravel, at the expense of those of us living and working in rural and regional
I remind you what two High Court Judges on the Tasmanian Dam Case said, who in 1983 could foresee
this as well:
Judge Wilson: “…It is no exaggeration to say that what is emerging is a sophisticated network of
international arrangements directed to the personal, economic, social and cultural development of all
human beings. The effect of investing the Parliament with power through section 51 (xxix) in all these
areas would be transfer to the Commonwealth of virtually unlimited power in almost every conceivable
aspect of life in Australia, including health and hospitals, the work place, law and order, education and
recreational and cultural activity to mention but a few ….”
Justice Gibbs: “…There would be no field of power which the Commonwealth could not invade,
and the federal balance achieved by the Constitution could be entirely destroyed”.
Yet Justice Lionel Murphy thought this wouldn’t be enough! He said “…Australia would be an
International cripple unable to participate fully in the emerging world order….” (being fully aware that
we were committed to World Government because we signed a UN Agreement under UNCTAD (UN
Conference on Trade and Devt) – the Declaration for the Establishment of a New International Economic
Order adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1974.)
We have not been vigilant, while the UN ploughed on taking our rights and freedoms over many years –
very aggressively after Lima and then Rio when Agenda 21 emerged under UNCED (UN Conference on
Environment & Devt). That was a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, national and
locally by organisations of the UN system, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which
human impacts on the environment”. That means a “World State” using “sustainable” programs driven
by Local Government.
Does that remind you of Judges Wilson & Gibbs’ comments?
Agenda 21 has morphed to Agenda 30 [ie 2030] and Paris now, so we have the WEF implementing their
“Great Reset”. Trump at least got in their way; consequently people are now waking up all over the
world as to what these elites have done to us, and are fighting back. Big time!
Australian governments of both major parties followed the Lima Declaration (1975) with disastrous
results, exporting jobs and industry to developing countries (predominantly China), and set us on the

Part I: Councils Lighting a Fire under Ratepayer Bums – J Bird 16/10/22 2

path of dependence on imports (eg from China) while decimating our industries. Farmers and family
businesses were bankrupted; banks, conducting, or in on the act, raked in the interest, and today we
continue to reap the agenda sown by the UN and compliantly implemented by governments, as we are
on the brink of their latest financial and societal collapse to bring in the elite’s “Great Reset”.
The “environmental movement” that may have gone nowhere was bolstered to usher in our compliance
by the Club of Rome, formed in 1968 and often described as a “crisis think-tank specialising in crisis
creation”. The purpose of this was to create a crisis that would unite the world and by “gradualism” (the
long game), conditioning us to accept their “global solutions” to our (created) “local problems”. (Some
may remember when the Club of Rome decided that Egypt didn’t have to pay our Wheat Board for our
wheat. Who were they to make that decision???!)
In a report by the Council of the Club of Rome, “The First Global Revolution”, they said “In searching for
a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea of pollution, the threat of
global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill….. All these dangers are caused
by human intervention.”

p75 Sound familiar?? Fifty years later and $zillions of UN money (funded by
us), and we are reaping their rewards to our detriment as they usher in their Great Reset; it’s infiltrated
down through all levels of government, and affecting us at local council levels.

A 52%, or even the fallback 20% Special Rate Variation is just assisting the Great Reset, and your
advancement to owning nothing, while the “elites” who own the global media tell you what to think, and
the banks or financial institutions (who we allow preferential trading terms over anyone else, and pay
them for the privilege!!), hike interest, foreclose, and become owners of your property, or sell off to
their elite mates. No doubt you’ll be happy, with a brain adjustment so you see it their way!
These SDGs have been overlayed over all council plans, often window-dressed innocuously as
‘biodiversity’, ‘bushfire’, ‘flood’ (= increases to your insurance premiums), gender equality, green energy,

sustained and inclusive economic growth, reduced inequality, climate action, water, land, and public-
private partnerships. They always sound good, but in general, you can say that whatever the UN is

telling you they mean, it means the opposite.

We need to ask local Councils, what has been the cost of implementing the SDGs to OUR local council?
(I bet they have no idea, it’s SO endemic now!)
Ask too, what is the ongoing cost of our local council in following these UN directives and continued
implementation of these SDGs? I’m willing to bet it’s close to the the 52% increase required! They
should just stop it, and work for the Aussie people, not the UN, who are un-elected.
Aussie Councillors need to get a handle on this. So do our local Parliamentary Representatives. They are
completely clueless, or they’d be speaking out, if not compromised, or perhaps one of the graduates of
the WEF “Young Leaders” program, which Schwab boasts infiltrate Cabinets and bureaucracies across
the globe. Of course, the sessions the States run for aspiring local councillors are run by the people
pushing this agenda, and they railroad well-meaning community-minded people into thinking that they
have to follow the UN dictates which the State is pushing about how Council works, thus usurping our
system of governance.
Part I: Councils Lighting a Fire under Ratepayer Bums – J Bird 16/10/22 3

The World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and WHO, in cahoots with Big Media and Big Pharma mates with
all the UN agreements, foremost being the Paris accord, of which we are part, are using “climate
change” and “Sustainable Development” goals to usher in a monetary reset which will mean they will
not only control the global financial system (they already do), but nearly every aspect of your life. You
WILL lose equity in/or your property with the financial Great Reset they have planned. Their next
planned CRASH is in free-fall now.
This CONCERNS YOU, it’s YOUR LOSS of property/rights, YOUR well-earned money going into THEIR
black hole, and YOUR freedom so do your research, don’t take my word for it. You are not that far
away from losing it all via an induced global DEPRESSION on the heels of Covid19. You could say that
REAL INFLATION is half of the 52% proposed rise, and you wouldn’t be far off!!

There’s a not-so-secret war being waged against us – and many world leaders, including Prince Charles
have echoed World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Chair, Klaus Schwab’s sentiments in his book “COVID-19:
The Great Reset” to “make good use of the pandemic” and “not letting the crisis go to waste”. It’s to
be ushered in under Covid, because, as Schwab’s offsider Yuval Noah Harrari proudly asserts, “humans
are now hackable animals” (that’s if they had the jabbadabbadoo). Harrari says the idea that humans
have freewill, is over. (This is where our churches have let us down badly – very few will stand for
anything now.)
Harrari said Covid-19 is critical because this is what convinces people to “accept TOTAL biometric
surveillance”. “We need, not just to monitor people, but we need to monitor what is happening UNDER
their skin.” He’s happy that “mass surveillance systems” have been established in “even democratic

Local Councils are helping to achieve this, but they do not understand they do NOT have the Common-
law Constitutional power to do this. They have usurped that power, but you, as Ratepayers and local

people, can take it back.
Ratepayers have to reverse this, and LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOUR FRIENDLY COUNCIL instead of letting
them do it to us.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Jeanine Bird – Very good article, I have read it several times.

    Your info is true and correct and would be a total surprise (shock) for the head in the sand sheeple / normies.

    If/when the alternate media overtakes the MSM (after the sheeple awaken) it will be quite a shock for them to realize that for many years Australian federal, state and local governments have been under the direct control of the Rockefeller UN, Rothschild Banks, and many other overseas entities.

    We are forced to vote for a very good reason, makes it all look legit, after all we did vote them in to represent us – to run our (their) country. No need to invade Australia, it has already been sold, promised or given away.


  2. Share
    From the Premier of Tasmania’s Government website

    ‘2 June 2022

    Nic Street, Minister for Local Government

    Voting now compulsory for local council elections

    With the passing of the 3rd reading of the Local Government Amendment (Elections) Bill 2022 in the Legislative Council this morning, this means voting will be compulsory at the local council elections in September and October this year.

    As a former elected member of Kingborough Council, I understand the importance and value of the decisions made by local councils.

    These decisions are just as important as those made at State and Federal Government level and in many cases they impact the day-to-day lives of Tasmanian residents a lot more.

    By making voting compulsory, we will lift community’s perception of local government and its importance by bringing local council elections into line with State and Federal elections.

    We also want to lift the community’s engagement with the local government sector, and I am confident the passing of this legislation will do that.’

    From the letter box

    A postal ballot pack, containing a booklet, 2 ballot papers and 2 envelopes.

    On the booklet front page, ‘VOTING IS NOW COMPULSORY’ ‘MAKE YOUR MARK’

    On page 2, ‘ a ballot paper envelope – you must sign this’

    ‘Your vote must be received by 2pm Tuesday 25 October 2022’

    ‘Don’t delay – late votes won’t be counted!’

    On page 3, ‘ 3. Make your vote secret
    Put your completed ballot papers in the ballot paper envelope and seal it securely.’

    ‘4. Validate your vote
    Sign your ballot paper envelope – your vote won’t be counted if you don’t sign.’

    Should I decline their offer of contract?


  3. Hi tonyryan43, re: “Which reminds me, while we are basking in the warm glow of fascism-driven paranoia…” Well paranoia (unless taken to unhealthy extremes) is simply hyper-awareness. A natural survival instinct – which like other senses has been ‘conditioned’ out of some. Quite an adrenaline packed ride you had there!..glad your driving expertise saved the day…and you! However, I’d be looking much closer to home than despotic Murdoch as the potential perp. More often than not, evil bastards are hiding in plain sight – and are also those we trust the most.


  4. Well, the additional “taxes” could be used to promote and subsidize philanthropist Bill Gates and Soros like efforts at saving the world.

    “TerraPower was founded by Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries that decided the private sector needed to take action in developing advanced nuclear energy to meet growing electricity needs, mitigate climate change and lift billions out of poverty. Advanced reactors and other isotopic applications are now possible with technology and enhanced computing capabilities that were unimaginable a few decades ago. At TerraPower, we are innovating in nuclear to improve the lives of people everywhere and to build the clean energy of tomorrow – today.”

    Solar energy and Wind is obviously a furphy to disguise a global energy monopoly in the making. You can figure out the consequences of that for every country on the planet… global “communism” run by Mammon’s little helpers, right?

    Obviously, energy independence must first be stamped out at the root, local level. Enter the prophets of global doom and extinction. Oh Greta, you are so smart indeed to worry about your future! lol


  5. DuckDuck only came up with this ‘The Lost Track of Time’
    Paige Britt ???


  6. tonyryan43: “The full story is in the novel “The Lost Track”. It would be nice to know others also were aware.”

    Sounds like an enlightening and fun read. 🙂 Who is the author? There are a few Lost Tracks.


  7. A very informative piece.
    The only thing that gets me is the ‘we signed’ bit.

    Who signed?
    Name and shame.

    It’s not libel if it’s true and written as fact.
    What Foreign Minister?
    What Politician?
    What PM?

    Only then can the people judge those who ‘signed away’ Australias Sovereignty instead of bemoaning that it happened.

    Who and when and where?

    Instead of photos lining the walls of Parliament as though they have something to be proud of, have their names recorded in history books as the traitors that they became.

    There was no ‘writing on the wall’ to cause the demise of this once great Nation.
    Someone actually put pen to paper.

    Someone sold out.
    Without asking.


  8. tonyryan43 – “State and local governments should be replaced by regional and neighbourhood policy initiatives. That would be a massive step towards genuine democracy.”

    Spot on, similar for federal as well.

    Glad to hear of your surviving your vehicle problems.
    The loss of tonyryan43, would be a loss, keep fighting the bastards.

    The loss of Rupert Murdoch, would not be a loss for me.
    Murdoch will be remembered for not very nice reasons.


  9. Which reminds me, while we are basking in the warm glow of fascism-driven paranoia, much earned LOL, here is a little sage of somebody’s latest attempt.

    I drive on dangerous bush roads, at speed. The other day, my calliper brake hydraulic tube snapped in half, leaving me hurtling backwards in a rocky gorge with no brakes. That took some fast crash gear changing I can tell you. When I finally took the wheel off, the calliper fell on the road. The two retaining bolts were missing. I isolated that wheel and did a couple of trips on three brakes, while waiting for replacement parts. When I final repaired the calliper I discovered the anti-roll bar retaining nut at the very end of its travel.

    The intended scenario clearly was that I brake on a hairpin bend, and with no brakes hit the bank hard, and with the anti-roll bar dysfunctional; flip and roll into the gully. Nice plan.

    That makes the third attempt in 11 months. So, be warned, do not piss Rupert Murdoch off unless you are tuned into survival mode. I am not too concerned because he has to make it look like an accident. Murder would attract certain investigation, which he does not want. I have proof he is guilty of a criminal offence for which the penalty is prison. The full story is in the novel “The Lost Track”. It would be nice to know others also were aware.


  10. tonyryan43: “Second, the UN wants local government.”

    That in itself is good enough reason to oppose it! A UN sponsored local swamp for spreading global disease and breeding swamp rats for the state and national swamps. No thanks, I’d rather give it a miss.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. A call out to : Obvious Bob, Jillian, and Betty Mac. If you send copies of documents to tonyryan43@gmail.com I will store these under a “UN/Local govt” folder for future reference. And, all of you, thanks for the fascinating information.


  12. It is true that the UN has controlled most of our Councils for many years.It has been in the form of I.C.L.E.I….International Council for Local Environmental Initiative.
    They are controlling Australia through the ‘ back door’ by any means they can!The list of Councils working under this plan, and the plan itself, can be found on Google.


  13. These LGA UNbots are imposing a lot more than council rates. Down in the SE corner of the Big Pineapple they are now interested in what the blokes have in their sheds. They must be prevented from making inventories. These ‘helpful’ inquiries and by the LGA PCs must be met with an Australian shield wall of ‘F’off’.


  14. I have recently sent the CEO of the local council a Notice of Conditional Acceptance, demanding De facto Quo Warranto (a prerogative writ, they must provide the evidence of their authority). They failed to respond, my “rates” $$ held in trust until they verify tgey are a bone fide creditor under the Crown and the laws they are relying upon are pursuant to either state or Cmth Constitutions. They have squat.
    I sent Notices of Default yesterday and will be finalised with Notice of Estoppel.
    Lex Mercatoria.
    Quo Warranto.


  15. rogergreen988gmailcom

    More madness.


  16. Hello Tony It seems that Robert Lee has me in the Spam bin, as I can’t seem to get an email through to him.But i will give you the Lawful Notice that knocked my local council’s UN Bike Lanes on the head.As you can see, they scrapped the whole contract-and this did not happen via a council meeting.The news item happened on a Monday, which is interesting, because Meeting reports are always on a Thursday, as the Tuesday council meeting will not make the Wednesday paper.In any event, the LNs are attached, the Brownbill (my ward) LNs being for a different Urban Development Plan for Geelong West, my suburb, and not Belmont. Ian Cook told me that the my Martin Cutter (Geelong Council CEO) Notice would have got to PortPhilipbecause “…they all talk to each other…” and telegraph any threat to them.But the locals in Port Philip and Port Melbourne also kicked up a stink as they were ropeable aboutthe unsafe lanes. Lots of people had got cleaned up by passing cars.Those lanes are being torn up and taken away. The audio of my phone call with one of my Ward Councilors Sarah Mansfield, over the Pakington St Geelong West Plan is attached.The secret seems to be to hold the councilors and CEO to their commercial liability, as they are notConstitutionally recognised, and are an private, incorporated, trading entity, and so must accept full commercial liability for everything they do.This is the weakness in their armour-once one realises they are commercial, you can attack them commercially, as you will never get it done Parliaments, or legally.Being commercial takes them outside the Constitution, too, so no Section 44 “allegiance to a foreign power…”applicable, but it does apply to the state government.Local councils are an agent of the state, Constitutionally, so the constitutional liability goes back to Spring St.You will see my Lawful Notice to former Mayor, Bruce Harwood, attached, though I made the mistake of not realising that Harwood was going to attend the conference, and not to sign anything-that had already ben done, years before.

    BTW Ian has asked me to do an LN for the Dandenong Council, over his slug in the kitchen matters.I am doing that today. And how did the text in this post end up being presented like a dog’s breakfast?



  17. All well and good, but where are the clues on how to combat this council onslaught? I have some clues, and have brought my local council to hell, to a degree, and continue to do so.
    But I can’t seem t get an email through to the Editor-all my emails bounce back, so I would like to know what is going on in that regard, as I could forward some of my secret weapon Lawful Notices for Ed to peruse.
    Much to say about what is posted, but in regard t the ALGA’s big Constitutional jamboree a few years ago is that they did not pursue the referendum on Constitutional recognition, because it would have been the third and last time, and failure would mean no further referendums possible. The three strikes rule.
    The ALGA also said on their website that the total take for all Aussie councils, at that time, was: $17.4 billion per year.


  18. To clarify a point or three… The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) is not Australian. It is entirely a product of the unelected United Nations.

    Second, the UN wants local government. It has especially targeted Australia because our Constitution does not recognise local government for the simple reason the founding fathers knew it is endemically corrupt.

    Third point, the ALGA surveyed that nation prior to a planned campaign to get the Constitution amended to support local government but discovered that an even higher percentage reject this than when CIA traitor Bob Hawke tried the same back in 1984 (as I recollect).

    State and local governments should be replaced by regional and neighbourhood policy initiatives. That would be a massive step towards genuine democracy.

    Liked by 1 person

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