NSW Nationals OK with LGBTIQ waging psychological war on school kids

NSW National Party MLC Bronnie Taylor


ONCE upon a time the National Party was the party of rural folk with down to earth values based upon the realities of rural living – floods, droughts, fires, local community, family and God. But something happened to the present Liberal-National Coalition government on the way to the NSW Parliament it supposedly controls.

Take for instance the NSW Minister for Women, Regional Health and Mental Health, Bronnie Taylor, who actually can’t bring herself to define what a woman actually is, even though it is clearly stated in the NSW legislation she is supposed to administer.

Given that Ms Taylor is a former mayor of the Cooma-Monaro Shire and comes from a family farm at Nimmitabel, one might wonder why such a person is unable to define “woman”. And then there is her National Party colleague and Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell, who did her best to defend a school deputy principal promoting a LGBTIQ “information session”.

In Parliament, Legislative Council MP Mark Latham (One Nation) pointed out to Taylor that the NSW and Commonwealth anti-discrimination acts contradict each other. The Commonwealth act, put together by the Labor Party, is entirely woke and says a woman can “self-identify without regard to the person’s designated sex at birth” while the NSW act says “woman means a member of the female sex irrespective of her age”.

But for National Party deputy leader Bronnie Taylor it’s a bridge too far to come out and take a stand for common sense and sanity because somewhere along the way she swallowed the blue pill of wokeness and dare not offend the perverted rabble that is the LGBTIQ lobby.

The LGTBTIQ+ lobby are those usually angry and disturbed individuals who at some stage in life found themselves sexually confused. Once upon a time these individuals basically kept to themselves or their circles because society imposed laws against homosexual behaviour.

Some found freedom in faith, some struggled along the best they could, even marrying and having families, but others were swept up into the “gay lifestyle” of multiple relationships and the “gay liberation” movement. Anti-homosexuality laws are now gone and “gay liberation” has morphed into the New Left/cultural Marxist LGBTIQ+ anti-gender movement.

This movement is than simply “coming out” and “being accepted”, it is now actively “evangelising” children and youth to become one of them. But good ol’ National Party girl Bronnie Taylor is loathe to address what Lathan described as this “woke nonsense”. In fact it’s worse than that. The promotion of gay and transgender values in schools borders on literal sexual grooming of children – a criminal offence when we last checked.

Children and teenagers, as we all should know from personal experience, are susceptible to manipulative political and ideological messaging. Suggesting to children and teens that their gender is “negotiable” is a diabolical form of psychological warfare, which is the methodology of cultural Marxism. A case in Melbourne involving a socially awkward girl who decided to turn boy illustrates the diabolical nature of this.

Bronnie Taylor, however, is sidestepping around this issue by claiming the so-called LGBTIQ+ community are her constituents who she is duty-bound to represent. Technically, she is bound to represent all of her constituency, but Ms Taylor seems to have forgotten they include the parents and lawful guardians of children who are the target of what the parents believe is legalised sexual grooming of their children in schools.

A national campaign called Binary (meaning two genders only) is seeking to raise awareness of these dangers and Mark Lathan recently supported a campaign in NSW by the group to send information to all NSW schools on “independent” MP Alex Greenwich’s proposed NSW LGBTQI+ “equality” bill that threatens to jail parents for daring to protect their children from “gender transitioning”.

The perverted neo-Marxist Andrews Labor Party of Victoria already has plan to push this diabolical garbage into pre-schools, prompting Binary to petition and campaign against the Andrews gang’s plans. As noted by Binary: “First it was ‘Safe Schools’, then ‘Drag Queen Story Time’, then ‘The Genderbread Person’.”

Binary is attempting to raise awareness of this foul campaign run by cultural Marxists and assented to by the ranks of “useful idiots” – the WEF Young Global Leaders and left-leaning liberals and social democrats embedded in bureaucracies and parliaments who simply go along with this because “it’s the thing to do”. The fact is the cultural Marxists of the New Left are hellbent in a global campaign to destroy Christianity, the family and common and constitutional rule of law.

Mark Lathan had much to say about this campaign when the woke Gladys Berijiklian was Premier. “Imagine your 12-year-old son or daughter coming home from high school one afternoon to tell you, out of the blue, that earlier in the day they had been part of a Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meeting where it was said to be ‘Gay at the GSA’. With other students, they had played games of ‘queer trivia’ and discussed a range of ‘LGBTQIAP topics’,” he posed on social media.

Lathan quoted an actual notification sent to all students at Merewether High School in Newcastle by the school’s deputy principal Jane Crooks. It read as follows: “It’s Gay at the GSA. The GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) is on Thursdays (today) in LC4! We thought now would be an amazing time to start it, alongside Pride month. For our first meeting we will be doing queer trivia and collecting possible LGBTQIAP topics to discuss. (Allies Welcome).”

“Imagine not being asked by the school to grant consent for your child to attend. Imagine a NSW Minister for Education who condoned this. Who, in fact, when asked about the GSA meeting and lack of prior-notice to parents, raised no objection. Welcome to NSW school education under the Berejiklian Liberal-National Party Government,” Latham said.

Following parental complaints, Lathan raised the matter with Minister Mitchell on the NSW parliamentary notice paper, asking how this was a legitimate school activity and why parents had not been asked to grant consent for their children to attend.

Mitchell replied that the Merewether GSA was a “student initiated and student led support group”. But clearly from the notice sent out by Ms Crooks, the meeting was organised by the deputy principal. Her use of “we” and “our” showed she was personally in charge of the activity.

Mitchell then ran for cover, claiming there was “no associated event titled ‘It’s Gay at the GSA’, despite that name being clearly spelt out at the beginning of Crooks’ notification.

“This is the problem with Sarah Mitchell. She’s become a weak, vacuous parrot for the Departmental line. Instead of personally checking on my complaint and establishing the facts, she relied on the school and some bureaucratic flunky to write out an answer for her. And been badly misled by them,” said Latham.

He noted that the Merewether High School parents were loving parents who cared for their children and had a natural instinct to protect them from unnecessary and age-inappropriate activities.

“The Merewether example explains why a new and unexpected obsession about gender and sexuality is sweeping through the NSW school system, worrying the life out of parents and many of their perplexed and traumatised children.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. My schooling as a child was in the late 50’s and the 60’s. There was nothing like or anywhere similar to LGBT mentioned at school, at home, or in the community. We were not coerced into discussions about same, it was not forced into our minds by way of the teachers.

    Funny to think about it now, I did not know of any boy or girl in desperate need of a sex change, or attending school dressed as the opposite sex. Same in the community.

    So why over the last few years, has it all exploded into what we have today?
    May I “suggest” that it is part of well planned indoctrination in universities, schools, certain social groups, social media, etc.

    Not saying their is anything wrong with LGBT, “god forbid” if I did I would likely be savagely attacked for making such a comment.
    I still remember that some years ago there was free speech in Australia – I do miss those times.

    So if the worst or best of it (readers own choice) arrived on scene a few years ago, there is likely a very good chance that parents could put a stop to or at least have a say in, what they want their kids to know about it all, before it is all set in reinforced concrete.

    If kids are traumatized now it will be with them for the rest of their lives, it will still be there when their parents have passed on.

    Out of fear of being persecuted, I must again state that “I am not saying there is anything wrong with LGBT adults and kids.” Go for it, as long as there is no coercion or indoctrination or trauma involved, and the majority of parents have input and agreement – that would be a change, parents having a say about how their kids are educated.


  2. G’day Editor,
    There’s a typo in the 2nd line of the last paragraph of my comment. The words “none of” before “the bastardised” should be deleted.


  3. G’day Pilgrims,
    Thanks to everyone expressing thoughtful concerns about this pernicious issue.

    I disagree with Robyn Stephens’ view that those who criticise the transgender evangelisation of kindergarteners and older children in state schooling systems in Australia’s pretend education system are paranoid because children know what they want and should be free to play ‘Cowboys and Indians’ etc.

    Dandy has rightly said: “The horse has already bolted”.
    The Long March through the institutions started by the Cultural Marxist followers of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci in the 1920s has borne its evil fruit. https://www.carolinajournal.com/opinion/woke-capitalism-the-last-step-in-the-lefts-long-march-through-the-institutions/

    The situation globally is so dire that counter measures typified by Christian Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) in the Ukraine is being undertaken to eliminate a major Khazarian Mafia HQ. Similar covert operations are being carried out globally, as necessary. The reason for these operations is obvious once you realise the nature and extent of the corporate governance corruption everywhere.

    Fortunately this means that Australians and the populations of all nations won’t be getting what their collective general apathy, indifference and cognitive dissonance may warrant. Although to be fair, the collective ignorance and apathy of most Australians and people everywhere is largely due to the systematic denial of truth telling in governments, schooling systems, academia and the MSM, combined with systematic, albeit covert, poisoning of air, soils, water, foods and medicines as typified by the COVID-19 scamdemic.

    Be aware that spiritual forces are at work globally to remove the Satanic forces responsible for our current global dystopia typified by the transgenderism being foisted and forced on Australia and most nations.

    Transgenderism is merely part of the gi-normous Talmudic financialisation, globalisation and cultural Marxist programs designed to destroy and genocide most goyem and enslave a large remnant for the use, amusement and delectation of the Talmudic elite. A major irony of this process is that the useful idiot school marms, politicians and bureaucrats et al operating the corporate governments, judiciaries and institutions involved in the destruction of children, families, rational adult individuals and the entire global economic system were also slated for elimination once the dystopia they were ordered to create does its work. See eg: The Noahide Laws … https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2022/02/the-noahide-laws-a-tool-of-the-vatican-and-the-satanic-new-world-order-the-force-behind-the-noahide-decapitation-laws-this-deception-is-truly-monumental-noahide-laws-adopted-by-the-luciferian-unit-2527649.html

    This is not a game of ‘Cowboys and Indians’. It is a struggle for control of this planet and all of her inhabitants.

    Here’s a good run down on its Transgenderism aspects:
    Big Money Is Driving the Transgender Trend – https://www.frcblog.com/2021/04/big-money-driving-transgender-trend/-
    The Staggering Reach of Billionaire Transgender Activists – https://www.frcblog.com/2021/04/staggering-reach-billionaire-transgender-activists/
    To Counter the Transgender Lie, We Must Speak Truth

    The key point to remember is that those who control the language control the narrative and the world. That’s why the bastardised language that Orwell warned us about permeates the transgender debate. And that is why Wokeism makes no sense. It isn’t meant to. The globalist controllers have been using it to confuse and distort rational discourse.

    Peace and Blessings,


  4. Destruction of the Family from within


  5. Well that’s it, the world is screwed… ! If parents of young children don’t stand up to this they should be ashamed and they will reap what they sow.. I have nothing against gays at all.. but young children have no idea about these things.. all kids go through a boy girl thing… and to start with all this is to psychologically manipulate them.

    It seems that traditional families are the target… This is what they want to destroy..


  6. Pretty soon NOT dancing to the woke garbage will be as popular as leprosy. The sheep themselves will make sure of that! When did the typical Oz mug get stupid enough to buy into that?

    Australia… the Lackey Country!


  7. Best news today. Whilst I am not a Gina fan. Hancock prospecting withdrew their 15 million sponsorship to Netball Australia. Serves them right. Of course ABC involved. So who knows truth. But if correct stupid, stupid, stupid. However, no doubt some non profit or green will step up probably funded by the tax payer. Sam Newman called them out. Like dislike him he was totally correct. https://apple.news/AU636JqU3QRy4-rlKoknV_g


  8. Dandy – “Australia, as a Nation, will get what it deserves.
    Today’s children become tomorrows leaders.”

    Apathy is the main problem, most people do not care, they believe that others will fix the problems – all will end well.

    We have the governments we deserve, the education systems, the courts, the police, the military, the health systems. the public services – we deserve them.

    Because we do nothing or very little to stop the harming and killing, do we deserve what the grubs have already done and will continue to do to us?

    Do we deserve what is about to happen to us in the near future?

    I believe that the above mentioned grubs would now or will in the near future, believe that we deserve what they do to us, because we are apathetic, pathetic, and will not fight for our freedoms and rights, and will not protect the kids.

    No wonder the grubs have no respect for us, as an example, look what the poor excuses for human beings (Victoria Police) did to the kids and elderly during the protests.

    An even better example, the grubs coercing Australians to be injected with an experimental poison that is known to harm and kill.-
    Does that indicate that they have any respect for us and the kids?

    This does not end well for us, we must wear a lot of the blame due to our apathy.

    “Australia, as a Nation, will get what it deserves.”

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  9. Speaker of Russian Parliament: Perversions as Precursor to Enslavement of Nations
    20.10.2022, 16:06

    Speaker of the Russian Federal Legislative Assembly (State Duma) Mr. Vyacheslav Volodin at the parliamentary hearing on the issue of sexual perversions propaganda on Monday observed that the actions of governments that promote perverted sexual behavior and undermine morality and decency are aimed at “destroying the normal world” and “enslaving” other nations……………”


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  10. Israel’s monument to gays persecuted by Nazis planned for Tel Aviv

    The monument, to be erected in Tel Aviv’s Meir Park, will have a symbolic pink triangle, the badge used by the Nazis to mark homosexuals.

    Israel’s first monument to homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis will be erected in central Tel Aviv’s Meir Park (Gan Meir) later this year, near the headquarters of the Gay Center.



  11. Mr Reynard: “There are 623 genders .. Men are from Mars… Women are from Venus.. The remaining 621 genders are from Uranus..”

    By Jupiter, I think you might have something there! lol Never pays to listen to too many arseholes.


  12. The horse has already bolted.
    At least 10 to 15 years ago in schools, if not more.
    Those kids are now adults in their 30’s.

    It has been a slow ooze of values while Mark Latham has at times been the lone wolf warning.

    Historically Nations have gone through periods of great depravity.
    It is written and seen in their ancient monuments and life artwork for those that dare to look.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    Neither have the goals of depravity been fulfilled at this time in history for ‘those that decide’.
    To ‘destroy the family’ is not yet complete.

    Beastiality and Incestuous legalisation are on the near horizon as noted in other Countries who share this same ‘agenda’.

    To be frank, until a Nation turns from it’s wicked ways, this is what you will get.
    But judgement does come because for every action there is a consequence.
    With defiled (and often damaged) bodies, sexually transmitted diseases, perversions and gender dysmorphia until in the cycle of life these choices once more become utterly rejected.

    Until such a purge, it would not be wise for a parent to have their child in a public or private school which endorses the present form.

    Schools have become unsafe microwave ovens of technology for mind controlled and injected children.
    Ultimately schools show themselves to be nothing more than reeducation training of perversions in young malleable minds.
    Schools are overrated.
    Don’t be fooled by the slick advertising.
    We all know this stuff is written into the curriculum.

    In this ‘Great Readjustment’, parents need to take a long hard look at their priorities.
    If they don’t do that, then they will deserve what they get.

    That includes how they choose to teach their children how to read and how to add up.
    Why do we believe that school is a normal paradigm and the only way?
    It is because Government said so?

    Australia, as a Nation, will get what it deserves.
    Today’s children become tomorrows leaders.

    Yesterday’s children became today’s leaders.
    Now here we are.


  13. There are 623 genders .. Men are from Mars… Women are from Venus.. The remaining 621 genders are from Uranus..

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  14. WTF! When did all these genders get invented? Everyone has known for millenia that there are only 3 genders. Anything else is a product of mental overstimulation, either natural or unnatural.

    Trust reality and science, personal fantasy is a fake reality. Those who want their fantasy are welcome to it as long as they don’t force the rest of the world to jump aboard. But it seems there will be no choice if the fantasy dealers get their way.



    Believe it children, Alphabet – FM is the new pseudo majority.


  16. It is now very close to governments, police, military, courts, WEF, WHO, UN, LGBTIQ, etc,etc,etc, having complete control over all of us, not just the kids.

    If the majority of the parents had any real concern for their children they would not let it happen – simple as that.
    But they do in fact let it happen to their very own (supposedly) precious kids.

    A minority of parents will never let it happen, they are the good parents – they are awake, not woke.

    We bitch and complain and have a protest march (when they let us) and we swear that we will do something to stop the grubs (traitors) wrecking havoc on how we live and their well planned harming and killing of innocent Australians.

    So how many more years do we go along (be complicit) with their mandates and agendas?

    We are about to let them remove the last of our freedoms and the few rights they have so graciously let us have.

    Going on recent history the grubs have won, they control us with ease, we are no threat to them – we are sheep and cattle to them.

    If I am wrong, please tell me why I am wrong.
    Tell me what we have prevented the grubs from doing.

    Stopped the jabs, no, that was scheduled to finish after three years, they may close it down a little earlier than planned. Then a new plandemic will suddenly appear on their computers and MSM will let us know what we have to do to comply with the WHO and WEF mandates and agendas.
    We will do it all over again? We will.

    The large amounts of legislation already passed and in force, and more being processed at this time, mostly without our involvement / input – was not stopped by the people and will not be stopped. Most of it is for the grubs to have total control of the way we live. We voted the grubs back in for more of the same.

    I have recently given up on the Sheeple, they are still supporting the grubs. They will still vote for the two party system.

    Reality can be very sad.

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  17. Robyn Stephens: “Children will be Children who most wont do what they don’t wont to do.”

    Sure, you mean like little boys apologising to little girls for being little boys. Why would you be happy to have your kid do something like that just because everyone else does it?

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  18. In reply mostly to Robyn but having some experience in this the last few years, here are my thoughts. Years ago I was always labelled a ‘tomboy’, not really sure why, never got the answer. That was as a young child, labels stick. Now a child who does not agree with this absolute over reach and pushes back as Robyn says every child just does, is now labelled “intolerant and/or homophobic and/or transphobic”. I don’t know your circumstances Robyn but years ago yes you might have been correct. Not one child at either of my kids schools threw mask in the garbage bin, not a rebellious one amongst them. The reason they are outcast. Other reason too much screen time obsessed with how they look etc etc, apps promoting this gender crap. The ridiculous supposed celebrities that con the younger generations. And then the nobody influencers like ‘James Charles” and his/her/they/it’s wonderful makeup tutorials. You can easily google that individual. You need to go to a school near you to find out what kids are being taught it is mind boggling. Most parents are clueless. Most teachers in my opinion absolutely second hand, lazy, problem creating morons.

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  19. Wow, a lot of paranoia here spewing out.
    Children will be Children who most wont do what they don’t wont to do.
    Hey boy, you can wear a dress and be called Mss, I don’t want to and you cant make me most would say.
    What is the world coming to stopping children playing stuff like ‘Cowboys and Indians’ Just in case they grow up to be serial killers, Rubbish I say.

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  20. And this is the Psychological Warfare of the permanent, world-wide Revolution, currently with its base in the United [Communist] Nations incorporating every Plank of Marx’s Communist Manifesto in its Charter.

    And Australians should be right onto this theft and deformation of the nation’s children through the whole array of social engineers operating through the schools. The Agenda includes: the queering of children, the transitioning of children into another gender or an imaginary gender (complete with its own pronouns and behaviour which the school will reinforce ), Diversity management – the importance of BIPOC cultures and religions (especially those at odds with the majority Australian demographic – every day is national sorry day for us), White Privilege Education, Critical Race Theory. All of the above is targeted upon Christian erasure from Western history and the replacement and creation of anomie in the minds and societies of people whose ethnicity and ancestry is White European.

    A good example of most of the above demonization, erasure and replacement (and over the entire series, no doubt all of the above) would be Amazon’s ‘Rings of Power’ and its attempt to dramatize a ‘Woke’ version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology of the Second Age of Middle Earth. The sagas of J.R.R. Tolkien are a reforging of the ancient matter of North West Europe, especially England. In this matter there are no African hobbits, no chedar men, no BIPOC Numenoreans, no Mongolian Eldar etc anymore than there are ethnically Dutch Wakandans in the mythologies crafted by Hollywood Jews for the Afro-Americans, anymore than there are Kwanza celebrations in a Lutheran parish of ethnically German people, anymore than there are Zaouli dances in Poland.

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  21. Bronnie Taylor is unable to expose the fact that she is a living Woman. Her role is in acting as a non gender entity [Person] and as a participant in a corporation commonly known as Australian Government… A foreign registered private entity.
    Therefore she is unable to explain what a woman is, because it will expose the gig.
    If you are not party to their system then this is not your problem.
    The fact that the suppression order remains is testimony to the corruption, where is the Federal Public Prosecutor in all this corruption. Answer, it has an ABN and therefore part of the problem.

    Let them dwell in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah…
    It appears as though history repeats as in the days of Lot.
    Time to get right with God because we all know what comes next.

    My definition of Australian Government: “An insolvent corporation trading in human slavery.”

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  22. I’m Sick to Death of Govts pandering to these minor activist Groups

    Get Outlook for Androidhttps://aka.ms/AAb9ysg ________________________________


  23. Clearly, Bronnie Taylor needs to remove ‘women’ from her ministerial title and cancel all NSW quotas and affirmative action programs for women, given that she is no longer able to define a woman.


  24. Time for parents to stand up and defend their children, and say ” NO ” to this rubbish, and take their kids out of school if the case may be, I for one as a grand parent to three kids will be watching very closely to this, and watch out when it comes to my area, I wont shut up I will expose darkness with light, what are they going to do, take me to court? I say bring it on, this needs to be dealt with, we cant just roll over and accept this tyranny, to all these people who spout laws and constitution and that’s all you do how about you grow some and take action, because if we dont these clowns will steam roll us into the ground, this is the next generation we are talking about, its incumbent on us parents and grandparents to stand up, remember
    Faith without works is dead people


  25. The “National” Party being itself a Marxist/ masonic front entity wouldn’t oppose the cultural warfare being pushed upon our entire society by the motley crew of sodomites and paedophiles sheltering under Murdoch’s and the Gay B.C. umbrella.

    Another good reason to shut down the ABC and prosecute Murdoch for treason and confiscation of all his family assets. NSW has got corruption and lying down to a fine art. Nothing has altered since the days of the Rum Corp’s days. WA is fast catching up in that sorry decline into full on destruction of all Lawful Constitution Governance.


  26. Anyone who does not grasp that by submitting to the farcical political party system, which is run by the Monolithic Murdoch Media, is complicit in the corruption and debauchery of our children and may also be charged along with the directly guilty following resumption of community consensus democracy in Australia, or part thereof. As premium legal expert Harry Talbot Gibbs pointed out, no legal definitions of Acts of recent decades are lawful and therefore the child welfare Ordinances/ Acts then active will apply. Thus, not exercising “proper care and control” of your children will, once again, be punishable by prison. Victim angst may very well ensure you never leave prison alive. I am one former welfare officer who will be submitting my services in the interests of such proscutions. I hope this clarifies possible future options.


  27. See my Breach Of Contract email to you, Tony. And besides: there is no head of Power in the Constitution for social engineering. So it is unlawful and illegal both.


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