This is what the Transnational Corporations are after with the Voice referendum

From Stephen Reason

On March 23, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese ‘teared up at times,’ while introducing the referendum question and the principles of the Voice.

Labor PM Albanese shedding crocodile tears over the Voice, an expression of his own egoistic anguish

It is doubtful that this weaselling-dunderhead feels anything for the First Nations Peoples, and that such emotion is truly an expression of his own egoistic anguish. Devoid of any true resonance with humanity, and merely feigning empathy, Albanese’s tears are but a confession. He pathetically cries for himself. Indeed, he is utterly compromised, and he is compelled to ratify treason paraded-as-virtue.

Our quivering Little Albo is the Global Corporatocracy’s regional man — a quisling sociopath doing the bidding of Transnational psychopaths. He cannot do otherwise, so he cries. Albanese knows that the Voice is a grand deception; he knows what it is truly intended to achieve, and on whose behalf. He knows that no Australian stands to gain, especially the Indigenous, and much will be stolen from all — that is the plan.

THE VOICE: The Trojan Threat & The Corporatocracy

The ‘Voice to Parliament’ is a gift akin to the gigantic wooden horse once wheeled within the unsuspecting walls of ill-fated Troy. If we accept it, if we welcome it into our chambers of Parliament — it will destroy all from the inside. It is all a grand swindle; an audacious Machiavellian manoeuvre to literally thieve Australian properties and agricultural farmland.

The veiled objective is to create the legal justification and framework to eventually “appropriate” and “return” vast swaths of “once stolen” intergenerational farms, and regional land. However, the Givers are truly Takers, and they have crafted this offering to the Indigenous Tribes with all the craftiness of Trojan marauders: the land will ultimately be seized by the Techno-Feudal Globalists behind this “Blak” veneer — as they reduce all to serfdom.

We sons and daughters of past Colonialist-expansionism (and immigration) are being asked to relinquish our guard, to atone for ancestral wrongdoings, and to blithely accept the “gift of a Voice” on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples. It is being handed to us to hand to them: our vote; our consent. Should the referendum be successful, should it be ratified and written into our Australian Constitution —it will cede all perceived sovereignty of the First Nations Peoples (as many Tribal Elders have already determined).

Their multifarious voices will be muted and reduced to a singular controlled Voice; and, consequently, a token “Aboriginal Parliament” will speak on their collective behalf.Such a Voice will certainly not speak for them. However, it will justify itself, and further its hidden purpose by legally speaking through them. Cunningly, the ventriloquist will be the shadow board of the Corporatocracy (rule by corporate interests) that truly governs Australia, and the collective jaw of the “Blak Voice” will move according to their plundering pursuits and their ‘Great Reset’ vision.

We currently do not have our own representative Voice in any parliament. Our Australian Federal Parliament, our Prime Minister and all State Premiers are completely captured, compromised, and entirely incapable of speaking on behalf of any Australian. These political bureaucrats speak, and act, only in accord with the boardroom business objectives of the Transnational Corporatocracy that owns them. They are all owned and inexorably controlled.

Moreover, Australia is entirely owned, and the people truly have no actual democratic representation. Thus, it is absurd to assume that our captured Federal Parliament could facilitate the constitutional recognition of a genuinely autonomous Indigenous Voice that represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The decision to invest upwards of $235 million of Australian taxpayer’s dollars in promoting and staging the Voice Referendum is ultimately a shrewd business decision.

It is expected to pay off.Australia is a Corporatocracy: ruled and owned by corporations. Perhaps Benito Mussolini defined it best with his ideological glorification of Corporatism: ‘Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.’

A Corporatocracy makes ruthless business decisions to maximise profit and expansion, and to ensure an unassailable position of self-preservation and dominance into perpetuity. We are nation owned by the interests of an undisclosed consortium of oligarchical elites, and their various transnational megacorporations. Our nation is basically a shop front, open for business, and sinisterly outfitted to maximise capitalistic profit and plunder at our expense. We are both customers, and commodities for the harvesting, and the culling…..