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NSW Liberals as agents of the WEF intend to wipe out cattle herd with mRNA jabs – where is the NFF?

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Minister predicts foot and mouth and lumpyskin diseases could enter the Far North during wet season – what does he know that we don’t?

The NSW Government has taken another step towards fast tracking the world first mRNA vaccines for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease, inking a deal with US biotechnology company Tiba Biotech.

This intellectual pygmy of the National Party, Dugald Saunders has been living under a rock for three years. As thousands of his and megalomaniacal Health Minister Brad Hazzard’s mRNA jabbed constituents are indelibly injured or die from mRNA jabs all around him he wants to do the same to the cattle herd. These morons should be certified and taken to mental institutions.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole said today marks an important milestone towards securing the vaccine technology that will protect Australia’s $28.7 billion livestock industry.

“The NSW Nationals in Government are taking the threat of FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease extremely seriously, and this milestone is another step forward in preparing for a potential outbreak,” Mr Toole said.

“I have now written to vaccine manufacturers to take up my challenge to develop both vaccines ready for use and manufacture in NSW by August 1 next year.

“COVID-19 demonstrated to us that all possible avenues in developing vaccines must be explored and we will leave no stone unturned.”

Minister for Agriculture Dugald Saunders said the agreement with Tiba Biotech gives NSW another path towards developing mRNA vaccines for FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease.

“It is critical that we develop mRNA vaccines for FMD and Lumpy Skin as quickly as possible to protect our State’s livestock sector,” Mr Saunders said.

The NSW cattle herd will be relegated to blood and bone fertiliser if Tiba mRNA vaxx gets into their system. If NSW cattle producers allow the WEF agents to jab their stock, there will be an unprecedented consumer boycott of all meat products across Australia. All a part of the depopulation program.

“The threat of FMD is ongoing and there are concerns Lumpy Skin Disease could enter northern Australia this coming wet season, so it’s critical we continue to do what we can as quickly as we can.

“Current FMD vaccines use the virus itself, and there is yet to be an approved vaccine for use in Australia for Lumpy Skin Disease, so creating mRNA vaccines to combat either disease would be a game-changer for the industry.

“mRNA vaccines are cheaper and quicker to produce, highly effective and very safe.

“Because they are fully synthetic and do not require any animal or microbial products, they do not carry with them the same risks as traditionally derived vaccines.”

Tiba co-founder Peter McGrath said the company was pleased to be working in partnership with government, industry and researchers to protect Australia’s vital livestock industry and food security.

Jason Strong of Meat and Livestock Australia, a parasitic body living off livestock producers agrees to gene altering jabs for cattle and who knows what effect this will have on anyone who ingests mRNA prions?

“Our next generation RNA technology is able to safely and efficiently deliver vaccines for both human and animal health needs and has demonstrated more practical storage requirements than existing RNA technologies,” Mr McGrath said.

Meat and Livestock Australia managing director Jason Strong said mRNA vaccines had additional benefits for the livestock sector.

“This type of vaccine technology may not require the longer testing and approval processes required for conventional vaccine development and importation as it does not use animal products,” Mr Strong said.

“That means we can use it to provide faster responses to outbreaks, enable eradication and return to freedom status – and market access – sooner.”

The pilot program is part of a $65 million investment from the NSW Government to prepare for and prevent exotic animal diseases, which brings the total investment in biosecurity this year alone to $229 million – the biggest biosecurity investment by a single jurisdiction on exotic pest and disease control.

MEDIA: Ella Smith | Deputy Premier | 0428 745 348
Sally Taylor | Minister Saunders | 0428 149 401

Live sheep exports to be banned by treacherous Liberals, cattle next


by Gil Hanrahan

The farming industry’s beloved Liberal National Party is about to betray them again when Liberal MP Susan Ley will today introduce a private member’s bill into the Lower House that would ban live sheep exports to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer months in 2019 and close the sector down entirely in five years.

The last major double-cross for agriculture by the Liberals was in 1999 when PM John Howard introduced the Environment and Biosecurity Conservation Act which was the key for the states to introduce severe vegetation management laws.

How much more government intervention the industry can take is anyone’s guess but soon over-regulation will choke all primary industry to a standstill regardless of the political hue in Canberra.

The last bastion of neo-liberalism, the National Farmers Federation and Meat and Livestock Australia have committed their final Judas act by rolling over whenever pressure is applied by activists.

Animals Australia activist and former policewoman, Lyn White is trying to shut down the farming industry in Australia

The traitorous ABC troll responsible for shutting down the live cattle export industry based on false and misleading television footage of Indonesian-bred cattle being mistreated by bribed abattoir workers is Susan Ferguson.

Coincidentally she is the wife of Q&A presenter and ALP sycophant Tony Jones.

Ferguson and the Animals Australia snake Lyn White aided and abetted by the ABC shut down the live cattle export trade overnight in 2011.

It is on the record these misguided, athiest animal rights activists indirectly caused a number of suicides across the agricultural sector.

As a consequence a group of cattle producers is suing the Federal Government for $600 million in compensation after live exports to Indonesia were banned by the Gillard administration.

Now it seems the trendsetters of the left division in the Liberal Party have joined in to support the Liberal backbencher’s anti-export bill.

Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said Labor will lock in its support for what will be known as the Live Sheep Long Haul Export Prohibition Bill.

Livestock producers should be aware these fifth-columnists won’t stop with sheep. Those opposed to live export are rounding up their forces right now to shut down cattle exports.

These pagans believe animal rights take precedence over human lives in a similar fashion to the Queensland Labor Party and it seems the Liberals who continue to allow tourists and North Queensland inhabitants be torn apart by monstrous crocodiles.

The sheep meat industry and producers had better take a strong stand instead of simply rolling over as normal. If they leave it to the producer bodies they might as well hand the farm keys to the Chinese now.

What will their starving, urbanised grandchildren say?

Muslims, Halal slaughter and the Qur’an

The Drum

By Ruby Hamad

Posted 4 hours 37 minutes ago

Photo: Few are aware that Islam sets a detailed and rigid set of rules regarding animal handling. (Animals Australia)

It is impossible to reconcile the abhorrent images of exported livestock being abused in Gaza with the concept of halal slaughter as proscribed in the Qur’an, writes Ruby Hamad.

It resembled nothing so much as the Running of the Bulls. Large, terrified animals bucking as excited youths shouted in a showdown between “man” and “beast”. But this time the tradition was taking place not in the name of sport, but of religion, as yet another egregious example of animal abuse in the live export trade was uncovered by Animals Australia (AA).

This time it was Gaza during Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice), where heartbreaking images included steers shot in the kneecaps, kicked, stabbed in the eye, and having their throats repeatedly hacked with blunt knives.

But before cultural superiority has us crowing about “those” countries abusing “our” cattle, Australians must acknowledge that those animals suffered immensely long before they arrived in Gaza.

AA, for all the good work they do, is often guilty of glossing over the abuses suffered by animals on the cargo ships in favour of the graphic images of their slaughter upon destination. As Australians, we need to examine our own relationship to animals and the role we play in exporting cruelty to the world.

But as someone who was raised to believe in a compassionate Islam, I am also dismayed at the unwillingness of Muslims to reconsider their religious obligations towards animals. That the people of Gaza are also subject to daily trauma in what the UN has described as a “humanitarian crisis” probably has much to reveal about the cyclical nature of violence.

Nonetheless, it is impossible to reconcile the images coming out of Gaza – and indeed, all the live export destinations – with the concept of halal slaughter as proscribed in the Qur’an.

While the Qur’an is neutral on the subject of meat eating, in that it neither encourages nor forbids it, it is anything but silent on how animals are to be treated.

Most people would be aware that Islam mandates animals be conscious at slaughter. Less known is that it also sets a detailed and rigid set of rules regarding animal handling, the violations of which renders the meat haram, or forbidden.

These include: not tying or bounding the animal as it is slaughtered, not killing an animal within sight of another animal, not kicking or beating the animal, and using a sharp knife to minimise suffering.

Anyone who saw AA’s “Gaza Files” would see that all these conditions were flagrantly ignored, meaning that Muslims have an obligation not to eat meat from those animals. Al-Hafiz BA Masri, a leading Muslim scholar on animal welfare writes:

If animals have been subjected to cruelties in their breeding, transport, slaughter, or in their general welfare, meat from them is considered impure and unlawful to eat (Haram)…Even if these animals have been slaughtered in the strictest Islamic manner, if cruelties were inflicted on them otherwise, their flesh is still forbidden (Haram) food.

Some scholars, such as Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, have gone further, arguing that the rules of ritual slaughter were so designed to encourage a gradual shift towards vegetarianism. A slaughterman is required to “look into the animal’s eyes, he has to watch the tears of the animal, and he has to watch (its) eyes until it dies,” he wrote. “Hopefully, his heart will change.”

While most Muslims would disagree with this interpretation, there is no doubt that the condition of conscious slaughter continues at the expense of those rules designed to minimise animal distress.

Mohammed himself, who ate a mostly (but not completely) vegetarian diet, is known to have abhorred cruelty to animals. “Fear God in regards to these animals who cannot speak their will,” he warned his early followers.

One tradition or hadith has it that upon seeing a slaughterman sharpening his knife before a sheep, Mohammed admonished him, “Do you intend to inflict death on this animal twice? Once by sharpening your tools in front of it and once by slitting its throat?”

In another, the prophet, getting ready for his prayers, found a cat sleeping on his robe. Rather than disturb the animal, he cut the sleeve off the garment.

Regardless of whether you believe these stories to be true, that they (and many others) exist indicates that early Islam was greatly concerned with animals, holding them in far higher esteem than Muslims do today. The Qur’an even promises a reward for those who treat animals kindly: “He who takes pity even on a sparrow and spares its life, God will be merciful to him on the Day of Judgement.”

Here’s something many people might find surprising; there are more Qur’anic suras or verses advocating kindness to animals than there are calling for female “modesty”.

As someone who firmly believes there is a co-relation between how humans treat animals and how we treat each other, I often fantasise about what modern Islam would look like if Muslims were half as concerned about animals as they are about what women wear.

And as science reveals more facts about the “hidden” lives of animals, surely it is time for Muslims to reclaim that part of our heritage that recognised the inherent value of all life. We now know that dolphins and whales suffer terribly in captivity, that elephants mourn their dead, and that wild parrots name their young. Science has taught us that chickens feel empathy, that cows form maternal and social bonds, and rats – for no reward – will free each other from a trap.

Animals in their emotions and their will do not differ from us as much as we’d like to think. On this matter too, the Qur’an was a revelation:

There is not a creature that lives on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings but forms part of communities like you.

Ruby Hamad is a writer and film maker. View her full profile here.

Comments from a NQ cattle breeder:

Like the extortionists of Animals Aust, you have depicted an isolated case of on-board cattle cruelty. This is not the norm. However most of us cattle producers take the view that positive animal welfare up to the ship departing Australian waters is an integral facet of commercial reality and practice. What happens after the ship berths at its destination is out of our control. And so it should be. I must also correct your assumptions that 40,000 processing sector jobs are lost to the Aust industry. This assertion seems like a normal trade union myth, something we would expect from the mouth of an intellectual pigmy like Paul Howes. Northern Australia, which produces the greater majority of brahman cross export cattle cannot produce cattle in sufficient condition and numbers suitable for processing. That is why northern store cattle are largely exported, essentially to Indonesia and other Asian destinations. Unless the huge areas of northern Australia have another five Ord River type water storages built, and sufficient arable irrigation land to grow enough forage crops to graze some 50,000 ha per dam from Kimberley to the the Lower Gulf, then we cannot produce slaughter cattle. Feedlotting situations are out of the question due to numerous factors , one being the wet season and another the high cost of labour thanks to industry anarchists such as Mr Howes. Taking the cattle out of the north will result in its depopulation. Indonesia or China will be only too willing to move into the void, without paying us one cent and whether we like it or not. These are the realities, and really man has dominion over animals!

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