Former government adviser Josephine Cashman, Marcia Langton and Jacinta Price. Voice proponent Langton is now trading blows with Cashman and Senator Price over the Voice NO campaign


JAN 12, 2023

A plot to destroy Australia using the Juukan Senate Inquiry Recommendations:

Juukan is not a sacred site. It was legally blasted. In 2013 the Western Australian Government approved Sam Walsh’s Rio Tinto application to destroy the Juukan site.

Juukan Aboriginal site not of any significance and the local Aboriginal PBC did not object to its destruction. Why would they when Rio pays them millions annually in royalties?

The local aboriginal native title corporation did not object to the destruction of Juukan.

17 years of investigations found mostly fossilised dung at the Juukan site.

With experts, the Native Title Corporation was paid to remove the Juukan fossilised dung carefully, and it remains unclaimed in a container at the Juukan site.

The Juukan Treasonist Hoax Motive:

  1. To destroy a whistleblower, heroically trying to protect Australia from the worst apex “elite” globalists
  2. To use the Juukan Senate recommendations as a device to usher in UN global governance

To destroy a whistleblower:

Sam Walsh Former CEO of Rio Tinto (the Chairman of the Perth Mint is currently under investigation for money laundering). 

Walsh lied about giving an instruction to protect the Juukan cave, then refused to testify at the Senate Inquiry.

Walsh framed Jean-Sebastien Jacques for the Juukan blast as payback, Jacques had exposed Walsh’s fraud in African Guinea. 

Jean-Sebastien Jacques Rio Tinto CEO 2016 to 2021, in 2016 Jacques was a whistleblower exposing Walsh in the “Simandou affair” with Former British PM Tony Blair and George Soros corruption in impoverished African Guinea. The criminal investigation into this corruption is ongoing.

A global plot to destroy the Australian nation using False Flag events

Eg: The Trudeau government used a trigger events such as fake indigenous activists burning down dozens of churches across Canada to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples into Canadian law.

The Juukan Hoax is Australia’s False Flag event to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples into Australian law to lead to the end of the Australian nation as we know it.

The Western Australian McGowan Government wasted no time in bringing this UN device into law:

The central foundation of the Bill is consultation, negotiation and agreement making between Aboriginal parties and proponents – the very foundation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Implementing the UN indigenous Peoples mandate moves Australia in a direction that impacts our national sovereignty and security. At stake is the independence of the Australian nation-state, it covers a whole range of national policies, such as natural resource management, education, environment, law, labor, and media.

Article 26 is a prescription for endless warfare:

Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired,

Article 28 1. requires compensation payouts:

Indigenous peoples have the right to redress, by means that can include restitution or, when this is not possible, just, fair and equitable compensation, for the lands, territories, and resources that they have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which have been confiscated, taken, occupied, used or damaged without their free, prior and informed consent.

Article 36 proclaims that indigenous peoples have a right to their own external relations:

Indigenous peoples, in particular those divided by international borders, have the right to maintain and develop contacts, relations and cooperation, including activities for spiritual, cultural, political, economic and social purposes, with their own members as well as other peoples across borders.

Breaking up Australia appears to be part of a long-term plan ANU emeritus professor Jon Altman, who is an associate of Bruce Pascoe, said indigenous issues is the utopia that they’ve been looking for. And the answer may lie here because the deputy head of Ken Wyatt’s federal department of aboriginal affairs Ian Anderson 2007 wrote a paper about the new liberal world order and how aboriginal people will be the fulcrum for it.

When the Australian Government refuses to address the epidemic of fake indigenous people and funds actors like fake aborigine Bruce Pascoe to erase Australian history, as Hitler did, you wonder what this is really about?

Aboriginal people are traumatised by the number of fake Aboriginal claims.

It needs to be urgently investigated because it is creating a serious problem in our country as the people who are identifying have non Aboriginal community agendas which include undermining Australian sovereignty. It is vital these people are held to account.

Again if they can fake aboriginality they can do anything, who in their right mind would pretend to be aboriginal?

I established an aboriginal committee representing almost every state and territory we are committed to a united Australia which includes ending racial funding. We can see the damage it is doing.

This is an invasion using indigenous issues as a decoy, we want to protect our people, the Australian people against this nasty and dangerous international attack.