Roadside cameras capture facial shots of motorists

Queensland Labor is gathering motorist’s facial images matched with car registration to be entered into their massive data base held in Roma Street police headquarters and in various Department of Main Roads computers.

Initially dubbed as ‘anti-hooning cameras’ by Police Minister Mark Ryan it was soon discovered the cameras play a much more significant role in public surveillance.

In fact these cameras, since their introduction in May this year to the Far North, have made no impact on the number of vehicles being stolen or the apprehension of juvenile car thieves.

Cairns News has received photos from motorists of the new surveillance devices built into innocuous yellow trailers and parked on Tablelands roadsides.

On Sunday this one was parked near the Tropical Travellers Caravan park on the eastern outskirts of Mareeba.

There would be little chance of hooning along this major arterial road bypass. Last week this camera was positioned near the intersection of Channel Road, which is one of Lotus Glen Prison’s main access roads, and the Kennedy Highway.

The real purpose of the cameras is to capture every driver’s facial image to be loaded into the DMR and police data bank in real time.

These expensive, high-tech cameras have the ability to take high resolution, infa-red images of the front and rear seat passengers in almost any vehicle.

The facial images are matched to the car registration number then stored in Queensland’s massive data banks. 

There is potential for this data to be matched with the DNA collection that Queensland Health compiled from several million samples taken two years ago from nose swabs under the guise of hopelessly inaccurate PCR testing for the non-existent Covid virus. The Health Department has denied it took DNA samples.

Some dopey motorists don’t believe this massive, medical privacy intrusion could happen in Queensland. It probably hasn’t given the major stuff-up made by the State’s DNA laboratory causing thousands of samples relied on in court cases to be thrown out earlier this year.

But conveniently Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s father Henry, a retired Queensland ALP Minister happens to be group chairman of the world’s many gene sequencing and storage companies. 

He would have been very helpful to Queensland Labor choosing which company would store the State’s overall data.

Smart motorists could write to DMR and police under Freedom of Information policies asking for a copy of their personal data including facial recognition imagery from roadside cameras and drivers licences.

The facial recognition data collected and now available to the State will be immeasurably helpful when the Central Bank Digital Currency begins in earnest 2024-25.

The Labor Party Corporation now has your facial imagery ready to tie in with your bank accounts and DNA, then look out if you cross the State, your bank accounts will be suspended or closed. The cash by 2026 will have been withdrawn from circulation, so how will you survive?