Antifa members out on the streets of the US – potential perpetrators of a new Reign of Terror?


WHEN one of America’s most prominent professors warns that the country is in the middle of a revolution consisting of a “progressive Jacobin agenda”, people had better start listening – and not just Americans.

Prof. Victor Davis Hanson is not one of the regular crop of neo-Marxist sociology professors holding an academic position in an American university. He is a farmer but also a student of American literature, a military historian and political commentator.

Hanson has also written books on ancient and modern warfare, politics and culture and is a Professor Emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno, and a visiting professor at Hillsdale College. No doubt he used the term “progressive Jacobins” purposefully.

The Jacobin Club, also known formally as the Society of the Friends of the Constitution, were not uneducated peasants, but merchants, manufacturers, and professionals, often called the bourgeoisie or new middle class who sought political power from the feudalistic monarchy. They considered themselves part of an Enlightenment, inspired by writers such as Montesquieu, Rousseau and Voltaire.

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica “This Enlightenment was spread among the educated classes by the many “societies of thought” that were founded at that time: masonic lodges, agricultural societies, and reading rooms.” This “enlightenment” led to the abolition of the monarchy of the Ancien Regime and the establishment of the French Republic, which in turn degenerated into the Reign of Terror from September 1793 to July 1794. Some 300,000 suspects were arrested, 17,000 sentenced to death and executed while others died in prisons or were killed without any form of trial.

Prof. Hanson, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, was asked whether an armed counter-revolt was a serious option for people who saw their vote as having no power in a “BS system”, said one path taken by many was “the monastery of the mind” option, that is, withdrawing from the culture and creating their own reality.

The other major reaction was people from “blue” (Democrat) states and cities migrating in their millions to “red” states and cities. But this would not last as a viable solution for them given the radical disruption to the country by eight to 10 million illegal immigrants, the dysfunctional corrupt president and nonsensical policies.

He said the other viable option was still the ballot box, and many conservative Americans were going to make one last effort to speak up and challenge the culture, whether that be Target or Disney or the three-gender movement.

“Everybody says democracy is in danger but I think if they feel they have the majority of the people – I think the majority of the people are against this progressive new Jacobin agenda – and they still can’t find power, then we’re going to be in new territory. We’re in new territory now.

“And so there are legitimate efforts to rectify and stop this madness and let’s see what happens in 2024, but I don’t think it works any more just to migrate to a red state or to drop out of the popular culture. You’ve got to get control of the political apparatus of the country through elections.

“And your worry is legitimate. If you can’t do it through fair elections, then what do you do. So I think this election – and I know everyone says each election is paramount – but this one is very important because we’re in the middle of a revolution and it’s our only avenue to a counter-revolution to return to normality.”

Hanson said the new generation of Democrats were not Democratic liberals like Clinton, JFK or Truman “as we used to define them”. “This is a new generation of, as I said, Jacobins and they believe any means are necessary to achieve their morally superior aims.”

He said if the Democrats win the 2024 election he would expect to see another 10 or 15 million illegal immigrants come across the border and there would be efforts to confine those immigrants from going to northern cities.

He also predicted that, as in same manner the Democrat-appointed law officers had gone after Donald Trump in civil lawsuits aimed at stripping his wealth, they would use their “critical legal theory” to go after private capital in the civil sector and would “start filing lawsuits like you wouldn’t believe”. Critical legal theory is behind the explosion of crime in Democrat cities.

He predicted the next 12 to 18 months would be the most explosive in US history since the Great Depression.