Senator Robert’s persistence and that of others finally paid off. Murphy resigned as Secretary of Health

Dr Brendan Murphy announces retirement today after admitting to parliamentary hearing that vaxx mandates are unjustified

Stunning evidence to a parliamentary hearing late last night has seen Secretary of Australia’s Department of Health Professor Brendan Murphy admit that vaccine mandates are unjustified.

The backflip comes after months of questioning over the efficacy of the vaccines ability to stop transmission.

Senator Roberts said, “One Nation has always maintained that vaccination should be a personal medical choice and never mandated by the government or an employer.”

“Finally, Professor Murphy has accepted the science. With the vaccines unable to stop transmission, vaccine mandates cannot be justified.”

“This is too little too late for the thousands of people who have suffered life changing injuries as a result of mandates or lost their livelihoods because of their choice to remain unvaccinated.”

“As Professor Murphy, one of the highest health officials in the country, said in his evidence, mandates are no longer justified.”

“The government must immediately act to end all vaccine mandates still in effect at government workplaces and immediately act to pass One Nation’s vaccine discrimination bill so no further harm is done in the private sector.”