Kevin “politics as usual” McCarthy is no longer Speaker of the US Congress.

IT may well be that Trump is involved in an irregular warfare operation against the Deep State, but former Trump chief strategist and ex-US Navy Lieutenant Steve Bannon and his MAGA circle do not throw out tricky Q-style riddles when talking about their battle against what they call “the Administrative State”.

For Bannon and MAGA the real battle is political, which is the Congress, the Senate, the courts and the ground-level politics of party precincts. The administrative state, the enemy, is the vast, sprawling federal bureaucracy, the corporate donors and mainstream media including big tech.

The sacking of the compromised Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, by eight MAGA Republicans with the help of Democrat votes, was just one win for Bannon this week in a series of battles. McCarthy was spotted in the Congress wearing a Ukraine flag badge because he, like his RINO friends, wanted to keep funding the war.

But Bannon says certain key political operatives are already putting in place some 3000 “non-Senate confirmed political appointes that will be put in immediately” after Trump’s election for his second term. He says this will be the beginning of the take-down of the existing administrative state.

There’s also the law front and as Mike Davis, the founder and president of the Article III Project, told Bannon, the switching of the Supreme Court by Trump to five conservative judges versus four left-leaning ones was a major achievement.

And now that same court will later this year reconsider the landmark Chevron v. National Resources Defense Council (1984) ruling, which could tip the balance of power between the federal judiciary and the executive branch of government back towards the judiciary in the Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo case, which specifically requests Chevron be overruled.

This would be a major blow to the administrative state, which has ballooned in size and power such as demonstrated by the Bureau of Land Management, which exercises environmentalist-based domination of vast tracts of land in the US west.

“They (the court) are going to start to do something the Supreme Court has not really done in the last 90 years, when that is to roll back the federal government’s power back into its place under the Constitution and make sure that that federal government … is divided up where the legislative power remains with Congress, the executive power belongs to the President and the judicial power belongs to the Supreme Court and the lower Federal Courts,” said Davis.

Former Trump official Dr Peter Navarro.

And we can no longer have a government where we have the Tony Fauci’s of the world who have way too much power, these unelected sub-cabinet bureaucrats who are not accountable to the president, they’re not accountable to the American people and not Senate-confirmed and who run the day to day business.”

Davis estimated there were more than two million executive branch employees and only about 2000 political appointees who were supposed to manage them – one in 1000. “There’s no way you can manage the executive branch as a president with one in a thousand.”

Bannon said the whole picture was made worse by the fact that millions of consultants boosted the federal workforce to some 18 million people, a figure which is hard to fathom. He says Washington is like “Paris the imperial capital” with the best of everything to cater for the cashed up federal employees and consultants.

What Bannon and others talk about is a far cry from what we see in Greatest Show on Earth, which dangles dramatic scenarios behind mysterious codes. It is clearly a psyop, and if it has any good purpose it is merely to give the people some hope of a solution following the controlled demolition of the American Republic and other nations by powers that be.

Another key member of Bannon’s team, Peter Navarro, Trump’s former Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy and national Defense Production Act policy coordinator. Navarro knows what he’s talking about when he refers to “these idiots” at the Capitol pushing through big spending bills.

“Before our eyes Steve, our entire economy and financial system is disintegrating,” he said, going on to explain the problems of threatening stagflation (inflation accompanied by stagnant growth, unemployment or recession) and debt soaring from $33 trillion this year to $53 trillion in a decade. Interest payments were already costing the US a staggering $2 billion a day.

So, yes, the chances that Trump has some sort of military operation in place does not seem too far fetched, given the dire situation facing the country and what General Michael Flynn described as an insurgency against Trump – “irregular warfare at its finest”.

Another long-time, prominent player in the political battle for America has been Jerome Corsi, a well respected veteran political journalist who revealed in a broadcast during the Obama administration that a group of generals approached him, saying they were ready to conduct a coup d’etat against Obama.

“A few weeks later I got another call and said that they were reconsidering. You know why they were reconsidering? Because they talked to Donald Trump … and Trump agreed he would run and they agreed that if he would run they would conduct their coup d’etat as a legitimate process, rooting out the traitors within government, and that pact between Donald Trump and the military has held.”

At the very least, we can take Corsi as a reliable source. Now in his senior years, he is no click baiting, grand-standing conspiracy theorist and would certainly not have wanted to ruin his reputation with the US military by spreading unfounded rumours about them.

The military knew that Obama was the Traitor in Chief. The very slick, well-spoken homosexual, who got away with lying about his citizenship and his pretend transvestite wife, seized the minds of gullible Americans with his cheap slogans about “change” or “yes we can” and being the “first black president”. But behind the scenes, Obama was a CIA asset selling out his country to the globalist cabal, and still is via his puppet Biden.

But to overthrow him in a military coup would have outraged almost the entire western world establishment. It would have likely sparked some sort of civil war. Perhaps the well-armed US patriots could have held fort with the military, but it would have been a very dangerous game.

And with Trump came the great “Q Anon” mystery. “Who is Q,” everyone asked. “It’s Trump. No it’s someone else. No it’s a psyop by the black hats. No, it’s real,” others said. “It’s a conspiracy theory,” said the media, predictably.

A few years down the track, some of us got thoroughly sick of the relentless false rumors and false hope spread around about Q Anon and speculation about when the white hat military would come in like the cavalry to restore his presidency, so we dismissed it as perhaps a psyop gone wrong.

But Trump himself made a thinly veiled reference to Q during a press conference (see 8m7sec) in the White House, surrounded by 34 military chiefs and their partners. Trump very clearly drew a Q shape in the air with his finger.

“You know what this represents?” he asked the media pack. “Maybe it represents the calm before the storm.” “What’s the storm?” asked one of them. “Could be the calm before the storm,” he repeated. “What storm, Mr President,” a female reporter asked. Trump did not specify but went on to say “We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that.” The female reporter persisted: “What’s the storm Mr President?” “You’ll find out,” he replied.

Trump played the Q-card more than once. In Easter 2018 he and the First Lady Melania appeared on the White House balcony with someone in an Easter Bunny outfit. It was crass bad taste on the surface, but the white rabbit had its own mind-boggling Q narrative. And then, apparently in a direct response to a Q posting, he mentioned the words “tippy top” in his address.

And then for months, in between picking the day when the white hats would arrive, we were trying to locate the storm. Was it the January 6th invasion of the Capitol? Would it be when Trump and the military took government back from Biden? Was it the 2020 summer riots across the US when Antifa, BLM and others burnt down entire city centres? Or was it the Covid plandmemic? That certainly was a storm.

But many of the “Q” rumours and predictions around the Trump presidency neither made sense nor came true, especially when Biden “won” the 2020 election without a campaign. Many predictions were simply false, thrown out there as click bait or simply just to mock Trump’s MAGA movement.

But in retrospect in 2023 the whole chain of events could be called a storm. Even the recent fires started by arsonists in Europe, North America and Hawaii and called “climate change” by lying media and environmentalists could be part of it. It seems that the deep state globalists are pulling out the stops to push their agenda across the line.

Trump himself alluded to the psychological nature of this war when he called for “a great reawakening of America” and told media “I’m a war-time president, this is a war, a different war to anything we’ve had”. Trump stated further that 2024 would be “our finest and biggest battle”.

This war also involved The Great Awakening. But how would Americans awaken from their slumber and delusions? These were the same Americans who had literally bent their knees in public front of BLM Marxists and funneled tens of millions of dollars into their coffers.

Meanwhile the fight goes on at ground level with Bannon and MAGA and the other political hard-ball players trying to unravel the rigged election system, fighting the big federal departments like the Department of Justice that have become weaponised and big pharma and the WHO pushing their poisons.