My way or the highway, former Victorian Premier Andrews autocratic leadership now finds itself on that highway as two prestigious Mornington Peninsula golf clubs, Portsea Golf Club and the National Golf Club consider him unfit for membership.

It is reported a letter sent to the National Golf Club claims to have support from 100 members refusing Andrews membership.

Former professional golfer Mark Allen predicted last week that other clubs along the Mornington Peninsula were considering a similar response — his prediction has proven to be true.

“To the point where not only members from Portsea and National but members from other clubs were saying that if he’s trying to join anywhere down here, they just will not let him join,” Allen said on 3AW.

“A few good reasons for this may be that Andrews, playing as a guest, lacks necessary qualities and his inability to recall scores for each hole due to poor memory further underscores concerns about his compatibility with the club.

“Then Andrews was causing a stir with members when he played a round on the morning of the AFL Grand Final — at a time when members are usually not allowed on the course.”

Andrews shut down all the golf courses in Victoria under his scamdemic Covid lock-downs, now he wants to come in and play.

Where is Dan’s Mornington Peninsula buddy Lindsay? Bound to be a member of one or more of these golf clubs, then maybe since leaving his office of mates rates, Andrews is no longer a close playmate of the Fox.