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LNP/ALP Digital Identity laws a ‘licence to live’

Supermarkets must provide farmers with a minimum price guarantee – Katter

Federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter has taken to the floor of Federal Parliament to voice the concerns of North Queensland’s farmers whose plight has been forgotten in the cost-of-living debate gripping the nation.

“Australian farmers have seen costs skyrocket – fertiliser, freight and packaging have nearly doubled in the past 12 months. Urgent action is required,” Mr Katter said.

MHR Bob Katter demands supermarkets give farmers a fair go

“For example, medium sized banana farmers who provide work for 25-30 people face monthly bills of around half a million dollars. This equates to around $1.50 per kilo of bananas before the farmers have any return. Farmers receive about 20 cents less (around $1.30kg) but supermarkets charge consumers double (around $3kg).

“Farmers would actually save money if they did nothing but sit around and burn $5 dollar bills.”

The Katter’s Australian Party MHR called on the Federal Government to urgently act.

“Supermarkets must provide farmers with a minimum price guarantee that is higher than the cost of production,” he said.

“Supermarkets equally need to be accountable for the price increases that they charge Australians.

“We demand a strong Government that doesn’t provide a sugar hit to the Australian public.

“We demand a Government that provides real change to stop large multinational companies from continually taking advantage of our farmers and the Australian public.”

Play Woolworths and Coles at their own game, and Scomo’s cash ban

While Woolworths and Coles play the New World Order game of refusing legal tender and insisting on credit or eftpos cards for payment of groceries, ingenious shoppers are also playing the game.

We have had reports of shoppers filling their trolleys with as much cold stuff as possible then going to the checkout and offering cash.

When refused they simply leave the trolley there and walk out.

The ban by the grocery duopoly on cash is illegal. They must take legal tender, cash , for payment of any goods or service.

The no-cash campaign has nothing to do with alleged Covid infected banknotes or coins. It is another part of PM Scott Morrison’s bid for the bankers to get rid of cash altogether.

As Bob Katter says, the banks and federal government will be able to exercise total control over the population once legal tender is removed.



Help to get rid of Woolworths and Coles’ market domination by voting for independents and minor parties on October 31.

Coles and Woolworths will not profit from ALP’s Extended Trading Hours bill

KAP’s Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth and the rest of the Queensland crossbench will vote together against the Trading (Allowable Hours) Amendment Bill.

 Robbie, Shane, and fellow crossbenchers Rob Pyne, Billy Gordon and Steve Dickson, said they could not in good conscience support a bill that gave more power to supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths.

 KAP State Leader and Member for Mount Isa, Robbie Katter, said KAP and his crossbench colleagues had consulted extensively with their electorates on the Bill.

 “This bill is sold as making positive changes to trading hours in Queensland, but in reality it will squeeze out small and independent retailers and give more power to the supermarket duopoly,” Robbie said.

 “The Parliamentary Committee that investigated the Bill could not even bring itself to recommend it be passed,” he said.

 The report states: “The IGA State Board stated that following the deregulation of trading hours in December 2016, IGA supermarkets lost $1 million per week in turnover. It advised that the loss in turnover reduced wages by approx. $5.5 million, which will lead to a reduction in employment across the network of approximately 128 fulltime jobs.” The report suggested that these jobs were not necessarily re-created by the two major supermarkets, because of the use of self-check outs.

 “This will be disastrous for small business operators in Mount Isa and other rural and regional areas in Queensland,” Robbie said.

 “KAP has been sticking up for smaller businesses for a long time, and we won’t give up,” Shane said.

 “KAP is opposed to any changes to trading hours that would allow a supermarket duopoly to dominate the market over small business. If the changes are passed, there is a real danger it will destroy small businesses which are already doing it tough. It’s the one size fits all mentality that simply does not work for smaller regional centres,” Shane said.



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