Queensland Labor Party parliamentary members. ‘Too many bloody women in here’ a parliamentary usher once told a Cairns News writer

A Cairns News feature

Too many women in parliament and too many in support services and government agencies have led to a skewed and jaundiced culture which pervades the essence of juvenile crime prevention.

There is no male, or masculine influence on young boys who have been running wild in Cairns and the Far North, unable to adjust to a normal life through familiar dysfunction at home. The same for education where there are few male teachers still in existence.

Queensland’s feminist culture has gone past overreach with avowed socialist, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk who has infiltrated the Labor Party with mediocre, suburban women who should be at home looking after kids

Gone are  kids’ ability to engage in male pursuits such as fishing, boating, hunting, shooting, horse riding, cattle mustering, mechanics, rugby league, boxing and other similar male interests.

Cairns has a huge juvenile crime industry where offending kids participate in Labor’s revolving door of justice re-offending the day after a court appearance for a previous serious crime.

Cairns Domestic Violence Service chief executive officer Sandra Keogh is a classic example of what has gone wrong with stemming the flow of juvenile crime.

Another Labor appointee, Mrs Keogh is out of her depth in solving the burgeoning crime rate of under 18 offenders. She made the stunning observation that there is a link between unstable and violent home life and youth crime.

“If you look at the information from the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce, you see a real intersect between trauma, child safety and youth justice and how things start to unfold for people,” Mrs Keogh told the Cairns Post.

There is nothing new with this contribution which is what Federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter and social workers have been saying for decades.

She went on to say: “There’s certainly a correlation between that family trauma and youth justice. It’s not ok to steal people’s cars but these kids are children and come from a traumatic background and they need a different kind of support, not boot camps and the research shows that is not what works for them.”

Wrong Mrs Keogh, it is exactly what does work for wayward kids and the Petford Farm experience of more than 30 years backs up remote sentencing as promoted by Katters Australian Party, and has worked extremely well for a long time.

Until the woke Labor mob got control, Petford Farm west of Cairns, had successfully rehabilitated more than 4000 juvenile and adult offenders sent there by the courts or those who turned up there of their own volition.

Equine therapy, instilling discipline and respect for others and home schooling of young offenders attending Petford Farm saw one of the lowest recidivism rates across the world. It worked then and this principle would work now.

The socialist twist forced upon school kids by way of United Nations driven, gender-bending school curricula has steered boys away from being manly, instead enticing them into criminality or femininity.

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and other brainwashing media has also played a part by fashioning young boys into believing it is cool to steal cars or invade homes, likewise girls have been enticed into male criminal pursuits such as car stealing and other violent criminal acts.

Gender, in textbook communist style has no longer has relevance in schools where boys who think they are girls can receive guidance for sex change mutilations likewise girls who think they are boys get the same attention.

The toxic feminist movement has its roots in communism hailing back to the driver of the second-wave feminist movement, Germaine Greer who realized too late she had created a monster with her influential books on how to shame men into thinking women can hold blue collar positions and perform the same arduous work.

Societal failure can be attributed to the Marxist Manifesto influenced by the Fabians like Beatrice Webb and the Suffraget movement which campaigned to allow women to vote in elections.

In 1894 the South Australian Legislature passed a law, Adult Suffrage, to allow women to participate in the electoral process, the first such law in the world.

Well done, but the women’s rights pendulum has swung too far to the left. Take one look at the Queensland Parliament which has become largely dysfunctional due to the lack of an upper house and too many woke women (and men).

Labor with a majority, has a sausage machine approach with its Godless, woke, green, climate agenda as it creates cringeworthy volumes of ‘legislation’ reshaping Queensland into a dystopian autocracy where manufacturing and mining are about to disintegrate, leaving tens of thousands of coal and power industry workers living under trees along with another 60,000 families who are unable to access affordable roofs over their heads.

Too many women who should be at home looking after kids, have taken over our parliaments making decisions under duress of monthly period pangs or menopausal, mental dysfunction.

Liberal and Labor have developed parliamentary quotas for women as a result of years of campaigning by the left, feminist movement which in reality, hates men. It has been a social disaster.

Sorry girls but the men have had enough.

We can’t wait for the howls of derision from the women’s brigade of hairy armpits.

Oh and girls…..many of us would not cross the street to watch a girl’s football match or game of cricket. They are men’s domain.