Kari Lake takes the mickey out of Aussie news reporter Liam Bartlett who tried to tell her rigging could not happen in a US election.


UPDATE AUG. 9TH: Some 9000 votes from election day 2022 remain uncounted in Maricopa County and supporters of Kari Lake have filed a special action in the Arizona Supreme Court requesting a new trial to present evidence that irrefutably proves that Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh received more votes than his opponent Kris Mayes. Hamadeh recently spoke about his action on War Room with Steve Bannon.

WHEN President Trump called out some of the many anomalies in the 2020 US federal election the Democrats, the anti-Trump Republicans and the media joined in a chorus of outrage that reverberated world wide and is still heard.

And now the politically weaponised US “Department of Justice” has turned the Trump allegations on their head, accusing him of phoney “sedition” and related charges related to “obstruction and conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the US and conspiracy to prevent others from carrying out their constitutional rights.”

“How dare anyone suggest that the US elections could be rigged!” the global media, Democrats and some Republicans scalded in unison in late 2020, as if US politics was the next thing to church picnics. Most, but not all, US courts played along with this set narrative and refused to seriously consider evidence of anomalies simply by raising the bar as to what qualifies as evidence. Journalists like Liam Bartlett of 9 News Australia (see inset) are either too naive, or just too stupidly biased, to believe that any large-scale election hacking could take place.

What the media is not telling you is that political activists like Garland Favorito are still fighting in the courts over anomalies in the state of Georgia involving 147,000 absentee ballots from the 2020 election. Garland has geo-tracking evidence of ballot trafficking, destruction of ballot images and significant admissions from election worker Ruby Freeman and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger.

Out in Arizona in the 2022 mid-term elections, things got really dirty when the outspoken and charismatic former TV news reporter and Trump supporter, Kari Lake, decided to run for Governor. Her Democrat opponent and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was the elected bureaucrat who oversees elections. So did she recuse herself? Oh no, our cute little Katie the “coiffured commie” stayed on. After all, what is conflict of interest?

Meanwhile the two “Republican” operators of the Maricopa County election department, Bill Gates (no, not that Bill Gates) the Maricopa County Supervisor and Stephen Richer the County Recorder, were running a Democrat-funded political action committee (Super Pac) to fight “election denier candidates”, namely Kari Lake. Maricopa County has 60% of the state’s voters.

The county duo’s doings were exposed in discovery from several election fraud court cases launched by Lake and her team. They were shown to be running the most outrageously “inept” elections ever, for instance, sending out broken vote counting machines to heavily Republican voting areas and printing thousands of faulty ballots that jammed machines. And this happened after the “non partisan” Carter Center declared the state’s election equipment passed rigorous testing in all counties.

Hobbs allegedly won the election by 17,000 votes despite her virtual non-campaign. Also suspicious was the “narrow loss” by 0.76% of voter initiative Proposition 309, to strengthen ID requirements for voting. Surveys showed 8 our of 10 Americans favoured stricter ID requirements for voting – but not in Arizona.

Another suspicious “loss” was the Trump-backed Abraham Hamadeh, a former prosecutor and military intelligence officer, in the race for Attorney General. He lost by 280 votes to another Democrat “coiffured commie” and lesbian (of course) Kris Mayes. Why should we doubt that most Arizonan folks have a soft spot for lesbians – especially those who defect from the Republican Party to the Democrats? Or did she just transfer from one side of the Uniparty to the other?

Lake has suffered knockbacks in all her election cases, her last one over the county’s failure to properly verify ballot signatures with 274,000 signatures being compared in less than two seconds and 70,000 in less than a second. But Judge Thompson, an establishment Republican, ruled that no reviewer is required to spend any specific length of time on any particular signature and no standard appeared in the plain text of the statute, he ruled.

“The Court finds that looking at signatures that, by and large, have consistent characteristics will require only a cursory examination and thus take very little time,” CBS quoted the judge as saying. Really Judge, 70,000 signatures being compared in less than a second?

Lake says where once the big party machines would shave a few votes here and there, now the cheating is “in your face” because of populist candidates like Trump and herself. “When you get a big populist candidate like the bull in the China shop named Donald Trump, it’s a lot harder. You can’t shave enough off one side, you just have to blatantly stop counting, roll out the ballots, you know all the funny business, and the same with me. This is why they hate populist candidates (a) they can’t control them, they’re not for sale, you can’t bribe them or blackmail them – they belong to the people,” she told interviewer Eric Metaxas.

Supervisor Gates, who has now resigned, was the classic Trump-hating establishment Republican or RINO (Republican in Name Only). The RINOs are one and the same with Arizona’s McCain Republicans, named after the late Senator John McCain, the guy selected by Obama to do dirty little arms deals with the ISIS mercenary crowd who tried the overthrow Syria’s pro-Russian president Assad. He was also pictured in Ukraine with the Azzov neo-Nazis. McCain was a neo-conservative – basically a Fourth Reich-style globalist who believes in destroying Russia, Iran and anyone else who gets in the way of US-NATO global military hegemony.

Secretary of State Hobbs was one of the elite of Democrat women groomed for SoS jobs across the US by none other than the ugly billionaire frog king George Soros. We have previously referred to Hobbs as the Coiffured Commie who pushes all the “correct” globalist causes. So Arizona hosts this strange “Republocrat” mob, who are on the “right side” of all the big global political money.

The Maricopa County Board of Governors, in case you don’t know, is a gathering of just five “august gentlemen” – four Republicans and one Democrat. They oversee the fourth biggest municipality in the US – so big in fact that they consider the State Congress something of a hillbilly show. The county takes in Phoenix, the fifth biggest US city and it’s all very “SMART” thanks to the progressive RINO-Democrat team who run the county as their UN-WEF overseers would expect.

Hobbs revealed her hand in the campaign when she refused to debate Lake. That would normally be considered political suicide, but to Hobbs it didn’t matter because she and her friends at the county knew they had the election sewn up anyway. It was a similar act to Biden’s ridiculous 2020 non-campaign consisting of a few pathetic, socially-distanced rallies, mumbling basement vlogs and public appearances eating ice cream and spouting incoherent and hilarious observations to kids at a swimming pool about Cornpop’s hairy legs and calling a heckler a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”.

Joe Biden also had a very, very bad public image. He was “caught” on various occasions fondling and sniffing toddlers and teens at the White House – in full public view while parents looked on uncomfortably. It also emerged in the diary of Biden’s youngest daughter Ashley, that he showered with her. But “Joe the man” allegedly captured the heart of America and won some 81 million votes – the biggest presidential vote tally in US history. Oh yeah, there’s no doubt that Americans love their child-sniffing presidential candidates.

When evidence of election irregularities was gathered from multiple sources in seven states and brought before courts, they mostly refused to hear it. No judge, especially the Democrat appointees, was apparently prepared to weather the inevitable cries of outrage from the Democrat-media machine should they even countenance the “unthinkable and outrageous” Trump assertions. Big media worldwide repeatedly refer to Trump’s accusations of election rigging as “false claims of election fraud” or “election lies” – a dishonest breach of journalistic ethics.

Normally a half-honest journalist would say “Trump’s claims of election fraud”, but these reporters suddenly became judge and jury and repeatedly declared the claims false without evidence, purely on the basis that a bunch of courts had refused to hear actual evidence of fraud. The global extent of this fixed narrative is highly suspicious – like it was highly organised. We’ve seen it before with the 9-11 attacks and various alleged terrorist bombings.

Reuters, AP and others make much of US state and federal judges – “some appointed by Trump” – (we wonder how many that would be) dismissing more than 50 lawsuits brought by Trump or his allies alleging election fraud and other irregularities. Reuters goes on to claim that “Independent experts, governors and state election officials from both parties say there was no evidence of widespread fraud”. That may be true, but not all independent experts or others agree and neither does it prove that fraud doesn’t exist.

In fact election fraud is far from a myth and the Heritage Foundation’s legal centre has listed 1412 confirmed cases in its election fraud database, which provides a sampling of recent fraud cases and demonstrates the vulnerabilities within the electoral process and the need for reforms to secure free and fair elections for Americans. Of the 1412 confirmed cases they documented, there were 1219 convictions.

But the Heritage Foundation notes that database still doesn’t list potential fraud discovered by election officials and others that is never investigated or prosecuted, and it obviously cannot list fraud that goes undetected when states with poor security don’t have the tools in place to even realise such fraud is occurring.

Garland Favorito, et al v Alex Wan, et al is one instance where election fraud is still the subject of court proceedings. Favorito obtained sworn affidavits from senior Georgia poll managers stating they handled counterfeit ballots during the 2020 Fulton County Hand Count Audit on November 14, 2020.

Favorito is confident the mail-in ballots were counterfeit because they were not creased from being mailed, were not on the correct paper stock, were not marked with a writing instrument such as one would expect a mail-in ballot to be marked but appeared to be copied with toner. And they were marked exactly the same in all down-ballot races, 100 in a row. A total of nine petitioners joined the case, but the petitioners eventually split into two identical cases: Favorito et al. v. Wan et al. (7 petitioners) and Jeffords v. Fulton County (2).