‘Which Biden is that’ sends 12,500 Marines into Ukraine

What the ABC and Murdoch won’t publish

From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

Saturday morning was a very eventful day, presumably the Ukrainian security forces (USB) conducted a terror attack by detonating a large truck bomb while it and its driver were crossing the “Crimean Bridge” a civilian structure. They managed to murder at least 3 people and took out two of the four lanes collapsing a part of the bridge. Two Mi-8 helicopters were dumping water on the railway fuel tankers to cool them down, at one point they were on fire. Damage inspections of the bridge are in progress we anticipate repair will commence in the near term. Construction crews have been mobilized to restore the damaged section of the bridge. Cars and buses continue to use the bridge as alternating traffic in both directions but now under a full inspection scenario. Trucks are being diverted to the ferry.  The rail line was restored within 24 hours and trains were moving across the bridge, the terror attack delayed the train traffic by 14 hours.

I expect the response to the Ukrofascist for the attack on the Crimean bridge will be harsh, we may even launch our strategic bombers loaded with ФАБ-5000. In this case we could potentially level entire suburbs in one strike, hiding in underground metros to escape bombing will become a thing of the past.

My Cossack command has recently taken four villages in the Baxmut region. Another group is entrenched in a bunker while the Ukrofascists are attempting to surround them demanding their surrender, our forces are punching a path to our men. The Cossack team was able to take down 12 tanks they still have sufficient supplies and munitions to defend themselves. All the electrical substations and railway sidings have been deactivated.

No missile hit these cars in Kyiv,. This image is reminiscent the carnage left by Australia’s in particular Cairns’ marauding Aboriginal youth after a night of joyriding. Bad luck ABC.

In the Kharkov region Iran’s supremely generous provision of the kamikaze drones are extremely beneficial, our brothers, 200 or so of them are becoming rather apt at using the drones and are generally removing 2 to 3 pieces of Ukrofascist/NATO heavy artillery each day or night.

In the Odessa region the Ukrofascists are taking heavy casualties, they continue to attack Russian positions (now Russia) and they continue to be repelled we estimate that in one week 4500 Ukrofascists and their NATO bed fellows have fallen there.

The amassed Ukrainian / NATO forces number approximately 42,000 the majority of them have been trained in NATO countries Poland, UK, Germany, France. Large quantities of manpower and military hardware are being amassed on the Ukrainian / now Russian border. This Ukro/NATO war parties’ ambition is to take Lugansk. The conflict zone is littered with bodies, the Ukrofascists do not bother to collect their fallen, the corpses are piling up and the stench is unbearable. The heavy machinery is plowing these bodies into the ground.it really is hell on earth. Our intel informs us that 12,500 US marines are in now active in Ukraine and are actively engaged with the Russian Forces. In the Izium region a large force comprising Americans, Canadians and Pollacks (60%) was hit hard, 1800 of them will never see daylight again. The enemy is making a big effort to bring in their reserves which we are targeting. 

The Ukrainian component of militants in these forces is noticeably dwindling Johnson really did mean the west intended to fight to the last Ukrainian and his British wish seems to be coming true. The remnants of the Ukrofascist/NATO militants have had to retreat and reform something the military has to do when 50% of their force has been obliterated.

Something I feel is worth mentioning the Ukrofascist are renaming towns and cities in a vain attempt remove the ancient historic Russian names. We use the old traditional names where as they use fabricated names, this will explain much of the confusion.

Off the coast of Odessa our flotilla has secured all sea access to the inland waterways and ports. A drone strike on the (4.10.22) took out the headquarters of the Ukro military marine flotilla we estimate 40 senior Ukrofascist militants are now resting in pieces. The west has leased much of its weaponry to Ukraine (for a price) much of that is destroyed or has been sold off quietly to Asian countries, we refer to this as business Zelensky style. The West has depleted its weapons reserves and are at the point where it is extremely problematic for them to continue to provide, this is particular true for the Europeans.

The RF is in the process of mobilizing 800,000 soldiers, the Chechens are mobilizing a minimum of 100,000 trained and fully equipped professional soldiers. Military equipment is being mobilizing from all over Russia. The entire Russian military industrial complex has been activated it is now manufacturing around the clock (4 shifts) feeding into the military operation.

It is whispered that the European economy is in rapid decline, the pension funds that were forced by (the Cabal) government to buy bonds have been unofficially bankrupted and that it won’t be long before the Euro will hit 50 Euro cents. It’s anticipated that the banking crisis will start in Europe and spread from there.

So now that I have cheered you all up, until next time.

Editor: The ABC is keeping Russia’s alleged attacks on Kyiv in every bulletin. Numerous readers have put their opinions into comments and most of our astute commentators have not fallen for the movie sets and crisis actors or cars being doused in petrol then burnt claiming the vehicles were hit by a missile. Putin is mobilising 800,000 troops with the Chechens adding another 100,000 fierce and professionally trained soldiers.

Deep State is reeling in horror.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Exactly! daviddd2, “Looks like some Heights are a higher priority than others, eh?” Yep…like scaling the Heights of Hypocrisy lol


  2. When is Biden sending the US Marines to liberate the Golan Heights? They’ve been waiting for 60 years for the West’s righteousness to surface. It took only 6 days to react to Russia’s “Golan Heights” operation.

    Looks like some Heights are a higher priority than others, eh?

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  3. Time will tell, but we DO KNOW that it is NATO moving in on Russia rather than Russia moving in on NATO. Any other observation must be induced by mind altering substances or brainwashing.

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  4. NATO has consistently torn up all the old treaties so they can screw Russia over – however that’s if you believe Putin is not one of them.


  5. lindesymonds: “Putin’s advance upon Europe through Ukraine is going to provoke WW3.”

    Oh yes, of course! The “Soviets” have been spreading towards the West ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. lmao And NATO has been persistently SHRINKING INTO A CORNER and has nowhere else to go but to retaliate against Putin. rotfl

    You wouldn’t be trying to gaslight me, would you? Let me know when China reaches the US borders and surrounds the US.

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  6. DJ – A very good analysis… The West is in big trouble in spite what MSM says. Putin has seen all this coming for years and has been preparing accordingly. Whatever the West sends to Ukraine, Russia will take out.

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  7. And now O’Biden is making tough guy threats to SA and OPEC+. Ooooh bet they’re so scared. Another ‘misspoke’ that’ll have to be walked back. High time for some pentobarbital.


  8. Thanks for that link Jen! An excellent and very well balanced presentation by Dr Hahn… another source to add to my ‘library’.


  9. As bad as nuclear weapons are, the Western and the Communist sides have EMPs and scalar weaponry. And that is only the weapons we know about. Putin’s advance upon Europe through Ukraine is going to provoke WW3.


  10. Yes very true Jen. Re: “In that link they said Russia is running low on weapons…” Yes, well I also dismissed that bit (doubt Russia has even made a dent in their arsenal!) – as well as a couple of other statements. Probably trying not to appear too pro-Russian haha. Meanwhile President bin Zayed and Putin continue their good relations and rapport…and Putin’s coat-giving gesture going viral. Which is actually a pretty sad indictment of humanity, when such a simple gesture of kindness is regarded with amazement.


  11. DJ… Speaking of way out of their depth… they have no idea what Russia has got, but I guarantee you its more advanced than what they have.


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  12. DJ – I read about them just recently, they are very hard to detect, fast and hard to destroy – all you hear is a little buzzing noise just before it hits and are causing huge problems for the Ukrainians. Apparently they are older makes, almost home made on our knee type job.

    In that link they said Russia is running low on weapons.. well I read also that Russia could continue bombing Ukraine every day for the next 6 months and not run out.. but of course they don’t want to use all their weaponry that way because of the fact that the US and EU are still going to continue arming Ukraine and they may end up fighting NATO yet.. Its unbelievable that they hate Russia so much but this has been ongoing for a long long time – and of course Russia is the fly in the ointment of the OWO so the West will be kicking and screaming til their end.

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  13. Hi Adenvirus, Yes they are Iranian drones – more sophisticated than those the Russians used in their defense of Syria. And seems North Korea is also on-board. All in all the West and their puppets are way out of their depth.

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  14. Adenvirus… Yes, they are Iranian drones and they have supplied them to Russia. They are very small, very fast and very effective.

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  15. they are not iranian drones, they are russian standard issue and used in syria years ago


  16. Robbie B – Well said.


  17. The fact that the devil worshipping political puppet class in most Western states are criminals dictating who the good guys and bad guys are is tantamount to the pot-kettle-black analogy and all designed as part of the globalist strategy of the Hegelian Dialectic. They create the problems and predict the reaction and offer their ready made solution to get it all back to ‘normal’. This has been a common tactic since the days of the Romans and if you include ‘divide and rule’ we can see how the sides have arisen over the last 20 years or so so that we have climate change proponents and opponents, racial divide in white against black and other races, family values against the perverted LGBTQ+ agenda and attacking kids such as in their indoctrination in schools, forcing death jabs on them and the criminal actions of AHPRA, TGA and all the other phony groups that are as corrupt as they are ‘not fit for purpose’. Russia and Putin is the last hope for a real Christian values type world against these criminals such as the Bildebergs, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Atlantic Council, CIA, FBI, MI6, Mossad and all the other globalist scum we are up against.



    Jen, how can the men and women of the forces put their lives in the hands of incompetent leaders?

    How can they trust the decisions made by leaders who talk politician’s half truths.

    I hope this Mick Ryan is far removed from any influence on chain of command as he is from reality.

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  19. CDuck… They are living in dreamland.. but I suppose they must keep the lie going and the gullible will fall for it.

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    Courtesy of ABC news video:

    “Strategist says momentum well and truly with Ukrainian forces
    Posted Yesterday at 2:00am

    According to military strategist Mick Ryan, there is no general the Russians can put in charge of its invasion of Ukraine that can turn around the ‘mess’.”

    From Mick Ryan’s website:

    “About Mick Ryan, AM. Mick is a highly skilled leader and strategist with more than three decades of experience working in senior roles in the Australian military and beyond. Mick’s work reaches a global audience, and he is a recognised expert in leadership, institutional strategy, technology, organisational adaptation and change management…”

    Bloody hell, the blind leading the blind, definitely has reached his level of incompetence, time for a rocking chair and sea change.

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  21. Just the link would’ve sufficed lol


  22. Thanks for all the info crisscross. As you say Putin has shown admirable restraint, but they just went too far this time and it was the last straw, and I think they underestimated once again.

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  23. Terror on Crimean Bridge forces Russia to unleash Shock’n Awe

    The Western narrative of a “losing Russia” has just been decimated by Moscow’s blitzkrieg against Ukraine and its foreign-backed terror actions.
    October 11, 2022 22

    The terror attack on Krymskiy Most – the Crimean Bridge – was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Russian President Vladimir Putin summed it up nicely : “This is a terrorist attack aimed at destroying the critical civilian infrastructure of the Russian Federation,” Pepe Escobar writes .

    The head of the Russian Commission of Inquiry, Alexander Bastrykin, confirmed to Putin that the terrorist attack on the bridge was carried out by the SBU – Ukrainian special services.

    Bastrykin told Putin: “We have already established the route of the truck where the explosion happened. Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, North Ossetia, Krasnodar… The carriers have been identified. With the help of FSB agents, we were able to identify the suspects.”

    Russian intelligence has leaked crucial information to military correspondent Alexander Kots. The cargo was ordered by a Ukrainian citizen: explosives packed on 22 pallets, in rolls of foil covered by plastic sheeting, were shipped from Bulgaria to the Georgian port of Poti. The cargo was then loaded into a truck with foreign number plates and transported overland to Armenia.

    Customs clearance at the Armenia-Russia border went smoothly – according to the rules of the Eurasian Customs Union (both Russia and Armenia are members of the Eurasian Economic Union, or EAEU). The charge was apparently not detected by X-rays. This route is standard for truckers traveling to Russia.

    The truck then re-entered Georgia and crossed the border into Russia again, this time through the Upper Lars checkpoint. That’s the same one used by thousands of Russians fleeing partial mobilization. The truck ended up in Armavir, where the cargo was transferred to another truck, under the responsibility of Mahir Yusubov, the truck driver who entered Crimea from the Russian mainland.

    Very important: the transport of Armavir to a delivery address in Simferopol should have taken place on October 6-7, that is, on President Putin’s birthday on Friday, October 7. For inexplicable reasons, that was postponed for a day.

    The driver of the first truck is already testifying. Yusubov, the driver of the second truck – which exploded on the bridge – was “blind”: he had no idea what he was carrying, and is dead.

    At this stage, two conclusions are paramount.

    First, this was not your standard ISIS-style suicide bombing — the preferred interpretation in the wake of the terror attack.

    Second, the packaging most certainly took place in Bulgaria. That points, as Russian intelligence has cryptically suggested, to the involvement of “foreign special services.”

    A mirage of cause and effect

    What Russian intelligence has made public only tells part of the story. A glowing review The Cradle received from another Russian intelligence source is far more intriguing.

    At least 450 kg of explosives were used in the explosion. Not on the truck, but in the span of the Krimbrug itself. The white truck was just a diversionary tactic by the terrorists “to create an illusion of cause and effect” . When the truck reached the point on the bridge where the explosives were placed, the explosion took place.
    Ukraine bombs civilians and children in central Donetsk

    According to the source, railway workers told investigators that some form of electronic hijacking had taken place; the terrorists took control of the track so the fuel train was ordered to stop due to a false signal that the road ahead was occupied.

    Bombs on the bridge piers were a working hypothesis that was discussed at length in Russian military channels over the weekend, as was the use of underwater drones.

    In the end, the rather sophisticated plan could not follow the necessarily tight timing. There was not a millimeter of alignment between the mounted explosive charges, the passing truck and the fuel train coming to a stop. The damage was limited and easy to mitigate. The cargo/truck combination exploded in the outer right lane of the road. There was only damage to two parts of the outer lane, and not much to the railway bridge.

    In the end, the terrorist attack on the bridge produced a brief, Pyrrhic PR victory – celebrated across the West – with negligible practical success: Russian military freight by rail was resumed after about 14 hours.

    And that brings us to the most important piece of information in the assessment of the Russian source of information: the whodunnit.

    It was a British MI6 plan, this source says, without giving further details. To which he explains that the Russian secret service, for various reasons, plays in the shadows as “foreign special services”.

    It is telling that the Americans have rushed to establish a plausible denial. The proverbial “Ukrainian government official” told CIA mouthpiece The Washington Post that the SBU has done it. That was a direct confirmation of a report by Ukrainska Pravda, based on an “unidentified law enforcement officer”.

    The perfect red line trifecta

    By the weekend it was already clear that the ultimate red line had been crossed. Russian public opinion and media were outraged. The Krymsky Most is not only a technical feat, but also the visual symbol of the return of Crimea to Russia.

    Moreover, this was a personal terror attack on Putin and the entire Russian security apparatus.

    So, in succession, we had: Ukrainian terrorists who blew up Darya Dugina’s car in a Moscow suburb (they admitted it); US/UK special forces who (partially) blew up Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 (they admitted and then retracted it); and the terror attack on Krymsky Most (again: admitted and then retracted).

    Not to mention the shelling of Russian villages in Belgorod, the supply of long-range weapons by NATO to Kiev and the routine execution of Russian soldiers.
    Begging for the Apocalypse: Biden Provokes Putin to Attack US and NATO Cities with New Long-Range Weapons, May Including Nuclear Weapons or EMP Weapons

    Darya Dugina, Nord Streams and the Crimean Bridge make it an act of war trifecta. So this time the reaction was inevitable – not even waiting for the first meeting since February of the Russian Security Council, which was scheduled for the afternoon of October 10.

    Moscow launched the first wave of a Russian Shock’n Awe without even changing the status of a special military operation (SMO) into a counter-terrorist operation (CTO), with serious military-legal implications.

    Even before the UN Security Council meeting, Russian public opinion massively supported taking off the gloves. Putin had not even planned bilateral meetings with the members. Diplomatic sources hint that the decision to drop the hammer was already made over the weekend.

    Shock’n Awe didn’t wait for the announcement of an ultimatum to Ukraine (which may come in a few days); an official declaration of war (not necessary); or even announcing which “decision centers” in Ukraine would be affected.

    The lightning strike in which the SMO effectively seeded to CTO means that the Kiev regime and those who support it are now considered legitimate targets, as were ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra during the Anti-Terror Operation (ATO) in Syria.

    And the change of status – this is now a real war on terror – means that ending all forms of terrorism, physical, cultural and ideological, is the absolute priority, not the safety of Ukrainian citizens. During the SMO, the safety of the citizens was paramount. Even the UN has had to admit that the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine in the more than seven months of the SMO was relatively low.

    Performance “General Armageddon”

    The face of the Russian Shock’n Awe is the Russian commander of the air force, army general Sergei Surovikin: the new commander in chief of the now totally centralized SMO/CTO.

    Questions were asked non-stop: why didn’t Moscow make this decision in February? Well, better late than never. Kiev now learns that they messed with the wrong man. Surovikin is widely respected – and feared: his nickname is “General Armageddon”. Others call him “Cannibal”. Legendary Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov – also a colonel general in the Russian army – lavishly praises Surovikin as “a true general and warrior, an experienced, strong-willed and far-sighted commander.”

    Surovikin has been commander of the Russian Air Force since 2017; was given the title Hero of Russia for his no-nonsense leadership of the military operation in Syria; and had on-site experience in Chechnya in the 1990s.

    Surovikin is Dr. Shock’n Awe with full carte blanche. That has even led to empty suggestions that Defense Secretary Sergei Shoigu and Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov have been fired or forced to resign, as speculated by the Wagner Group’s Gray Zone Telegram Channel.
    Russian natural gas: Only Hungary is supplied in the EU

    It is still possible that Shoigu — widely criticized for the recent Russian military setbacks — will eventually be replaced by the governor of Tula, Alexei Dyumin, and Gerasimov by the deputy commander-in-chief of the ground forces, Lieutenant General Alexander Matovnikov.

    That is almost unimportant: all eyes are on Surovikin.

    Relatively speaking, MI6 does have some well-placed moles in Moscow. The British had warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the General Staff that the Russians would carry out a “warning attack” this Monday.

    What happened was not a “warning attack” , but a massive offensive of more than 100 cruise missiles launched “from the air, sea and land” , as Putin noted, against Ukrainian “energy, military command and communications facilities.”

    MI6 also noted that “the next step” will be the complete destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. That is not a “next step” : it is already happening. In five regions, including Lviv and Kharkov, the power supply is completely gone and in five other regions, including Kiev, there are serious interruptions.

    More than 60 percent of Ukraine’s electricity grids have already gone down. More than 75 percent of internet traffic is gone. Elon Musk’s Starlink net-centric warfare has been “disabled” by the Department of Defense.

    Shock’n Awe will likely proceed in three phases.

    First: overload of the Ukrainian air defense system (already underway).

    Second: plunging Ukraine into the dark ages (already underway).

    Third: destruction of all major military installations (the next wave).

    Ukraine is about to embrace near total darkness in the coming days. Politically, this opens up a completely new playing field. Given Moscow’s trademark of “strategic ambiguity”, this could be a kind of Desert Storm remixed (massive air strikes preparing a ground offensive); or, more likely, an “incentive” to force NATO to negotiate; or simply a relentless, systematic missile offensive mixed with electronic warfare (EW) to shatter Kiev’s ability to wage war for good.

    Or it could be all of the above.

    How a humiliated Western empire can now raise the stakes without going nuclear remains the key question. Moscow has shown an admirable restraint for too long. No one should ever forget that in the real Great Game – how to coordinate the rise of the multipolar world – Ukraine is just an afterthought. But now the extras better take cover, because General Armageddon is at large.



  24. Hi Peter Russell, Yes, the mid-term elections (November 8) are pretty much going to be the final nail in the O’Biden Deep State coffin and a monumental game changer. And with all the intensive voting precautions having been put in place over the past couple of years – can’t forsee this one being stolen. That is why they’ve had to ratchet up the Ukraine conflict. Nothing else left in their obscene playbook. As well as being very vocal throughout, about the US handling of this – even at his Nevada rally on the day before the Russian strikes, DJT was warning of what was to come. Also in reference to their actions toward Putin, he stated the following:-
    “They actually taunted him, if you really look at it. Our country, and our so-called leadership, taunted Putin. I said, you know, they’re almost forcing him to go in with what they’re saying. The rhetoric was so dumb.”
    Damn straight! No doubt he and Putin have always remained in regular consultation – given their rapport and mutual respect. Both maximally vilified for their respective battles against evil.

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  25. Thanks Colonel Yuri for this update.
    In 4 weeks from now the US midterm elections will be held with a large swing towards Trump candidates expected.
    So what change in US involvement could we expect from a Republican Congress win and perhaps in the Senate also?
    What impact could it also have on global markets, energy prices, the MSM & society’s mass hypnosis if common sense were to return?
    I really think it is our only hope… hate to say it.

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  26. Onward Christian Soldiers

    Bibles Necessary for Russian Military, Says Russian Lawmaker

    Russian Lawmaker: Holy Bible, Other Sacred Text and Objects a Must for Conscripts
    08.10.2022, 16:20

    As the present draft brings more and more young men into the Russian Armed Forces, questions often arise regarding the religious life of the conscripts. With this regard, a member of the State Legislative Assembly from the United Russia party Mr. Sergei Kolunov has offered clarifications:

    “Many of the volunteers and conscripts going belong to various religious confessions. They must certainly have an opportunity to pray and read holy books. Christians take, for example, a cross with an icon, a prayer book, and a Bible with them . . . and this is the right thing to do”.

    He also noted the necessity of the free access of the servicemen to the clergy at the front line, referring to those clergymen who “in the time of the WWII prayed under the bullets and fearlessly went into battle, saving people physically and spiritually, just as it should be the case even now”.

    Sacred texts of the traditional religions contain substantial encouragement to defending the homeland.

    “Reading the Holy Scripture and prayer like nothing else promotes courage and unity among servicemen. Remembrance of God and entreating Him helps to relieve psycho-emotional stress in the most difficult situations”, – concluded the lawmaker.



  27. If Biden is sending 12,500 marines it means it is openly joining the war – whereas before it was under cover of secret advisors and mercenaries. I see on RT that some senators are openly criticising US role there, and that it seems like a personal vendetta — and elections are looming there.

    I think the West has bitten off more than it can chew… Be3larus is in the mix now as well now that Ukraine threatened them.

    Well done Russia.

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  28. Thank you… a very good report.


  29. The fog and dysinfo of the war in the East is total. The information coming out of Ukraine with the refugees is that Russia is in occupation of Ukraine. The country was taken with a mere expeditionary force – not the full might of the Russian army. The four Oblasts that were fighting a separatist war for decades with the Ukrainian government are annexed but the rest of Ukraine is under Russian military occupation. Now Russia has called for full mobilization – for what? They have sent bombers with nuclear payloads not to the Ukraine but to the border with Finland. They have the Ukraine. All they have to do is mop up the Ukrainian forces and the NATO expeditionaries still fighting.

    The real and covert US ZOG might be sending more expeditionaries to Ukraine but 12,500 vaxxed Marines are not going to dislodge the Russian force of occupation. They will merely poke the Bear.


  30. When is a WAR, not a WAR, only in Ukraine.
    The U.N, is obvious by its absence.
    The people are dying by the thousands, pity, they are called collateral damage.
    Sacrificing their lives for an unknown cause.


  31. Observation Post

    Poke The Bear,

    Woke The Bear.

    Forbear, as the poker’s weep,

    ‘Til The Bear returns to sleep.


  32. After its recent and quickly stalled counter-offensive, Ukraine exhausted it’s remaining military fighting capacity. It is now a spent force, completely bled white.

    From a military point of view, Ukraine’s only viable option is to introduce foreign troops. As it’s doing.

    Six weeks from now, the winter season begins. Winter warfare is supremely favourable for offensive campaigns, the ground is hard so vehicles and troops avoid the devastating ‘Rasputitsa,’ supply lines remain open, rivers are frozen allowing assault crossings at any point, and the trees are bare, revealing the enemy’s formerly concealed defensive positions. The battlefield is now in Russia’s favour.


  33. The Vineyard Of The Saker site is great intel too. Amazing article.
    Who would want to go up against the Russians?
    I read on the Saker that the Russkies “don’t raise a sweat about NATO.”
    They have scalar weapons that are said to be able to vaporise entire armies. I hope it does not come to that, as these foreign soldiers are basically innocent.


  34. Thank you to Yuri Komonyisk and Editor.
    An excellently presented factual summary and elucidation for the obstinately myopic.


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