NSW Liberals as agents of the WEF intend to wipe out cattle herd with mRNA jabs – where is the NFF?

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Minister predicts foot and mouth and lumpyskin diseases could enter the Far North during wet season – what does he know that we don’t?

The NSW Government has taken another step towards fast tracking the world first mRNA vaccines for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease, inking a deal with US biotechnology company Tiba Biotech.

This intellectual pygmy of the National Party, Dugald Saunders has been living under a rock for three years. As thousands of his and megalomaniacal Health Minister Brad Hazzard’s mRNA jabbed constituents are indelibly injured or die from mRNA jabs all around him he wants to do the same to the cattle herd. These morons should be certified and taken to mental institutions.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole said today marks an important milestone towards securing the vaccine technology that will protect Australia’s $28.7 billion livestock industry.

“The NSW Nationals in Government are taking the threat of FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease extremely seriously, and this milestone is another step forward in preparing for a potential outbreak,” Mr Toole said.

“I have now written to vaccine manufacturers to take up my challenge to develop both vaccines ready for use and manufacture in NSW by August 1 next year.

“COVID-19 demonstrated to us that all possible avenues in developing vaccines must be explored and we will leave no stone unturned.”

Minister for Agriculture Dugald Saunders said the agreement with Tiba Biotech gives NSW another path towards developing mRNA vaccines for FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease.

“It is critical that we develop mRNA vaccines for FMD and Lumpy Skin as quickly as possible to protect our State’s livestock sector,” Mr Saunders said.

The NSW cattle herd will be relegated to blood and bone fertiliser if Tiba mRNA vaxx gets into their system. If NSW cattle producers allow the WEF agents to jab their stock, there will be an unprecedented consumer boycott of all meat products across Australia. All a part of the depopulation program.

“The threat of FMD is ongoing and there are concerns Lumpy Skin Disease could enter northern Australia this coming wet season, so it’s critical we continue to do what we can as quickly as we can.

“Current FMD vaccines use the virus itself, and there is yet to be an approved vaccine for use in Australia for Lumpy Skin Disease, so creating mRNA vaccines to combat either disease would be a game-changer for the industry.

“mRNA vaccines are cheaper and quicker to produce, highly effective and very safe.

“Because they are fully synthetic and do not require any animal or microbial products, they do not carry with them the same risks as traditionally derived vaccines.”

Tiba co-founder Peter McGrath said the company was pleased to be working in partnership with government, industry and researchers to protect Australia’s vital livestock industry and food security.

Jason Strong of Meat and Livestock Australia, a parasitic body living off livestock producers agrees to gene altering jabs for cattle and who knows what effect this will have on anyone who ingests mRNA prions?

“Our next generation RNA technology is able to safely and efficiently deliver vaccines for both human and animal health needs and has demonstrated more practical storage requirements than existing RNA technologies,” Mr McGrath said.

Meat and Livestock Australia managing director Jason Strong said mRNA vaccines had additional benefits for the livestock sector.

“This type of vaccine technology may not require the longer testing and approval processes required for conventional vaccine development and importation as it does not use animal products,” Mr Strong said.

“That means we can use it to provide faster responses to outbreaks, enable eradication and return to freedom status – and market access – sooner.”

The pilot program is part of a $65 million investment from the NSW Government to prepare for and prevent exotic animal diseases, which brings the total investment in biosecurity this year alone to $229 million – the biggest biosecurity investment by a single jurisdiction on exotic pest and disease control.

MEDIA: Ella Smith | Deputy Premier | 0428 745 348
Sally Taylor | Minister Saunders | 0428 149 401

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “How about you just scroll past my comments.”

    lol That’s hard to do when you call people like Roland “idiots” and make yourself “sick” simply because you disagree with their comment. Now run along and try being a little more civil and less insulting in your comments. You’ll recover in no time.


  2. How about you just scroll past my comments. You have not had something nice to say from the time you’ve been on here.


  3. good god help our unelected gov… and everyone return to truth goodness and you,… my first thought was get the ” mortien cockroach spray


  4. “I’m so sick of hearing from idiots that think they were voted in.”

    Don’t treat yourself, get professional help. 🙂


  5. When are people like Roland going to realise that the 1/4, 1/2 and full nut jobs were not voted in by the people but were placed there by the wef? I’m so sick of hearing from idiots that think they were voted in.


  6. these grub,s need extermination. the ?????? is . who voted for these 1/4 wits . probably the zero wit brain dead Australian population. . then they bleat and carry on . moron,s .you reap what you sow.




  8. Proven, highly effective and very safe – lol. How have they been proven? How do we know they are effective and how do we know they are very safe? When used on the human population this technology has proven to be unproven, ineffective and unsafe. Show us the data. I point out the obvious – we had virtually no covid in our states until we started vaccinating and the more we vaccinated the more cases contracted. In the last week it has been stated publicly that this technology does not stop the spread. So the obvious question – we have kept foot and mouth away for decades but suddenly want to change to a technology that failed the human race – something stinks here.


  9. Have you looked at the pre-packed fresh mince at the big supermarket chains. I note how ‘ribboned’ and uniform is the beef mince. Compare with the mince from the family butcher – this is a very different looking product.

    I looks to me like the mince from the big supermarket chains is already being cut with something else – synthetic proteins perhaps?


  10. Mad scientists –

    How to kill your RNA

    By Lisa Melton21 December 2007

    These short strands target matching pieces of messenger RNA (mRNA) that contain the information necessary to manufacture a particular protein. Adding a few of these siRNAs to a cell disrupts that message. With no message there is no protein and the target gene shuts down.

    “………………It soon became obvious to biomedical scientists that, at least in theory, short snippets of RNA could be used to treat every disease imaginable. From bird flu to permanent hair removal, there are companies racing to harness RNAi’s tremendous therapeutic potential………”

    “…………..NAi could also be the ideal solution for the notoriously unpredictable HIV. Scientists already know that in the lab, a gene silencing mechanism prevents the virus’s replication in T cells, by cleaving its RNA and turning off its main proteins. But the virus mutates and evolves resistance so rapidly that fighting it will take more than a single RNA target. ’The virus always manages to escape from a single RNAi molecule, admits Karin von Eije from University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The team has been testing different short hairpin (sh)RNAs and their ability to stop viral replication in human T cells in culture. ’It works well at first but eventually the HIV virus sneaks out. It mutates to become RNAi resistant,’ she says……..”



  11. Thanks Ed.



  12. Hope the Kiwis can still buy ammo. Powder and primers we are told are in short supply in Oz. Ed


  13. Hi Alison there is yet no mRNA vaccine approved for livestock in Australia. I think this is disinformation unfortunately. Ed

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  14. A dairy farmer in NSW has been forced to vaccinate her herd with mRNA; after complying, 35 of the 200 head of cattle died instantly. The farmer was told it is “mandatory” for all dairy farms to have their herd jabbed with this mRNA vax.
    Source: http://www.truth11.com/they-are-giving-cows/

    Implications from these actions include: dairy herd DNA is genetically modified, including their milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt products. And there goes the use of their manure and blood and bone as organic fertilizers.

    It appears that nobody or nothing is sacred to these governments. Please farmers, you need to now stand united and form a solid block against these “mandatory” jabs for your cattle.

    Educateforprotection (EFP) is teaching people on their human rights. Anyone can become a subscriber for $200 a year and have access to the EFP teachable resources, links, research material, letters and templates. The information is worth far more than the dollar amount. There is also a farmers’ portal. There is good news coming from EFP indicating that people charged and called into courts are using the pending criminal charges against Dan Andrews to get success for their cases.
    Link: educateforprotection.website

    The criminal charges which have been filed on Dan Andrews MP, at the Magistrates Court of Victoria, are in the public domain. The first charge of Misprison of Treason against CEO Dan Andrews is he has concealed from the electors the unlawful and criminal removal of “The Crown”, “The Monarchy”, and the removal and substitution of the same from the statutory Oath of Allegiance as from January, 2004. The second charge of Fraud at Common Law is Dan Andrews has deliberately concealed these facts from the electors. These criminal charges against Dan Andrews are being presented in courts in a number of States, and the judges are hiding the treason and refusing to receive them. Utterly corrupt.

    More: elijahschallenge.net/index.php/the-constitution


  15. Mr Reynard, Howard’s gun recall was 26! years ago. Ardern’s gun recall was only 3 years ago – and gun ownership in NZ since then, has more than doubled what it was previously. So do you really believe Australians have been THAT slow to recoup? As you say:- “GayBC/SBS viewers & Age readers” would be the only ones to believe that!


  16. Hmm.. Yupp GayBC/SBS viewers & Age readers don’t see it …


  17. Hi Mr Reynard, No they didn’t. Not by a long shot – no pun intended.


  18. Now ?? Maybe you understand why “Honest” Johnny & “Fat” Kim have taken all the guns from you ??


  19. All these fwit ministers pushing these fwit agendas must be vaccinated against the Foot in Mouth Disease asap. Humanity’s survival depends on it.

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  20. They are sick in the head. Waste more money. Pollute our meat products with kick backs from pharmaceuticals. Disgusting.


  21. Instead of complaining, know that We the People have an absolute RIGHT under Magna Carta Article 61 to Lawfully Rebel, form a posse and march in to arrest these criminals. When are Australians going to grow a backbone and do what needs to be done to save our country?

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  22. It’s just a convenient way to kill off livestock.
    Part of the Build Back Better agenda.

    Sugar coated euthanasia.

    If farmers are stupid enough to believe this then they deserve to fail.
    Livestock are already heavily vaccinated, wormed, and antibiotic resistant.

    Where’s the RSPCA to protect animal rights?
    mRNA injections cause organ dysfunction.
    Expect to see female cows no longer able to produce offspring, or have miscarriages.
    Expect sudden cow death SCD
    Expect autoimmune cow diseases.

    Why would it be any different?

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  23. its all vaxx genetic engineering… to change what the good god made into man made genetic products and people … that will be considered not human ” no longer made in gods image ” thereby not haveing ” human rights ” and may be treated as animals…… dear good god please save everyone from evil

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  24. danielafuritane: “I will not buy contaminated beef , lamb, pork or chicken I’ll rather go without it.

    Don’t worry, that’s the idea, I’d say.

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  25. danielafuritane

    I will not buy contaminated beef , lamb, pork or chicken I’ll rather go without it.


  26. Brian Johnston

    Is the grinning jack-ass Dugald qualified to make the decision? Nope.
    Is any MP qualified? Nope.
    It is hard to believe Australia has bought into this narrative.

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  27. I guess the next move is to keep tabs on these traitors let everyone know where they live, where they are, and meet them unexpectedly as serendipity permits, and give them a real good talking to.

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  28. In the interests of BIO SECURITY all farmed animals will be tagged… SNIP ” plans for a national mandatory sheep and goat electronic identification system”. Farmers have NO choice AND most don’t see the AGENDA. If many more supported the proponents of NATURAL / REGENERATIVE / SYNTROPIC / BIO-DYNAMIC farming, 📌who know that animal health is entirely dependent on healthy soil and bio-diverse pasture/forage plants———AND if they joined forces with the Australian Medical Professional Society (AMPS) ——-they could be a powerful VOICE OF REASON / LOBBY. HOWEVER.. It’s only a matter of time… so we Meat Eaters need to line up our ‘suppliers’, learn to hunt and fish, make dehydrated meat products, eat far less meat, combine plant & grain foods for an equivalent amino acid profile etc. MMmm. Blood & bone products for the garden will be off the list also. Add collecting road kill to the gunna-do list.


  29. https://www.nsw.gov.au/media-releases/biosecurity-foot-and-mouth SNIP….”having these two mRNA vaccines in our arsenal…… should these diseases reach our shores, it would give us a clear edge on the world stage” ………” disease surveillance through new intelligent track and trace technology. ” 📌 in the CONTEXT of ‘events’ of last couple of years…. this is another Globalist “Problem, Reaction, Solution” The question is….after animals are vaxxed..❓how safe will the meat & milk products be for consumers❓ We all know the answer


  30. What does that mean for organics?

    What does it mean for the restaurant industry?

    The lunatics are running the asylum. And it’s getting clearer everyday they are actually insane.

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  31. With an expression like that I would say Dugald knows plenty that we don’t know. It is the look of a smirking Mason who has his ‘bases covered’. He’s probably cutting his ‘downward dog’ sign out of the frame. I would bet an entire fortnight’s pension that Dugald knows what’s in the bag of bioweapons for the F NQ. And he knows the Big Pineapple has zippity-do-dah of any chance of getting him arrested for any crime he may [hypothetically of course] commit or enable.

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  32. Thank you Jim O’Toole for your article. This is all such a gigantic crock.
    Despite LSD (not the drug!) being in existence since the 1920’s – with a Zambia epidemic in 1929 – and despite allegedly not being transmittable to or posing a risk to humans – suddenly here we are. Courtesy of those other WEF handmaidens Liberal (now themselves the controlled opposition) and dirtbag ‘Little-to-be-proud-of’ ; who imported LSD tissue samples into our country from Indonesia! Not in order to develop a vaccine to guard against it – but as I firmly believe – to develop one containing it and then to be administered holus bolus to livestock. This ‘culling’ method has been evily perpetrated for decades. And not only upon animals either. Most notably, with Reagan’s administering of the AIDS virus – claiming it to be a vaccine guarding against Hepatitis strains amongst the ‘at risk’ gay community. BS. Meanwhile…the WHO are now banging on about a possible Cholera pandemic – with outbreaks so far, in 26 countries. On and on and on it goes…

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  33. They keep saying “safe and effective”- how can ANYONE believe this???


  34. NO NO NO!! Its coming from the sky (god knows what’s in those chemtrials), water supply (fluoride and god knows what else), productive land is full of Glyphosate residue, toxic jabs and now in our meat ffs.


  35. So many delusional people are bowing down to the vaccine gods.

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  36. tonyryan43: “Does anyone else realise the kid gloves must now come off if we are to survive. Once these treasonous parasites have infected our meat it will be too late to change anything.”

    Spot on! We urgently need a vax for the “She’ll Be Right, Mate” disease. It’s going to kill us faster than anything else.

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  37. These bastards intend to introduce more plant and animal diseases until we are starving. Then if we do eat meat, it will be poisoned with spike proteins. Chefs, you do realise your days of rare steaks will end forthwith, forever. Does anyone else realise the kid gloves must now come off if we are to survive. Once these treasonous parasites have infected our meat it will be too late to change anything.

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