NSW National Party MLC Bronnie Taylor


ONCE upon a time the National Party was the party of rural folk with down to earth values based upon the realities of rural living – floods, droughts, fires, local community, family and God. But something happened to the present Liberal-National Coalition government on the way to the NSW Parliament it supposedly controls.

Take for instance the NSW Minister for Women, Regional Health and Mental Health, Bronnie Taylor, who actually can’t bring herself to define what a woman actually is, even though it is clearly stated in the NSW legislation she is supposed to administer.

Given that Ms Taylor is a former mayor of the Cooma-Monaro Shire and comes from a family farm at Nimmitabel, one might wonder why such a person is unable to define “woman”. And then there is her National Party colleague and Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell, who did her best to defend a school deputy principal promoting a LGBTIQ “information session”.

In Parliament, Legislative Council MP Mark Latham (One Nation) pointed out to Taylor that the NSW and Commonwealth anti-discrimination acts contradict each other. The Commonwealth act, put together by the Labor Party, is entirely woke and says a woman can “self-identify without regard to the person’s designated sex at birth” while the NSW act says “woman means a member of the female sex irrespective of her age”.

But for National Party deputy leader Bronnie Taylor it’s a bridge too far to come out and take a stand for common sense and sanity because somewhere along the way she swallowed the blue pill of wokeness and dare not offend the perverted rabble that is the LGBTIQ lobby.

The LGTBTIQ+ lobby are those usually angry and disturbed individuals who at some stage in life found themselves sexually confused. Once upon a time these individuals basically kept to themselves or their circles because society imposed laws against homosexual behaviour.

Some found freedom in faith, some struggled along the best they could, even marrying and having families, but others were swept up into the “gay lifestyle” of multiple relationships and the “gay liberation” movement. Anti-homosexuality laws are now gone and “gay liberation” has morphed into the New Left/cultural Marxist LGBTIQ+ anti-gender movement.

This movement is than simply “coming out” and “being accepted”, it is now actively “evangelising” children and youth to become one of them. But good ol’ National Party girl Bronnie Taylor is loathe to address what Lathan described as this “woke nonsense”. In fact it’s worse than that. The promotion of gay and transgender values in schools borders on literal sexual grooming of children – a criminal offence when we last checked.

Children and teenagers, as we all should know from personal experience, are susceptible to manipulative political and ideological messaging. Suggesting to children and teens that their gender is “negotiable” is a diabolical form of psychological warfare, which is the methodology of cultural Marxism. A case in Melbourne involving a socially awkward girl who decided to turn boy illustrates the diabolical nature of this.

Bronnie Taylor, however, is sidestepping around this issue by claiming the so-called LGBTIQ+ community are her constituents who she is duty-bound to represent. Technically, she is bound to represent all of her constituency, but Ms Taylor seems to have forgotten they include the parents and lawful guardians of children who are the target of what the parents believe is legalised sexual grooming of their children in schools.

A national campaign called Binary (meaning two genders only) is seeking to raise awareness of these dangers and Mark Lathan recently supported a campaign in NSW by the group to send information to all NSW schools on “independent” MP Alex Greenwich’s proposed NSW LGBTQI+ “equality” bill that threatens to jail parents for daring to protect their children from “gender transitioning”.

The perverted neo-Marxist Andrews Labor Party of Victoria already has plan to push this diabolical garbage into pre-schools, prompting Binary to petition and campaign against the Andrews gang’s plans. As noted by Binary: “First it was ‘Safe Schools’, then ‘Drag Queen Story Time’, then ‘The Genderbread Person’.”

Binary is attempting to raise awareness of this foul campaign run by cultural Marxists and assented to by the ranks of “useful idiots” – the WEF Young Global Leaders and left-leaning liberals and social democrats embedded in bureaucracies and parliaments who simply go along with this because “it’s the thing to do”. The fact is the cultural Marxists of the New Left are hellbent in a global campaign to destroy Christianity, the family and common and constitutional rule of law.

Mark Lathan had much to say about this campaign when the woke Gladys Berijiklian was Premier. “Imagine your 12-year-old son or daughter coming home from high school one afternoon to tell you, out of the blue, that earlier in the day they had been part of a Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meeting where it was said to be ‘Gay at the GSA’. With other students, they had played games of ‘queer trivia’ and discussed a range of ‘LGBTQIAP topics’,” he posed on social media.

Lathan quoted an actual notification sent to all students at Merewether High School in Newcastle by the school’s deputy principal Jane Crooks. It read as follows: “It’s Gay at the GSA. The GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) is on Thursdays (today) in LC4! We thought now would be an amazing time to start it, alongside Pride month. For our first meeting we will be doing queer trivia and collecting possible LGBTQIAP topics to discuss. (Allies Welcome).”

“Imagine not being asked by the school to grant consent for your child to attend. Imagine a NSW Minister for Education who condoned this. Who, in fact, when asked about the GSA meeting and lack of prior-notice to parents, raised no objection. Welcome to NSW school education under the Berejiklian Liberal-National Party Government,” Latham said.

Following parental complaints, Lathan raised the matter with Minister Mitchell on the NSW parliamentary notice paper, asking how this was a legitimate school activity and why parents had not been asked to grant consent for their children to attend.

Mitchell replied that the Merewether GSA was a “student initiated and student led support group”. But clearly from the notice sent out by Ms Crooks, the meeting was organised by the deputy principal. Her use of “we” and “our” showed she was personally in charge of the activity.

Mitchell then ran for cover, claiming there was “no associated event titled ‘It’s Gay at the GSA’, despite that name being clearly spelt out at the beginning of Crooks’ notification.

“This is the problem with Sarah Mitchell. She’s become a weak, vacuous parrot for the Departmental line. Instead of personally checking on my complaint and establishing the facts, she relied on the school and some bureaucratic flunky to write out an answer for her. And been badly misled by them,” said Latham.

He noted that the Merewether High School parents were loving parents who cared for their children and had a natural instinct to protect them from unnecessary and age-inappropriate activities.

“The Merewether example explains why a new and unexpected obsession about gender and sexuality is sweeping through the NSW school system, worrying the life out of parents and many of their perplexed and traumatised children.”