Who better to lead the Maui build back better project than US Green New Deal Network national director and 7th generation indigenous Hawaiian Kaniela Ing?

ONLY a week or two after the ashes settle and the death toll continues to rise from the fiery destruction of the historic Hawaiian town of Lahaina, Maui, and Hawaii’s green Democrats are talking about how they can build back better – with billions of Biden dollars.

And who better to be “Johnny on the spot” for this big build-back than Hawaii’s own indigenous green revolutionary Kaniela Ing, who just happens to be national director of the US Green New Deal Network, a 50-state organisation directly funded by congressional Acts passed by the Biden administration.

But what will happen to another bright young indigenous Democrat, Kaleo Manuel, an Obama Foundation leader and deputy director of the Land and Natural Resources department, who refused to release extra water for west Maui on the day of the fire, Tuesday, August 8th (US West Coast time), leaving Lahaina fire hydrants dry?

Manuel has apparently been stood down and re-deployed, but don’t hold your breath for criminal negligence charges. Or will the Maui Chief of Police John Pelletier, the Incident Commander in charge in Las Vegas during a notorious mass shooting incident in 2017, use him as the sacrificial lamb? One must wonder about such connections.

“Build Back Better” has recently become a global slogan for socialist/fascist governments across the planet whenever some natural (or facilitated) disaster destroys a community, and is inevitably blamed on the “climate crisis”. Ing, just one minute into an interview with the leftist US channel Democracy Now, called Donald Trump and several other big-name politicians “arsonists” because they are “climate change deniers”.

But who benefits from this crisis in the big picture? Clearly it will be the Hawaiian Democrat state government of Governor Josh Green, the Maui County, big corporate interests and Ing’s Green New Deal Network, who state on their own website exactly what Biden administration Acts provide the money for their “green/social justice” projects.

Governor Green himself predicted at a community event on August 19th, that rebuilding will take years of work and billions of dollars. “Let me be clear,” he said. “Lahaina belongs to its people and we are committed to rebuilding and restoring it the way they want.” He even claimed he would act against land grabbers. We won’t hold our breath for that either.

But no doubt Ing and his well-funded and well-connected network will come in as the green white knights to champion the big green rebuilding project for “the people” – along Smart city lines of course. One might predict that the ordinary folk of Lahaina who lost their old bungalows will now be packed and stacked in low-cost high-rises. Or will they just quietly and gradually disappear to the US mainland?

So, is it any wonder that US authorities, corporate and radical green interests are suspected of being somehow complicit in the burning down of Lahaina because of the suspiciously negligent response of police, fire, emergency management and water departments that not only left the old town in ruins, but appears to have contributed to the rising death toll of children and other residents.

The Lahaina fire happened despite an emergency declaration being signed on August 7 after several other fires broke out on the east side of the island. The declaration supposedly activated the Hawaii National Guard, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and the administrator of Emergency Management. It also authorised state funds for relief of fire damage.

On August 8, when the Lahaina fire broke out, the Hawaii state government issued a state of emergency for all of the islands and then on August 9 Biden, while eating an ice cream on a beach, issued a federal major disaster declaration.

To be fair to those insufficient numbers of cops and fire fighters on the ground, the fire was driven by hurricane-force winds that brought down poorly maintained power lines on the dry grass and other vegetation that has taken over former sugar cane paddocks, and when black smoke enveloped the town, chaos reigned. The additional water needed was also not provided.

But residents not only received insufficient warnings with no sirens being sounded, they were blocked by police from escaping the town in cars. Police said they were under orders and this forced many into the ocean along the town’s waterfront. There is only one road in and one road out of the town.

Were the fires started by direct energy weapons (DEWs), as numerous attention-grabbing social media postings have suggested? Who knows and who can prove it one way or another? We have yet to see any such proof, and regardless, fires are not difficult to start in dry conditions with hurricane winds blowing and power lines sparking. Lahaina was literally surrounded by abandoned sugar cane paddocks overgrown with grass, but according to some keen young sleuths, this was just a cover-up narrative to hide the truth of laser beams methodically zapping the town from space.

In the immediate hours after the August 8th fire the same state authorities were blocking supplies coming into the town by road, forcing people to use boats and jet skis to ferry aid to the town. Where on earth were all the emergency management personnel who had supposedly been deployed a day before?

An Infowars video posted by Cairns News correspondent Alexandra Bruce, exposes the fact that the island’s emergency management chiefs were attending a FEMA-run “disaster preparedness seminar” called the Pacific Partnership Meeting at Waikiki. It concluded on the very night that Lahaina was burning down. To quote Steven Bannon, “there are no conspiracies but there are no coincidences either”. Also noted by locals was the total non-response at the time of the fire from either US army or navy vessels from nearby military bases on the east of Maui and other islands.

This “coincidence” recalls another “coincidence” on the Australian island state of Tasmania decades ago when an emergency management seminar happened to be running at the same time a shooter was let loose on tourists at the Port Arthur Settlement.

Conservative commentator Dr Steve Turley, said there were two possible background explanations to the suspicious fire, the first being that residents of Lahaina were Hawaiian nationalists who were holding on to the land in the town as a form of protest against US corporate interests pushing to buy it up.

The second explanation was the big “green (Smart Island) project” of the Hawaiian state government that would benefit from the destruction of the town and rebuilding in accordance with the Biden Democrats’ Green New Deal. “Both of them are very much linked to this notion that there are some very nefarious characters who want that property,” he said.

Governor Green, at press conference eight days after the fire, spun the globalist line that fires were now part of some new normal, supposedly due to climate change. “Right now people, we are working to find out how we can make it safe as we go through hurricane season, as we deal with the reality that there are going to be fires month in and month out for the decades to come, and not just in Hawaii but all across the country. So we view this as a way to learn and to share, in this case from our tragedy, and share how to best protect people across the planet,” he said.

So was the Governor suggesting the Maui fire was some sort of test-run for Green New Deal “crisis management” operations worldwide? Already, major fires have been lit in the vast forests of Canada where Klaus Schwab’s pet boy Justin Trudeau also has big green plans in play and climate-change hysteria is being stoked to unprecedented levels.

Meanwhile the Green New Deal Network membership reads like a Who’s Who of the global neo-Marxist spearhead driving the WEF-UN green/indigenist revolution. The UN launched its own Global Green New Deal in 2008, pushing the old Agenda 21 sustainable development goals and the economically-suicidal “low carbon economies” idea – now all wrapped up in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan.

The US campaign lists 14 member organisations as the Center for Popular Democracy, Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Greenpeace, Indigenous Environmental Network, Indivisible, Movement for Black Lives, MoveOn, People’s Action, Right To The City Alliance, Service Employees International Union, Sunrise Movement, US Climate Action Network, and the Working Families Party.

The US Green New Deal Network is funded directly by Biden’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (2021), and the American Rescue Plan Act (2021). This is all part of the Democrats’ massive, multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal and which provides billions of dollars in tax credits to help consumers buy electric vehicles and for companies to produce renewable energy, as Biden “decarbonizes” the US power sector – in other words, deindustrialisation, population impoverishment and control.

In his interview with Democracy Now, Kaniela Ing revealed schoolboy-level of understanding: “Donald Trump, Ron De Santis, Tim Scott (Senator), Joe Manchin (Democrat dissident representative), oil companies and anyone in power who denies climate change, to me are the arsonists here,” he said.

“We’re living in a climate emergency,” Ing continued. He then said he would be wondering, after the cameras left town “who would be left more powerful or less powerful”. He also wondered whether it would “make the people who mismanaged the land and the water and created the conditions for this fire to happen, even more powerful and that’s what we’re focused on at the Green New Deal Network now.”

The naive Mr Ing makes some curious statements and raises some intriguing questions. For a start, as most people are well aware, the island of Maui has for years been the subject of a big green experiment to turn everything electric and digital, ie a “SMART island”.

So who, Mr Ing, apart from the Maui County and the state’s Democratic administration, has been driving this? And who, as pointed out by Democrat presidential candidate RFK Junior, had been shutting down the island’s traditional agriculture and letting invasive grass species spread?

It’s pretty obvious that Maui is now the ideal location for the “work” of the Green New Deal Network, whose stated objective is to “invest in and support creative and disruptive movements that can dramatically change public opinion and what’s politically possible.”