Mission to Melbourne meets Victorian Labor Twitter twats

Mission to Melbourne marchers took over the Melbourne CBD over the weekend in a series of rallies that continue to Monday. Doctors opposing the concerted government attack on doctor-patient relationships led this march. The message was clear: Let doctors be doctors.
Vaccine injury stories filled a vast area of the Government House Grounds. Another rally took place at Melbourne’s famous Cenotaph (below), where protestors were notoriously shot at by cops with rubber bullets during the lockdowns.

SAD to say, but Victoria is still full of Labor Party loyalists who adore their “great leader” Dan. These people are so morally and intellectually compromised they still boast about their vaccines and being locked up for weeks on end by their favourite dictator.

This weekend Mission to Melbourne has been reaching out to these lost souls of Victoria with vehicle convoys and rallies across the city. But Andrews loyal followers ran their own social media campaign against them, labeling the protesters “cookers”, which is apparently now the preferred pejorative term to “conspiracy theorists”.

The Dan worshipers showed up en masse on Twitter and managed to get “cookers” on to the trending list. These people invariably boast on their Twitter handles they hail from “Wokka Bunga Country”, are fully jabbed and masked, support LGBTIQA. BLM and climate action and have preferred pronouns like he/she. They call the protesters “cookers” but they sound more like people suffering from cooked mental capacity.

Even more astonishing was that some were still boasting about their shots and boosters and that Dan had now given them “freedom” after being “so sensibly” locked away for weeks, so what are these protesters going on about?

Andrews voters simply can’t handle the fact that many doctors now reject the Covid narrative that shut down their state. One of the weekend marches was for the dissident GPs who wore red t-shirts declaring Let Doctors Be Doctors.

But Melbourne’s hard core Labor-Green leftists make no secreet of the fact that they like being captive to the propaganda drummed into their heads by big media, big pharma and big government. So much for the old concept of “radical progressives”.

Victorians go to the polls in December and already the media-political machine is tipping Andrews as “the likely winner”. Nine News tipped him as an easy winner back in July and The Guardian in September.

There are only two explanations for this: The mass of Victorian voters are dumbed down and have very short memories; Andrews has the backroom support of the global election rigging business. Both scenarios, unfortunately, have substance.

Melbourne, a massive urban spread, is essentially Victoria. Culture in that city is highly orchestrated and controlled by media channels and politics have long been strongly left-leaning while schools and major universities like Melbourne, Monash and LaTrobe churn out generations of left-brainwashed graduates.

Sport, and AFL in particular, have a huge foothold on the minds of Victorians as evidenced by the massive crowds attracted to the MCG and other stadiums. The AFL management itself has been captured by the woke left, as evidenced by special AFL weeks dedicated to “inclusivity”, i.e. LGBTIQ. indigenous and women’s rights and all the PC poppycock that goes along with it.

The sacking by Essendon Football Club of its freshly appointed CEO Andrew Thorburn was clearly instigated by Andrews and his captive media who raised an uproar over Thorburn’s connection to a church that had once expressed opposition to abortion and homosexuality. This, apparently was too much for Melbourne’s leftist establishment and a cancel chorus rose up against Thorburn.

All we can say in response to the grim reality that is Melbourne, Victoria, is good luck and all the best Mission to Melbourne patriots. We hope you can awaken and enlighten some darkened souls.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you for the article. M2M was mammoth with the mission being to raise awareness and solutions which include the rise of independent media. It was a huge success, despite those who refuse to see and who prefer the lower most embarrassing rung of ridicule.

    Just a note – Victoria goes to the polling booths on 26 November. Article correction needed. But thanks again for covering.


  2. It is not only Melbourne, Perth is the same, heavily fluoridated empty vessels are everywhere and now when all restric actions are dropped, no muzzles, no vaccines are required those empty minded refuse to talk about it. It is very well decorated penal colony.


  3. After living in Melbourne all my life I have come to the conclusion that it is a joke. I moved interstate early this year which was one of the best things I have ever done. When driving up the Hume Hwy I said good riddance , hope I never see you again; I didn,t even look in the rear view mirror as I probably would have turned into a pillar of salt.
    Over the last 2 years of the covid money grab in the most locked down city in the world chairman kim dan broke every law in Victoria. Under Victorian law whether it is a state of emergency or not; 3 sittings of Parliament, then if something is agreed to it is endorsed by the Chief Parliamentary Council then enacted and brought in as an Act of Parliament. He and his unelected so called chief med officer sidekick mr. gumby should have been locked up ages ago.
    You didn,t have to look far to see what was really going on in this scam.
    As a good leader of a Construction union I belonged to until it was deregistered in the mid 80,s would say; talk is cheap do your own research.
    Unfortunately most won,t because you have to put some time into it.
    If people in Melbourne are ever going to wake up it starts by turning the idiot box off.

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  4. It’s just a big club on both sides of Australian politics and the ordinary people just ain’t in it!

    It seems only a few are interested in participating as members, putting in the effort and directing it towards some sort of human decency and sensibility.

    The price of that is giving carte blanche to “Dan Andrews and the Psychopaths Band” or its supporting stage act they call the Opposition.

    As they say, you gits what you put in… put in a little shit and you’ll get lotsa shit back.

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  5. Thanks for the link C Duck…It seems incredible that this is being covered up… I guess there are no obit columns any more – newspapers would be the size of a big book..

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  6. tonyryan43 – They do seem to be targeting Aboriginals.. I often watch NITV and notice ads on there lately for them to have their booster shots !! I don’t see this on normal channels.

    And yes, once the football crowd who have not much interest in much else find out their kids are suffering… hell will be unleashed.

    Cancer… read article in Nexus last week – baking soda was known as the poor man chemo… start taking a tsp mixed in water three times a day (use McKenzies)… A man had been given two months to live with lung cancer after completing chemo and everything else… he did this and it worked – he contacted Editor of Nexus and told him so. I generally take it couple of times per day, great for indigestion and also to alkalise the blood.

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    If anyone takes a child to receive or a pharmacist, doctor or health worker injects the poison after viewing this video, they require eternal rope burn.

    New Zealanders Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer from real news platform Counterspin, host embalmer Richard Hirschman USA with his pickle jars of grotesque rubbery arterial clots and funeral home directors Brenton Faithfull NZ and John O’Looney UK, who share and compare their past and most recent professional experiences within their countries.


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  8. Hi Allan Maxwell Pleming, I am totally with you on this and empathise greatly. Such wide sweeping, sanctimonious generalisation is as erroneous and idiotic as saying all Americans are to blame, and/or are bad/evil/stupid etc etc because of what THEIR illegitimate regime is doing. Do people not remember the thousands upon thousands of anti lockdown/anti Andrews protesters?! The people of Melbourne/Victoria totally led the way. And nothing has changed their stance. Anything suggesting the contrary is purely MSM BS. So yes, you are absolutely right in saying that if Andrews is returned it will only be because the election was stolen. And if that occurs, undoubtedly Melbournians/Victorians will once again lead the way in showing the rest of the country exactly what happens when the sh*t hits the fan! Hang in there.

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  9. There is a direct correlation between sport fanaticism and mRNA gullibility.

    Sports fans generally have almost no grasp of politics, geopolitics, current events, or health issues.

    Ironically, they are Schwarb’s useless eaters and are already his first eugenics victims. Having said that, Schwarb is leaning too far forward. It was a major error to commence jabbing kids because when the football fans suddenly realise their kids are dying from jabs, they will go on the rampage to end all rampages. Few doctors or nurses will survive and most politicians will be on the run.

    One government-run Aboriginal organisation has already signalled the thumbs up for jabbing five-year-olds. A medical mandate? I don’t think so. When this goes sour the old adage about rivers of blood may seem an understatement.

    I am watching the signs and I have my gum boots and deck chair ready to position myself outside the hospital and view the fun. I am hoping to spot the end of the doctor who refused me painkillers for cancer.

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  10. You couldn’t have said that any better. These lost brainwashed zombies have fallen prey to hybrid warfare, psychological war that weakens its opponents from within. No external enemy required. Tragic for the awake and brave minority who will be pulled over the cliff to digital slavery and transhumanism by the sheer weight of the volume of the stampeding stupified herd.


  11. Observation Post

    The useless eaters are now protesting against the cookers.

    Onward & Downward.

    Carry on.

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  12. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    The writer clearly hasn’t seen what’s going on in Melbourne, if Dan is reelected it will be because he stole is ……..get out in the suburbs and ask especially in Dan Andrews seat of Mulgrave (he is hated with a passion) just because his Renta Crowd mob were out in numbers! “STOP CONDEMING THE REST OF US” like you know everything…….of course the Paid for Media will say Dan will win……they have to say that don’t they…….Generalizing as if you know, I say you watch the MSM TV too much mate! If he wins it will be because it is stolen!

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  13. Dan belong in jail

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  14. The description of the people more closely resembles paid trolls. We know Dictator Dan is VERY conscious of social media commentary. Why wouldn’t him / his team/backers pay for the trollage to give the illusion that MASSES of people are against anyone who is against him?
    Unfortunately most people will sleep on, oblivious, as the Dan lovers occupy media time and cast another spell over them.

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  15. Melbourne was apparently listed as one of the 36 “cities chosen to pioneer a new global policy roadmap for smart cities developed by the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance”. Newcastle is another..

    I think the people living in those cities (as well as all others) need to wake up big time… No doubt the Twitter twats are a set up and being paid…

    As for Dan, he has sold his soul to the devil and is beyond saving in this life or the next.

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  16. Here is a brief comparison.. The residents of Sodom and Gomorrah no doubt were cheering and waving their rainbow flags as Lot and his family fled down the road out of the place. Just before God fixed them up permanently.

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  17. Now segue over to the sporting arena. And what do we find – more Twatters and Groomers. BUT!!! The female Muslim is allowed to boycott the AFLW Pride Round and eschew the Groomer jumper? WTF is her hijab? If Miss Muslim AFLW was a White Christian man do you think for one minute she would be permitted to refuse the Rainbow jumper and give the Pride Round the flickeroo? Not one your sweet bippy. Only the White (Anglo-Celtic) goy has to put on the Rainbow, get welcomed to the country in which he was born and play the Pride Round. OR he gets stood down. Disgusting beyond disgusting. Why do these self-flagellating Whites stand for this from the League and Big Corporate. Bring back the BIFF. The Whites should boycott these games. There should not be any amount of money that should induce a White Australian to attend the Pride Round.

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  18. It is a known fact that the Antifa Amoebas (who are also prolific in Australia and NZ) are on Soros’ payroll. No doubt these Twitter Twatters – if not an off-shoot of sorts, are funded by a similar spurious source. Am all alliterated out.

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  19. Sheeple are absolutely that stupid, – firstly they are labor flunkies. If you really want to find out what labor push and expect their politicians to do, read the book ‘Australia’s Secret War’. The first page of that book will give you a whole new meaning for hating labor and its thugs they put into power. Whitlam was one of their chief traitors of Australia.

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  20. The Twatter Cadres are probably on the Soros payroll. I think you do have to pay people to be that delusional.

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  21. Chris Hutchison

    love the adjectives you used to describe all these victorian twats.of cause ,there are many more i can think of..doubt you could print them..thanks cairns news..

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  22. Excellent article. This is SO SAD!!!!

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