Mission to Melbourne marchers took over the Melbourne CBD over the weekend in a series of rallies that continue to Monday. Doctors opposing the concerted government attack on doctor-patient relationships led this march. The message was clear: Let doctors be doctors.
Vaccine injury stories filled a vast area of the Government House Grounds. Another rally took place at Melbourne’s famous Cenotaph (below), where protestors were notoriously shot at by cops with rubber bullets during the lockdowns.

SAD to say, but Victoria is still full of Labor Party loyalists who adore their “great leader” Dan. These people are so morally and intellectually compromised they still boast about their vaccines and being locked up for weeks on end by their favourite dictator.

This weekend Mission to Melbourne has been reaching out to these lost souls of Victoria with vehicle convoys and rallies across the city. But Andrews loyal followers ran their own social media campaign against them, labeling the protesters “cookers”, which is apparently now the preferred pejorative term to “conspiracy theorists”.

The Dan worshipers showed up en masse on Twitter and managed to get “cookers” on to the trending list. These people invariably boast on their Twitter handles they hail from “Wokka Bunga Country”, are fully jabbed and masked, support LGBTIQA. BLM and climate action and have preferred pronouns like he/she. They call the protesters “cookers” but they sound more like people suffering from cooked mental capacity.

Even more astonishing was that some were still boasting about their shots and boosters and that Dan had now given them “freedom” after being “so sensibly” locked away for weeks, so what are these protesters going on about?

Andrews voters simply can’t handle the fact that many doctors now reject the Covid narrative that shut down their state. One of the weekend marches was for the dissident GPs who wore red t-shirts declaring Let Doctors Be Doctors.

But Melbourne’s hard core Labor-Green leftists make no secreet of the fact that they like being captive to the propaganda drummed into their heads by big media, big pharma and big government. So much for the old concept of “radical progressives”.

Victorians go to the polls in December and already the media-political machine is tipping Andrews as “the likely winner”. Nine News tipped him as an easy winner back in July and The Guardian in September.

There are only two explanations for this: The mass of Victorian voters are dumbed down and have very short memories; Andrews has the backroom support of the global election rigging business. Both scenarios, unfortunately, have substance.

Melbourne, a massive urban spread, is essentially Victoria. Culture in that city is highly orchestrated and controlled by media channels and politics have long been strongly left-leaning while schools and major universities like Melbourne, Monash and LaTrobe churn out generations of left-brainwashed graduates.

Sport, and AFL in particular, have a huge foothold on the minds of Victorians as evidenced by the massive crowds attracted to the MCG and other stadiums. The AFL management itself has been captured by the woke left, as evidenced by special AFL weeks dedicated to “inclusivity”, i.e. LGBTIQ. indigenous and women’s rights and all the PC poppycock that goes along with it.

The sacking by Essendon Football Club of its freshly appointed CEO Andrew Thorburn was clearly instigated by Andrews and his captive media who raised an uproar over Thorburn’s connection to a church that had once expressed opposition to abortion and homosexuality. This, apparently was too much for Melbourne’s leftist establishment and a cancel chorus rose up against Thorburn.

All we can say in response to the grim reality that is Melbourne, Victoria, is good luck and all the best Mission to Melbourne patriots. We hope you can awaken and enlighten some darkened souls.