This excellent submission by a resident of the Murray Darling Basin district demonstrates how foreign entities such as China can buy Australian water entitlements, in effect controlling agricultural output in the vital foodbowl of this country

Water Meeting re MDB Listening Tour – Griffith 4/10/23

Coalition Backbench Committee on Agriculture group re Senate holding Inquiry into the Water Amendment (Restoring Our Rivers) Bill 2023 proposing amendments to the Water Act and the Basin Plan which will remove the leap on buybacks and open the 450GL to open tender buybacks where it was previously limited to infrastructure works.

  • Committee accepted written submissions until 29th September 2023 (past this date now). 
  • Unfortunately, this Committee has resolved only to have public hearings in CANBERRA.
  • “Listening Tour” convened by Sussan Ley with colleagues on the  Coalition Backbench Committee on Agriculture:  Shadow Water Minister, Senator Perin Davey, Senator Matt Canavan, Sam Birrell MP and Rowan Ramsay MP.


Business As Usual!

The Senate Committee chose to only have public hearings in CANBERRA.  It was not in their interest to come out anywhere where the real production takes place because they are being driven by United Nations dictates.

This can be proven very easily, firstly by referring to the Water Act 2007 itself.  It refers to certain International instruments, treaties, Conventions etc, such as the RAMSAR convention, Biodiversity Convention, several  migratory bird conventions, the Climate Change Convention, and the important part:

– ANY OTHER INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION TO WHICH AUSTRALIA IS A PARTY AND THAT IS:   7.i) i)   Relevant to the use and management of the Basin Water resources.


I was the first one in Australia to bring to the general public’s attention what the traitors planning, developing and signing this Act always knew — that this means FUTURE, as yet UNSIGNED Conventions  so by being party to this, and invoking the treaties and treaties unknown in the Water Act, we have signed up to an UNKNOWN QUANTITY OF UNKNOWN DURATION AND IMPLICATIONS.  We’ve given the UN and it’s elite cabal carte-blanche entré to our water with the stroke of a pen.

This is SO irresponsible by those in power at the time of signing – and this means BOTH SIDES OF POLITICS!   This clearly demonstrates that our law pertaining to water; any agreements we may have reached with the MDBA, State or Commonwealth; or agreements between States and Commonwealth about water rights, allocations, ownership or delivery will be overturned by default, to defer to Conventions or Agreements entered into under International Law.


We have it from the horses mouth, the Federal government itself in their response to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee Report where they said:

In summary, the general purposes of the Water Act and the Basin Plan are:  to give effect to relevant international agreements.

The UN has driven the agenda on water for many years, and from their own mouth – the World Bank’s evaluation of the Global Water Partnership in 2010 said:  “… it takes a considerable time – decades and not years – for institutional reform and new initiatives on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) to mature”.

They are playing the long game, and playing us, and they’ve got control via misuse of the External Affairs power.  


The World Bank has set up many different bodies dealing with water – in fact, it’s a sophisticated form of Insider Trading across the globe by the UN, World Bank and big corporate partners.  Under the World Bank we have the UNDP World Bank Water & Sanitation Program, the World Water Council, the Global Water Partnership,  which split in 1992 to became the Water P’ship Network and the Global Water Partnership Organisation.  It’s role was to create Regional, Country and Area Water Partnerships, with associated programs in Water Resource Management.

Then GATT became GATS in 1995 moving under the World Trade Organisation and went onto bigger and better dictatorships with Agenda 21 (Earth Summit, Rio ‘92), Climate Change Conventions and Treaties, Paris, Agenda 2030 etc etc.  It’s a Global plan to control water for the UN elites and Corporate Gobbleopoly mates.

Alongside that in a parallel pincer action, huge Wall Street Megabanks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Macquarie and Barclays Bank, Blackstone Group, Allianz, HSBC and Merril Lynch, along with other financial groups and investment companies, wealthy tycoons, such as the Bush family, and power corporates all investing in (or raiding) Water, which they called the new gold.  

Along with this went a lot of blackmailing of countries to give up their utilities, or especially the profitable sectors of them, under the UN-promoted deregulation,   privatisation, trade liberalization, and Commodification of utilities and water.  And then, after the damage is done, that lovely term “structural Adjustment”.

The IMF along with the IFC – International Finance Corporation – the private sector lending arm of the World Bank Group, underwrote development-type loans to developing nations, forced them to “unbundle” public utilities or coerced nations into becoming signatories to international instruments.  Just a sophisticated Insider Trading racket  by global corporate raiders, but our water, roads,  power and other infrastructure like communications all got caught up in it, to the detriment of the people of Australia, the real owners.

The UN has dictated water (and trade) policy to the Nation and States, via conferences, information, data, and “advice” along the lines of “world’s best practice”.   The Smart Cities they want you to move to after you’re bankrupted or cleaned out are well in hand; the Sustainable Development Goals which National, State and local government are signed up to, that are pushed through governance, law, education, health and every other aspect of our lives already affect us, and have impacted us greatly in recent years.   Our bureaucrats and politicians fell for this, and this type of “planning for the future” is not something which has been, or is going to be, beneficial to our State and Nation.


What will happen to Water, and the cost to farmers, industry and Mum’s and Dads if the VOICE succeeds? 

There is DEFINITE UN meddling in this, and they will be the beneficiaries.  Water prices will double, triple or quadruple very quickly because the UN is using the Indigenous Industry or elite IndigAutocracy who control those who never get a say in their own areas to achieve this.  EVERYONE will have to pay additional fees to use beaches, national parks, water-ways etc, and the IndigAutocracy will be given “royalties” based on water consumption similar to mining royalties.  The VOICE will be funded from land and water taxes – increased of course with the mugs at the bottom paying.  You will also pay fees to dig, plough, plant or remove vegetation, similar to the WA legislation that’s been parked until after the Referendum.  Exclusive “sovereignty” will be given to Indigocrats over all land and waters.[1] 


And what of our land titles?  Again, your land titles have been digitised, so if they’re hacked, or disappear, what happens to your water entitlements? 

Albo[2] is on record as saying there will be a treaty, which will give the UN almost complete control.  With the CBDC’s, or Central Bank Digital Currencies, your purchasing power may disappear when they decide to wipe your credit clean, because they are getting rid of CASH at your local bank now.  Again, this is driven by the UN.   Most people are aware of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and it’s Chair Klaus Schwabb[3] along with his awful offsider, Dr Yuval Noah Harari[4] who say that we (plebs!) will own nothing, and be happy.

They are after our water, and since we’ve been told by our government that the general purpose of the Water Act was to give effect to international agreements, we can take it as gospel when at the WEF’s Davos forum on the “economics of water” last year Prof Mariana Mazzucato lamented that they’d failed to deliver in controlling humanity“Did we actually manage to vaccinate everyone in the world?  No.”  “Climate change” is “too abstract”  So COVID and Climate Change had failed to bring in their Great Reset[5], implementing World Government[6], but now, we will have a water crisis that will be the catalyst to impose it upon we “deplorables”, as Hillary Clinton called us, or the “useless eaters” as the WEF calls us.


So, you see, COVID was an attempt to break you, our economies, to bankrupt whole countries, to transfer wealth through banks to themselves, to stop innovation, to beat people into submission, and generally, by using the GLOBAL Central Bank system, (privately owned, by the way) bring nations to heel.


May I remind you what dissenting Judge Wilson said in the Tasmanian Dam case in 1983, the watershed on mis-use of our external affairs power, which about sums up the UN’s complete take-over of every jurisdiction possible through treaties.  He said:

“It is no exaggeration to say that what is emerging is a sophisticated network of international arrangements directed to the personal, economic, social and cultural development of all human beings.  The effect of investing the Parliament with power through section 51 (xxix) in all these areas would be transfer to the Commonwealth of virtually unlimited power in almost every conceivable aspect of life in Australia, including health and hospitals, the work place, law and order, education and recreation and cultural activity to mention but a few”. 

So, I have just explained briefly how The VOICE will be used, via a treaty, to take control – that’s the cultural activity, as referred to by Wilson.  Regarding health and hospitals – who can forget the dictatorial mandates making people who normally don’t even eat junk food take a poisonous injection of unknown quality.

The World Health Organisation, by it’s own admission – that is, buried in their own documentation planned the covid pandemic, as Mariana Mazucato clearly alluded to, and Schwabb and Harrari have admitted.  They, along with their co-conspirators, told us there was going to be a pandemic and had vaccines and PATENTS ready to go long before they announced COVID.  Then they unleashed a bio-weapon in the form of the jab, which they mandated around the world, and NOW they want us to give them carte blanche via their “PANDEMIC TREATY”, which we are blithely being thrown into by our stupid politicians.  I think they’ve just given $100m to the WHO towards it.  


I do not say bio-weapon lightly – there is EVIDENCE from the WHO themselves, and their co-conspirators, and by tracking the patents through, using their own definitions you find that the jab was indeed a bio-weapon, and that’s been borne out now by the exponential increase over and above the normal death rate with all the health issues such as myocarditis, auto-immune diseases etc., not to mention people just “dying suddenly”.  They aren’t dying of covid, they are dying because of the nature of the jab, and that ties in with the Rio Convention – to which we’re party – about de-population.  It also lines up with the DEAGEL[7] population forecasts, which a few years ago forecast huge decreases in global populations – Australia reduces by 34%.  DEAGEL is a branch of US Military intelligence collecting statistical data for strategic decisions, which contracts to the UN, NSA and the World BankAre you getting the picture?  The same people are at the top.

Now, according to the WEF, (aside from a new scare to force people to get “vaccinated”, which as Greg Hunt told us (21/2/21), was a global trial – “ The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever.”)[8] they’re going to ATTACK WATER.  

This has been on the cards for a long time, and I have written and made submissions on this to various inquiries.  The WEF is leading the charge because it’s about CONTROL.  THESE ARE THE PEOPLE DICTATING TO US, AND YOU OUGHT TO KNOW ABOUT THEM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!  Harari says  “Humans are now hackable animals”, (ie via the jab) and “Once you can hack humans there is no longer free will”,  and “Hitler and Stalin would be nothing compared to the combination of AI and Bio-tech”.  He also said “We are upgrading homo sapiens into gods”;  “God is dead, it just takes awhile to get rid of the body” and “Neither the Gestapo or the KGB could do it, humans are now hackable animals”.     This is because they have used the experimental jab as their bio-weapon, and that’s what Harrari is talking about – THERE IS A GEL or chip that sends information and communicates, as well as the fact that it’s designed to make your body into a mini-laboratory to attack itself, ie, your immune system.  These things are well known to this group of elites. 

Water is going to complete their control, because we all need to drink and grow food, and we understand that, apparently, not like the failed Climate Change scare agenda and COVID jabs. Page/2