Clueless, brainwashed young Kiwis backing the co-governance system that threatens to destroy their nation. ABOVE: Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark speaks at a recent anti-co-governance meeting in the city.


KIWI freedom fighter Julian Batchelor has told Counterspin media that a full Maori takeover of New Zealand has been planned for 2040 as the so-called “co-governance” system achieves its ultimate objective under the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

“There is a move, and it’s out in the public domain, for New Zealand to be taken over Maori by 2040,” Batchelor told interviewer Kelvin Alp.

That “move” is a 2019 report called He Puapua, which was taken on board by the Ardern Labor Government but kept secret before the election, from the NZ First party Cabinet Minister in coalition with the government.

According to the NZ Centre for Political Research, the report “is a recipe for Maori separatism, they knew it and that’s why they suppressed it till after the election in the full knowledge that NZ First is for one flag, one country, one law. It was a gesture of ingratitude and bad faith.”

The report was authored by an elite group of Maori academics and government officials including Dr Claire Charters, a Māori academic who identifies with four tribal groups and specialises in indigenous peoples’ rights in international and constitutional law. No surprises there as parallel Aboriginal academics are on the same UNDRIP train.

But the big plan has been exposed at dozens of meetings across the country. As of this July 2023 Batchelor has run some 34 meetings on co-governance and many had to be rescheduled or moved to different venues due to intimidation of venue owners and operators. Batchelor has been forced to run the meetings as private invite-only events in order to keep disruptive protesters out.

He recently held a meeting in the southern South Island city of Invercargill and was given vocal, personal support by the local mayor Nobby Clarke, who told the meeting the majority of the councillors opposed co-governance. Batchelor also has the support of his own Kaipara District Council Mayor Craig Jepson who incurred the disapproval of the Race Relations Commissioner by refusing to open meetings with an indigenous prayer known as a karakia.

The council wake-up to the co-governance scam, which is based on a fraudulent, non-matching copy of the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi, is a slap in the face by the efforts of the government-funded Kiwi media to harass supporters of the Voices for Freedom (VFF) movement which last year urged supporters to run for election on district and regional councils.

Media companies such as have been the beneficiaries of a $55 million fund made available post-Covid after advertising revenues allegedly fell dramatically. A similar media fund was launched in Canada by the neo-Marxist Trudeal government. Unsurprisingly, and others launched a campaign to warn the public to “beware the conspiracist candidates”.

The Stuff Circuit team, which proclaims “investigative journalism” while operating more like a communist or fascist political intelligence agency, hunted VFF-linked candidates up and down the country. Apparently the scare campaign had some success, as most were not elected, but other VFF sympathisers were.

For instance a traffic engineer Duncan Campbell, while running for Taupo District Council, was subjected to an attempted smear by for “initially not revealing his stance on Voices for Freedom” and attending the massive protest camp in front of the Parliament (“Beehive”) in Wellington. Campbell was elected anyway.

Voices for Freedom had grown out of the Covid plandemic operation that was embraced enthusiastically by International Socialist and Klaus Schwab puppet Jacinda Ardern. As in Australia and elsewhere, the plandemic fuelled resistance to the globalist takeover, demonstrated dramatically in the weeks-long Camp Freedom at the Parliament and the big Canberra occupation in Australia.

Last year, as the plandemic panic faded, VFF, supported by alt-media outfits like Counterspin, began to ramp up action against the Ardern socialists’ radical Co-Governance agenda, the forerunner of The Voice in Australia, driven by the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. VFF went on to launch it’s own internet radio station called Reality Check Radio in March this year.

Both stations, in addition to a growing collection of internet alt news sites and blogs, have promoted various speakers touring the country and speaking out against the now very evident UN-driven indigenous and environmentalist takeover.’s increasingly shrill team of “misinformation fighters” has been forced to take note in a lengthy critique.

Reality Check features Peter Williams, a longtime newsreader then host on Magic Talk; former ACT party leader and MP Rodney Hide, former Radio New Zealand newsreader Paul Brennan and Chantelle Baker, a popular content creator.

According to there has been some niggling between the two outlets. Former TV anchor Liz Gunn, who joined the freedom movement, criticised RCR for not covering her case, along with lawyer Sue Grey. Kelvin Alp also had a shot at them, suggesting it was big money “behind the push to be mediocre without a real challenge to the establishment”. However the two organisations must be aware that such niggling is counter-productive with such a massive battle ahead of them.