By Lyndesy Symonds

This whole indigenous / aboriginal Agenda is United [Communist] Nations DRIP mischief and designed to divide the population into aboriginal vs colonists. Anyone who is not aboriginal is by definition ‘a colonist’. This is how Australians born on this continent are becoming alienated from our own country. We were born a ‘colonist’ and ‘oppressor’ by definition.

Real Australian Aborigines deserve help from government, box tickers should not.

No wonder we are systemically racist. [A jew invented term concocted to criminalise the European, ethnically Russian people who were genocided by the Red ‘Russian’ Bolshevik Jews]The only way to address this: aboriginal vs colonist Marxist dialectic is to demand an audit of the Aboriginal Industry and its corrupt Land Councils for the Box Tickers. Just as Israel is an ethnostate with guaranteed right of return for those with the required haplogroups, for UNDRIP politics, the Aboriginal demographic should be required to meet the same type of DNA standards – not the standards of Marxist identity cadres.

These White hating White box tickers and their communist Agenda should not be permitted to pick a tribe and identify. Ditto for the racial and ethnic imports the UN Australian CoVID Regime is importing for the Revolution, demographics who get to identify on the basis of skin colour alone. Culturally, ethnically, they do not have so much as a chromosome of Australian Aboriginal ancestry and they should not be permitted to morph for the purposes of Black Entitlement to crime.