by Lyndesy Symonds

For Australia the reversal on the recognition of Jerusalem as ‘the eternal capital of Israel’ is bigger than Ben Hur.

Australia is lining up with the RF / Vlad ‘threw the Rothschilds out of Russia’ schtick and the whole shlomo of : the ‘RF is the big anti-Zionist power challenging the NWO’ operation of perception management.

This is political theatre.

As the leader of the Communist Bloc Russia can be as ‘anti-Zionist’ as it wants and still be the No. 1 Support of the International Judenstaat, its monolithic racial collective and its new world order/soviet project for a universal goy plantation . Bolshevism, Marxist-Leninism, Zionism, ZOGism are just power blocs within the permanent world-wide Revolution.

The Brett Sutton WEFfie nwo – Satanism, Big Brother, crime, chaos, corruption sistema is the decoy nwo. The real deal is Eurasia as the centrepiece of the world soviet. Eurasia has the promise and Moscow the undertaking from the WEF to be centre of the 4IR. And Vlad may well have thrown the Rothschilds out of Russia and maybe they are all over there is Israel kvetching about how persecuted they are. This is neither here nor there. The Central Banking Crime Syndicate (of which the Rothschilds are only one private Owner – along with the Seifs, the Montefiores, the Lazzards etc) – still owns Russia, as it does every other member of the United [Communist] Nations.