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Former President Trump Speaks at CPAC: ‘I will totally obliterate Deep State’, which includes the Australian operation

2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. He declared that he would “totally obliterate the deep state,” if elected president again, saying, “I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.” The former president also distinguished himself from other Republicans, saying, “we are never going back to the party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush,” and discussed his policy agenda.

Evict our perverted president, retire our rotting Congress, dismiss our corrupted military leaders and protect and repair the seriously injured America (Australia)

by John Kaminski

To be clear about this ruckus, I believe everybody on this list is sincere in their beliefs and have done their best to comprehend confusing events which have yet to be resolved, as the continuing crimes of our government, totally manipulated by jaded Jewish outlaws, now threaten not only our peace and prosperity, but our continuing survival as well. I planted the “no planes” meme to get everybody’s attention, because simply blaming our Jewish overseers for this entire event and additional continuing crimes seems not to motivate participation in solving the 9/11 crimes as much as focusing on a single act that has nothing to do with the crime itself, since it was only a distraction, a feint, to prevent us from realizing the barbaric consequences it has inflicted upon the world,and identifying, convicting and executing the criminals who have committed this crime, and continue to commit other crimes with each criminal maneuver they inflict upon us today.

Our failure to solve 9/11 allowed the Jews to succeed in destroying freedom in the world with the COVID hoax, and its successful plan to murder millions. The perpetrators of this crime are the same perpetrators of 9/11, the same perpetrators, in fact, of the JFK assassination and all the false flag crimes in between.

In that sense, everybody on this list has missed the point of this exercise, which is that if they had put in half the effort into naming the perpetrators of this dastardly crime that they have invested in arguing about the technical trivialities of what was only the nature of the distraction, we would have not only solved the crime, cleaned up the government, executed the traitors, disbarred the lawyers and judges who covered up the crime, and most importantly derailed the next generation of criminals who have committed the next generation of crimes that have killed millions and now threatened to kill millions more, all because we — our proud egotistical selves — thought it better to devote our time to this trivial piece of history which can never be adequately solved to the satisfaction of all, instead of evicting the judges from their corrupted perches, the phony politicians fraudulently elected, the destruction of societies around the world and the perversion of next generations whom we teach that crime and deception are the best way to get rich, even if means eating our own children. I think there’s a quote in Deuteronomy about this. (28:56)

What happened on 9/11 means nothing now. The only thing that really counts now is what you will do tomorrow to avoid getting trapped in endless trivialities that will prevent you from seeing what must be done to keep our world from being destroyed. Now is the time to reflect upon all this time you have just wasted and realize all your effort has accomplished nothing. Now is the time to evict our perverted president, retire our rotting Congress, dismiss our corrupted military leaders, and protect and repair the seriously injured America we have left. Close the borders, fire the judges, arrest the perps (as I have been saying for 20 years) and put Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and George Soros in chains in a public square, prior to their trial and execution.

Now is the time to stop giving away our money to pervert dictators who funnel bribes back to curdled politicians, who then curtail our rights and order us to take poisons so that they may increase the bribes they get from Jewish dictators who have planned our destruction for hundreds of years. Do something useful and look in the mirror. Stop worrying about what you’re going to lose and who you’re going to anger by going against the grain and using the word Jew instead of Khazarian mafia. Grow some balls. Women, stop trying to be men. Men, stop trying to be women, you disgusting faggots. The family system worked until the Jews destroyed it with homo priests and lesbian sadists who beat each other up. And drink the blood of murdered children.

Stop being afraid of the Jews. They did Communism, they did 9/11, they did COVID, they’re about to do World War 3. They need to be neutralized. Why do you think they call everybody farm animals, or cockroaches? Why do you think they want us to eat insects? Because they’re not humans. Make them publish the Talmud and observe how they rape little girls.

Do you think you’ll be interested in whether there were planes or no planes on 9/11 when you’re dead, twitching your last with myocarditis or developing one of those endlessly spasming death twitches at that moments when you realize that your cell phone downloads more quickly, but you can no longer breathe.

You know what you need to do, and you know what must be done. Do it. And do it now.

Best wishes, and be brave. There is no room for cowards now.

John Kaminski

SCUD missile hits Pentagon in 9/11

No evidence of aircraft

Migrant tsunamis coming to take essential job vacancies caused by Covid scamdemic

by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

Globalism is the term for all Western nations targeted for social / economic destruction as per The Earth Charter [Gorbachev and Strong]. On the Grand Chessboard, the Western nations [Bad Guy Script] with the carbon footprints supposedly the size of a Yeti are designated: the Globalists. The UN has outsourced their demolition to UN ‘multi-lateral’ partner the WEF. And our WEFies here in Australia are on the mark with the getting the population injected with a bioweapon and tranzed through the spike protein transmission of the vaxx, breaking supply chains of primary production, destroying jobs, businesses. Naturally migrant tsunamis are now being organised for all those essential job vacancies created by the Australian CoVID Regime and its policies of social carnage.

Digital currency which will tax, track and ultimately enable the control of all transactions.

All remnant of freedom, law, civil and human rights in our post Christian societies [such as it is] much be eradicated before we too can build back better. Our CoVID Regime WEFies have this solidly in hand.

The Central Bank Digital Currency is part of the emergent world soviet / 6uild 6ack 6etter side of the picture. The BRICies are already streets ahead of us in their social credit system. They got to use their CoVID Crisis to link up their social control grids. But then the BRICies have already built their gulags, labor collectives and implemented their CoVID Regimes, mandatory vaxxes etc. A key component of this grid is the digital currency which will tax, track and ultimately enable the control of all transactions.

The social credit score would not be possible without CBDC. For example, the latest from The Owners is their ‘co-incidence theory correctness’ mandate. UNESCO, the European Commission and the Anti Defamation League have all gotten together (secretly), decided and decreed in unison that “The World is NOT governed by a secret global elite”. Conspiracy theorizing is WRONGTHINK. If you are a sheeple who is not onboard with ‘co-incidence theory correctness’ in your social media you will not be paying your bills this week. Your bugburger delivery is cancelled.
#ThinkBeforeSharing and stop the spread of conspiracy theories.

Let us hope Cairns News will have a lot of fun with this caper.

The Digital Rouble is going to be rolled out in 2024. That is when the Central Bank of Russia will connect all their banks / credit institutions to the digital platform. This platform will integrate DNA database, surveillance, Certificate of Vaccination ID, social credit score etc. The Soviet Union has already worked this out in the secret cities.

The Central Bank of Australia is owned by the same International Judenstaat which owns the Central Bank of Russia. Central Banking is a cartel. No one should imagine that the Central Bank of Russia is owned by a sovereign and independent ethnically Russian people and their Russian state ( upward of 60,000,000 of which genocided by the Ashkhenazi Yiddish /Jewish Bolsheviks). The Central Bank of Russia is owned by the financial arm of the Judenstaat which has its praesidium for goy nations in the UN, its financial arm in the central banking cartel with its apex in the Bank of International Settlements, its militaries in its US government, its Russian government, its PRC government as well its Gooks [proxy, rogue forces for the Revolution]. Then there are all their manufactured billionaires and their foundations which finance the Revolution [the permanent, world-wide Revolution of the Fourth ComIntern]. The Crime Cartels are all franchises of this structure. And the pyramid we are looking at also has its ‘multi-lateral’ partners, stakeholders and NGOs. Huge operation. All co-ordinated through vertical integration from a covert Apex.

World still suffering in the aftermath of the 9/11 scam

by John Kamiski

So there I was, gingerly tasting about my third sip of morning coffee, when through grainy sleepy bugs my eyes trailed off toward the TV. Not too fast, not too slow, but methodically, the silhouette of the plane silently dove into the skyscraper. I gagged as I swallowed, the building erupted in flame and the world changed forever.

Something about that snapshot of memory, now etched like a bronze plaque in my mind, didn’t wash then and still doesn’t wash now, even though I’ve relived that moment thousands of times on video from every angle — the sudden flash just before impact that some thought was a last minute missile, the missing piece of the wing as the plane approached the building, the nose of the plane poking out the other side of the skyscraper before the screen suddenly went black.

Such a perfect gash. Not a trace of flame, for one perfectly pregnant moment. That intervening millisecond has been stuck in the throat of my mind ever since.

Through hundreds of other crash videos, rocket sledges slamming into concrete barriers and all sorts of test collisions, not once have I ever seen another crash like that one, where not a speck of debris catapulted backwards in the direction of the projectile that hit the solid target before smoke and flame engulfed the scene.

Through all the video angles I have since witnessed, only a silent, pristine entry in the supremely solid steel cladding is all I’ve ever seen, testifying to the astonishing fakery that has deceived the world all this time.

I tried to write this on last year’s anniversary of this corporate carnage, this Communist circumcision of American freedom, but was instantly assailed by those who claimed to know about Dov Zakheim’s special plane that could fly 500 mph under 1000 feet up and was muscled up to penetrate the steel side of the south tower.

What remains glaringly inconsistent about this assertion is that any plane fortified in this manner would suffer the same fatal cramp as astronauts would have encountered on their way to the moon.

No plane of any type could fly that fast at that altitude, never mind one strong enough able to penetrate the side of a building and disappear into it without leaving a mess outside the point where it hit, just as no space vehicle could transport Buzz Aldrin through the Van Allen Belt without broiling him on one side and freezing him on the other.

So there is your authentic history, and there is your totally fabricated, stricken by lies reality today, as you choke on your poison mask, condemned by your poison PCR tests, terminated by your poison Remdesivir, and still denying it all through your media poisoned mind.

Though it is unnecessary to provide more evidence, have a little more to erase any possibility that I have not just told you the truth.

The logic I used many years ago to reach this same conclusion is already firmly implanted in your thoroughly deformed mind. If the other three “hijacked” planes were fabrications, where does that leave the phantom monster that struck the south tower? Statistically speaking, that would place them irrefutably out to lunch.

How about that plane in Pennsylvania that government operative Donn deGrande Pre said was shot down by an F-16 pilot he knew personally? Did you happen to catch that crash scene in Shanksville? Debris barely enough to fill a suitcase.

Damn, what does that do to the Todd Beamer story? (The phone call: “Mom? This is your son, Todd Beamer.”) Oh those poor passengers who tried to wrestle those boxcutters away from the hijackers!

And the tiny hole in the Pentagon, clearly made by a missile, that just happened to wipe out the Navy auditors investigating Donald Rumsfeld’s missing trillions he had announced just the day before.

And that third plane, not so clearly a drone in Naudets’ snapshot which supposedly hit the North Tower, and stewardess Betty Ong’s famous phone call (“I see buildings!”). Also going 600 mph, according to news reports.

Pile on top of that Building 7 and Larry Silverstein’s tearful explanation (“There was such a loss of life we just had to ‘pull it’.”) before he later collected his $7.4 billion from his $400,000 investment.

Or Christie Todd Whitman’s statement there was no radiation problem long before we learned 350,000 had died from cancer due to the bombs that were used.

Or the five Israelis shipped in from Israel “to document the event.”

I could go on, but let’s switch to a short form description of how you should regard the event after all this time.

Disregard anything about the hijackers or the planes. They are both ruses meant to distract you from the real issue, which were the bombs that vaporized the structures.

Reexamine the decision to get rid of the debris as fast as possible so people would not notice how thoroughly every shard of those towers was so thoroughly demolished that they couldn’t possibly have been destroyed by an ordinary fire of office furniture.

The operant phrase that applies to all the leaders, journalists and celebrities of the time as well as all the flunkies who followed them right up to this very day is “guilty of treason, mass murder, and especially obstruction of justice.”

But most of all, discern the ethnic identity and duplicitous character of all the explainers of this dire event. Too many websites today that explained that 9/11 was a Jew job from start to finish have been murdered as well. The utter demolition of the towers has continued right up until today with the utter demolition of the country and perhaps even the world with the same cast of characters whose evil ancestors track back even to the Kennedy assassinations.

And perhaps those missing shards of debris that would have fluttered to the ground had an actual jetliner crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 were replaced in a real sense by all those bodies — 1200, they say — who dove to their deaths in desperation — gesticulating wildly like paper airplanes in the wind — with a government that sacrificed them to that totalitarian monster now in the process of doing the same thing to us today.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Very revealing update on world situation

Readers can make up their own minds about the message in this video.

Canberra cops deploy real weapons of mass destruction against protesters at Saturday rally

LNP/ALP duopoly gives Main Stream Media 100% tax deduction for Covid propaganda support

Video link to pass around:

Virus scam bigger than 9/11


Bigger con job than 9/11. Health authorities and governments in cohorts with the lying mainstream media have created a ‘pandemic’ with the help of the communist-controlled WHO whose leader is listed on a world terror bulletin. Watch this brilliant biologist and cancer Specialist expose the whole rotten scam. Dr Rashid A Buttar is one of the top 50 doctors in the US. Take this message to your local member of parliament and try to explain that he might face a War Crimes Tribunal unless something is done to restart the economy now and scuttle the lock down. Never ever take any vaccine developed by Bill Gates. Go to

Will NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons comment on this strange beam in the sky at a fire

These photos compliments of ‘State of the Nation’

Just like Operation Torch California, hard evidence of DEWs appearing throughout Australian bushfires (Video + Photo Proof)

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said he was offended he wasn’t told the army was coming to help with logistics for the bush fires emergency. What a shame he didn’t get on his knees and thank them for coming or better still thank the Prime Minister for arranging the deployment.

Can the NSW Fire Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons explain what this beam of light might be which was photographed at a NSW fire by a volunteer?


Maybe the army reservists might have a better idea of fighting bush fires by dropping off some of military’s numerous bulldozers and graders to build proper firebreaks just as the rural brigades did in the past.

Defence Force Chief of the reservists Major General Justin Ellwood offered the Army’s vast array of heavy machinery to Victoria, NSW and South Australia. It is not known if the states accepted his offer.

The hundreds of thousands of people affected by these fires should be angry, bloody angry, and take their wrath out on the ALP/Liberal duopoly, the Greens the Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Political correctness and dangerous regulations have prevented volunteers from using proper fire controls

Don’t blame the volunteers who have been hamstrung in their valiant efforts by political correctness in fire management and control strategies which by the countless television footage seen across the world is just patently wrong and ineffective.

Dropping a few thousand litres of water onto flames from aircraft is ineffective and at $15,000 per plane, per hour, a waste of money. The only solution is to let the huge fire mass burn out on a wide break after back burning from the break.

Have the rural crews in place to extinguish spot fires with water, dozers and a helicopter.

Building a break naturally requires trees to be pushed over and even in the face of such massive destruction was not permitted by ALP/Liberal policies.

The RFS had sufficient time to build breaks in southern NSW and East Gippsland before the conflagration arrived. They could have started 6 months ago.

Have a Royal Commission? Another ALP sick joke from an Opposition leader so far out of his depth an oxygen tank can’t save him.

After the duplicitous Royal Commission into the financial industry few are interested in another show trial.

Drain the socialist, bureaucratic swamp, clean out the universities, get rid of UN Agenda 21/30 and a host of other, similar treaties various governments have signed us into, repeal the thousands of dangerous environmental regulations imposed by states and the Commonwealth and start again after input from rural farm land managers and Forestry Departments.

Can we get Donald Trump here on a three month contract?


El Paso shooter Connor Betts died in 2014

from beforeitsnews

Deep State has been caught out scrubbing the internet of any older mentions of the alleged shooter at Dayton, El Paso. The below obituary of Connor Betts is from 2014, but he was blamed for the Walmart massacre last week!

Give them nothing and don’t waste one second watching the liars who told you 9/11 was done by men in caves with box cutters.  The fake media commentators like Tucker Carlson tell you Oswald was the lone gunman that killed Kennedy even though 95% of Americans don’t believe it and there’s pictures showing Oswald standing in the door of the book depository as Kennedy motorcade goes by!  Oh and of course H.W. Bush and son G.W. Bush were both in Dealey Plaza watching it go down!  And some of you still watch the liars of Fox News?  Unbelievable!

Fox News in El Paso went off the script and reported the El Paso Shooting early!  You won’t find this clip on the Fake Youtube of course!  I had to upload it to Brighteon run by patriot Mike Adams!  The woman says, “Oh that hasn’t happened YET!”


Investigator reveals video of explosive charges being laid on floors 93 to 99 Twin Towers 9/11

This video is the best that has ever been published about the real 9/11. Watch it now before Youtube censors it.
Special investigator into Russiagate and Trump’s alleged involvement, Robert Mueller was FBI head at the time of 9/11 and he has covered up the controlled demolition of buildings. Recorded eyewitness accounts from emergency services workers and office occupants tell the whole story, that Obama, Bush and the Democrats have covered up. There were no planes that hit the Twin Towers or the Pentagon.

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