By Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Researchers have begun inoculating Australian cattle with dangerous mRNA toxins rendering beef as no longer safe to consume.

At the end of August the NSW Department of Agriculture began inoculation trials to develop a mRNA vaccine to treat bovine diseases.

This bloke, David Foote is the token Chairman of Cattle Australia. He is a perennial rural industry identity and National Party stooge getting exposure to nominate for a safe seat in a future election, in the same manner as most others on the board.

The NSW Agricultural Department claims the mRNA gene-altering shot for cattle could protect against Foot and Mouth disease and Lumpy Skin disease. Vaccine producer Pfizer admitted its mRNA human vaccine, thought to be responsible for 33,000 excess Australian deaths in 2021-22, had an efficacy of just 2 per cent and in its human trials Pfizer admitted the experimental vaccine had severely injured participants.

How could any government in its right mind contaminate a food source with such an insidious gene-altering toxin?

While the cattle industry is struggling because of market manipulation by its biggest meat packer, the Brazilian JBS Swift, producers are being paid a pittance for quality cattle on the open market.

Prices are almost back to 1975 levels which saw many bankruptcies and farmers leave the land in a trail of destruction when the industry lost two generations of capable land managers and cattle breeders.

Should the present cattle prices stay the same or slide further downwards, by the end of 2024 the nation will experience a similar brain drain to that of the 70’s making way for corporate farming to pick up family farms for next to nothing.

The Claytons cattle producer representative body, Cattle Australia, with career National Party members on its board, will not investigate or even admit the dangerous mRNA toxic inoculation could see the red meat industry slide into oblivion.

We are unaware of what inoculation trials the department has conducted on private farms across the state as previous communications with ag department bureaucrats proved unsatisfactory.

There is no question that consumers will boycott red meat now that the NSW trial has begun. Chickens are next.

It will sound the death knell for the beef and sheep meat industry.

Sheep have already been injected with an experimental mRNA shot in NSW trials.

We warn our overseas and Australian readers to be very careful when buying Australian beef.

By now the Agricultural Department has more than likely released some or all of their surviving vaccinated cattle from trials onto the market where they would be killed and end up in a butcher shop or if suitable quality, in a box bound overseas.

Ground beef for the American hamburger market could be another destination. Although we have seen evidence Macdonalds is not too fussy about what goes into their beef, we are certain consumers would not stomach mRNA spike proteins or graphene nanoparticles as found in human Covid vaccines.

Certainly our largest buyer of live export cattle, Indonesia needs little excuse to ban our cattle again.

Australia’s largest meat packer, JBS Swift has been fined $280 million USD for paying bribes to government officials and price fixing.

How have government officials and politicians fared in Australia? Has JBS engaged in bribery and commodity price fixing here?