Education Minister Grace Grace needs to do some serious thinking.

QUEENSLAND’s education authorities and politicians need to be slapped out of their delusional state and get the education system back to basics.

We’re talking about Queensland’s Education Minister Grace Grace, a former union boss, Director General Michael De’Ath, who presides over eight other deputy director general executives in the Education Department, and local Labor MP Jason Hunt.

On October 3, a Caloundra State High School was put into lockdown when a girl, aged 12, went on a stabbing rampage with a small knife, putting a boy aged 12 in hospital with stomach wounds. Others were threatened and the girl was taken into custody by police and charged.

The attacks prompted outrage on social media with people noting that the school had recently hosted a drag queen. One parent (whose name we withhold) noted: “I went to this school 20 years ago too. And now my sons go there. It’s turned to shit especially the last 3-5 years.”

The same woman said her son was also bashed by a gang of teen boys at this same school only weeks ago. “Haven’t heard a peep out of the actual principal. She hides behind her desk and lets the deputy take the front line.”

Yet this same school boasts about it Wear It Purple Day “a celebration that fosters supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people.”

People might consider there to be no connection between a drag queen appearing at a state school, gang attacks and a stabbing, but all point to a deep malaise that can be linked to the neo-Marxist education theory that has been progressively invading schools in recent decades.

In June the local state Labor MP Hunt was pictured grinning in the local paper with the drag queen at the school. Hunt and his party superiors might consider the effects of the confusing messages being sent to 12-year-old students by their endorsement of transexualism as some sort of “moral guidance”.

As we know, Queensland schools have now been forced to accept the “gender theory” branch of cultural Marxism, which basically aims to destroy all cultural norms including gender, family and of course the Christian religion. But for Grace Grace, Michael De’Ath and Jason Hunt MP, having drag queens perform their sexual innuendo at a high school is just about “inclusivity”.

The local newspaper parotted the ideological drivel being pushed by the Education Department: “Caloundra State High School’s wellbeing lessons take place each Friday, for Year 11 and 12 students. Liz Anya (the drag queen) presented a motivating and hilarious speech to the students about CPR (confidence, persistence and repetition). The main topic of Liz’s speech was a message of self-acceptance.”

Parents, of course, must take responsibility and too many don’t, for all manner of reasons moral and social. But good schools can provide community, friendship, discipline and even spiritual guidance from religious instruction volunteers who can still take voluntarily-attended classes in Queensland state schools.

But these RI volunteers, who essentially present a Christian moral foundation for children, which is also part of our history and national make-up, face resistance from people within Queensland’s Labor Party establishment who stupidly claim religion has no place in a school system. These are the same fools pushing drag queens as moral guidance.

A teacher of 18 years also posted about the incident: “It (the system) is not perfect …. but society is where we should be seeking answers. When we don’t receive the support we require because it might upset little Johnny and his family …. our hands are tied!”

One of the social media posters asked a pertinent question: “How do we find out if this child was on psychotropic medication like an antidepressant, or ADHD drugs, or anti-anxiety meds? Many of these come with a “Black Box” warning for under 24-year-olds in particular, for increased risk of suicide, and or violent behaviour towards someone else.”

But that’s “progressive” education for you. Once upon a time schools were allowed to issue corporate punishment and it worked reasonably well. It was a boundary for the worst kids and they often pushed up against it, coming away a little sore but boasting how brave and defiant they were.