Transgender journalist Ashton Crillo welcome to UN puppet Zelinsky’s Ukraine

Letter to the Editor

One of the gender affirming healthcare options for “transgender women” is FFS: Facial Feminization Surgery. The procedure cosmetically provides a more feminine appearance for those whose male puberty has defined their features as unmistakably male. Ashton-Cirillo had massive Facial Feminization Surgery”.

Transgender journalist Ashton-Cirillo’s describes her arrival in Jewkraine: “Security comes aboard for the border check, and you could tell immediately the state of heightened, you know, we’re at war. They look at my passport. They look at me, and they look at some of my writings. And they look at some of my media, because you know, I’ve been in the media a lot for different things. They make me take off my hairpiece. They’re in the middle of training everyone. And then they look at me more. And then they welcomed me to Ukraine..”

“I’m told that the only way I can cover the war is by applying for Ukrainian Army credentials. And I was told that they were taking anywhere from weeks to months to get, in those early days of the war. This was eight days after the war started. So, I put together a very long dossier on myself for the Ukrainian Army to look into, including the fact, obviously, of being trans, my former name, as we refer to it, my deadname, my current name, my current legal name, all my legal documents,” said Ashton-Cirillo.

To her surprise, she got a phone call just two days later. “Somebody from the government wanted to meet with me, just to get a sense of what I was doing. We sit down, a 10 minute talk in a coffee shop, and it turns into an hour. That was a Tuesday. By Friday, I had my credential. I got them in four and a half days, under my name,, which is my website.”

American (Jewish style) man, nip tucked to transie thingy, employed by the Ukrainian military that is led by dick swinging kosher piano player – what could go wrong in the “United Nations” of this mental asylum?

From Jo