Here is the proof that Putin is going after NATO/US controlled biolabs in Ukraine. as Aussie Cossack points out in this video human blood samples have been sent from Ukraine from a bioweapons research lab linked to the UK government.

The package is addressed to Sue Ellen Nicholson, Head of Serology Lab, Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory at the Doherty Institute, Melbourne.

Without doubt Dangerous Dan Andrews knows all about this connection. Is it any wonder the NSW Liberal Party arranged for Aussie Cossack to be thrown into the Bastille!

Sue Ellen is listed as a senior scientist on Facebook with all her details:

Now we know why the Federal Government has supported Ukraine. They are up to their necks in the Ukranian bioweapons labs coverup that Putin has described and has destroyed many of them. That is the main reason he went into Ukraine as he stated at the start.