By Lyndesy Symonds

So let’s start with the Third Objective of the Uluru Screw You the Australians: truth telling. Audit the Aboriginal Industry and the Land Councils.

The mere suggestion will give the liberal Marxists the vapours. How could anyone be so racist, they will opine as they eat their bug burgers and drink their soy and kale smoothies? There is nothing wrong with the Trotsky genocide term for ethnic White European Russians who knew the Red Russians were a different race and ethnicity to themselves.

News Flash – the good thing about being a racist is knowing where this identity crime comes from: the same monolithic racial collective that concocted terms like: ‘chest feeding person’, ‘Net Zero’ and ‘climate change deniers’. In my take, a racist admits the existence of race and racial differences and is perfectly comfortable with talking about it.

Welcome to Country – still the world’s best address and many nationalities went into making it so.