What the ABC and Murdoch won’t publish

From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

Saturday morning was a very eventful day, presumably the Ukrainian security forces (USB) conducted a terror attack by detonating a large truck bomb while it and its driver were crossing the “Crimean Bridge” a civilian structure. They managed to murder at least 3 people and took out two of the four lanes collapsing a part of the bridge. Two Mi-8 helicopters were dumping water on the railway fuel tankers to cool them down, at one point they were on fire. Damage inspections of the bridge are in progress we anticipate repair will commence in the near term. Construction crews have been mobilized to restore the damaged section of the bridge. Cars and buses continue to use the bridge as alternating traffic in both directions but now under a full inspection scenario. Trucks are being diverted to the ferry.  The rail line was restored within 24 hours and trains were moving across the bridge, the terror attack delayed the train traffic by 14 hours.

I expect the response to the Ukrofascist for the attack on the Crimean bridge will be harsh, we may even launch our strategic bombers loaded with ФАБ-5000. In this case we could potentially level entire suburbs in one strike, hiding in underground metros to escape bombing will become a thing of the past.

My Cossack command has recently taken four villages in the Baxmut region. Another group is entrenched in a bunker while the Ukrofascists are attempting to surround them demanding their surrender, our forces are punching a path to our men. The Cossack team was able to take down 12 tanks they still have sufficient supplies and munitions to defend themselves. All the electrical substations and railway sidings have been deactivated.

No missile hit these cars in Kyiv,. This image is reminiscent the carnage left by Australia’s in particular Cairns’ marauding Aboriginal youth after a night of joyriding. Bad luck ABC.

In the Kharkov region Iran’s supremely generous provision of the kamikaze drones are extremely beneficial, our brothers, 200 or so of them are becoming rather apt at using the drones and are generally removing 2 to 3 pieces of Ukrofascist/NATO heavy artillery each day or night.

In the Odessa region the Ukrofascists are taking heavy casualties, they continue to attack Russian positions (now Russia) and they continue to be repelled we estimate that in one week 4500 Ukrofascists and their NATO bed fellows have fallen there.

The amassed Ukrainian / NATO forces number approximately 42,000 the majority of them have been trained in NATO countries Poland, UK, Germany, France. Large quantities of manpower and military hardware are being amassed on the Ukrainian / now Russian border. This Ukro/NATO war parties’ ambition is to take Lugansk. The conflict zone is littered with bodies, the Ukrofascists do not bother to collect their fallen, the corpses are piling up and the stench is unbearable. The heavy machinery is plowing these bodies into the ground.it really is hell on earth. Our intel informs us that 12,500 US marines are in now active in Ukraine and are actively engaged with the Russian Forces. In the Izium region a large force comprising Americans, Canadians and Pollacks (60%) was hit hard, 1800 of them will never see daylight again. The enemy is making a big effort to bring in their reserves which we are targeting. 

The Ukrainian component of militants in these forces is noticeably dwindling Johnson really did mean the west intended to fight to the last Ukrainian and his British wish seems to be coming true. The remnants of the Ukrofascist/NATO militants have had to retreat and reform something the military has to do when 50% of their force has been obliterated.

Something I feel is worth mentioning the Ukrofascist are renaming towns and cities in a vain attempt remove the ancient historic Russian names. We use the old traditional names where as they use fabricated names, this will explain much of the confusion.

Off the coast of Odessa our flotilla has secured all sea access to the inland waterways and ports. A drone strike on the (4.10.22) took out the headquarters of the Ukro military marine flotilla we estimate 40 senior Ukrofascist militants are now resting in pieces. The west has leased much of its weaponry to Ukraine (for a price) much of that is destroyed or has been sold off quietly to Asian countries, we refer to this as business Zelensky style. The West has depleted its weapons reserves and are at the point where it is extremely problematic for them to continue to provide, this is particular true for the Europeans.

The RF is in the process of mobilizing 800,000 soldiers, the Chechens are mobilizing a minimum of 100,000 trained and fully equipped professional soldiers. Military equipment is being mobilizing from all over Russia. The entire Russian military industrial complex has been activated it is now manufacturing around the clock (4 shifts) feeding into the military operation.

It is whispered that the European economy is in rapid decline, the pension funds that were forced by (the Cabal) government to buy bonds have been unofficially bankrupted and that it won’t be long before the Euro will hit 50 Euro cents. It’s anticipated that the banking crisis will start in Europe and spread from there.

So now that I have cheered you all up, until next time.

Editor: The ABC is keeping Russia’s alleged attacks on Kyiv in every bulletin. Numerous readers have put their opinions into comments and most of our astute commentators have not fallen for the movie sets and crisis actors or cars being doused in petrol then burnt claiming the vehicles were hit by a missile. Putin is mobilising 800,000 troops with the Chechens adding another 100,000 fierce and professionally trained soldiers.

Deep State is reeling in horror.