LNP/ALP Digital Identity laws a ‘licence to live’

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Alan Hansen, Thank you for posting this. I’ve posted on here a couple of times warning that the Dig ID was already installed.
    Good advice by you to just keep re-signing in. That also works when they deny voice recognition in order to shunt you off to a call centre. Just hang up and start over.
    Let’s hope no Mygov beaurocrats are on here lol.
    Actually, if they are, then they must be amongst the good ones.


  2. My Gov, My Services Access is now directing you to sign in using your digital ID if you do not get the Access Code that is sent to your phone. Don’t believe the bullshit, “sign out, then sign back in, request the code again and sooner or later you will get one to your phone. It used to be instant, now you just have to be patient and wait. I think the delay is designed to make you sign on to the digital ID bullshit. I guess sooner or later, when we become the minority, “NO ID, NO ACCESS” Then they OWN YOU.

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  3. Anyone voting greens needs to see a shrink, because you really are nuts.


  4. Libertybelle

    All fine to rail against the freedom crushing Trusted Digital Identity Bill, but surely it’s Australia’s freedom and life extinguishing BIosecurity Amendments Bill that should be under the microscope. Front and foremost!

    Check this out and everything else appears to be criminal distraction:

    The World Health Organisation, with Australia’s support, is about to become the instrument of our destruction if not outed and swamped with mass outrage from its billions of intended victims world wide.

    In just a few short weeks the WHO’s draft Global Pandemic Treaty, if ratified, could obliterate the last shreds of national sovereignty and all personal rights to bodily autonomy for all humanity. It’s the supranational legal whammy for delivering full force the thieving, eugenecist UN-WEF-corporatist perennial climate and carbon emissions agendas to reengineer populations and steal the wealth of nations for their exclusive benefit.

    Effectively, the Treaty means the WHO will have sole authority to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, one-size-all-fits-all medical care and worse horrors — all in the name of confected “emergencies” such as over-hyped H1N1, swine flu, Zika, ebola, and today’s massively exaggerated Covid-19.

    As noted by anti-extremist activist Maajid Nawaz in a 28 April Twitter post, the “WHO Pandemic Treaty serves as a backdoor to global empire”.

    The WHO’s power derives from the International Health Regulations to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC — pronunciation indicative of its merit) via a special category enabling it to initiate certain contracts and procedures, including drug and vaccine contracts.

    Imagine the excitement of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Big Pharma, Big Tech and our own complicit/compliant State of Emergency bureaucrats and major political parties at such under the radar success. It’s a ring fence, surely, for enhanced amendments to our own sleeping monster BIosecurity legislation. The BIosecurity Amenments Bill has been waiting in the wings for just this moment.

    Or not?

    Now the WHO’s behind the scenes criminal globalist coup masquerading as a pandemic solution came to light in April, the WHO defensively announced it would allow an inadequate two more days to comment (June 16 and 17). Patriot and substack American media are in overdrive stirring as much organisational, political and public response as they can for massive pushback. Aussies must do the same.

    Read Dr Joseph Mercola’s piece, “WHO Pandemic Treaty: What it is, Why It Matters and How To Stop It”; also, see Michelle Bachmann on Steve Bannon’s War Room. We all need to signal to the WHO our opposition.


  5. patronizing crap..


  6. I just re-read this ” With all due respect, maybe you and others who have been so appallingly spun, bamboozled and conned, should delve deeper. ”

    So you are saying that I have been “appallingly spun” – I love the assumptions – you know nothing of me and never will – we don’t need you conceited “jabs” – we need mature solid cooperation to face this criminal onslaught – try being a bit constructive and less up yourself..


  7. Ahh – you are so helpful..


  8. pcwwp, This was only 6 years ago. 2016 not 1716.


  9. pcwwp, It can be found in my previous comment on this particular post, or with minimum research if you were unaware of it’s occurrence.


  10. I don’t know the detail there – if you would be so kind..


  11. Hi Seb, re your reply to my Roberts comment, where I outlined how He and puppeteer Hanson had sold out on the 2016 welfare cuts, I find your response totally astonishing.

    “Referring to something from 2016 is now too far in the distance.
    The world has changed.”

    REALLY? Try telling that to the thousands of people whose lives were destroyed and/or the people who died.
    The passage of time NEVER diminishes or ‘cancels out’ a monstrous wrongdoing or evil deed.


  12. Hi Seb, re “In response to Bliskitt, Russell Brand is a New World Order shill.
    Illumininati symbolism many times over.”

    With all due respect, I fear you have fallen for sensationalist bs. Like others who dare to speak the Truth, it has dogged him on some level for years.. being used by the hateful Leftists to try and discredit him.
    It has ALL been disproved.
    He even put out a video explaining the meaning of all his tattoos!
    Frankly, I wouldn’t have wasted the energy.

    Since around 2009, Brand has been a force of nature opposing Government and Corporate corruption and abuse of power; State Surveillance; Big Pharma; Fake Media bias; WHO and WEF.

    In 2009 he addressed 50,000 protesters at the G-20 London Summit and also the House of Commons regarding self governance and returning the power to the people.

    In 2012 he was personally selected by the Dalai Lama to host that years massive Youth Event.
    As a spiritual person he has been in close association with the Dalai Lama for many years.

    Since 2014 as a founding member of the Hope Foundation, he has been stridently against Israel’s continual attacks on Gaza.

    And regarding his rumoured Illuminati connections which ludicrously stemmed from his 33 tattoo…
    At the age of 32 both he and his mother (on seperate occasions) had
    near-death experiences.
    As he was close to 33, and because spiritually, the Angel Number 33 resonates with energy propelling one forward to new beginnings, he got the 33 tattoo.

    As an interesting aside, 33 also appears repeatedly in the Bible. Representing God’s promises and also judgements in Revelation.


  13. In response to DJohnson, Malcolm is only one voice, and a few votes behind him.
    That’s all he ever gets.

    That’s all Craig Kelly ever gets.
    Or Pauline Hansen.
    Or Christensen.

    That’s all they will get in the Den of thieves unless the people change that.

    If you have ever watched Parliament you would see the empty seats.
    They often speak to the empty seats, but at least they speak.

    Malcolm’s message is to the Australian people.
    The power to listen and to create change will come from them.

    Malcom’s vote on it’s own merits, as it is right now, counts for nothing.
    The numbers are skewed at the round table.

    Referring to something from 2016 is now too far in the distance.
    The world has changed.
    Would you know half of what you know now without Malcolm’s voice?

    Don’t cut down the few remaining voices we have.
    That would be foolish.


  14. In response to Bliskitt, Russell Brand is a New World Order shill.
    Illumininati symbolism many times over.
    A perfect example of controlled opposition.
    Anyone who listens to him is being played.


  15. Scome tried to get voter ID laws introduced late last year but could not get enough support. Ed


  16. There was a time when I thought Whitlam was great..


  17. A quote from the great Gough Whitlam at a labor meeting pre-election “If you have one cemetery in your electorate and lose, that could be forgivable—if you have three and lose that is sheer negligence and unforgivable” NOTE All parties voted against polling booth ID WTF


  18. John van ruth

    “You will own nothing and you will be miserable”

    There, fixed it for you Klaus.


  19. Hey Davviddd2, yes it’s slim pickings – I follow his work closely, corresponded with his staff and had a few conversations.. He seems genuine and has done some great things.. We only need a few more like him and the balance of power would shift.

    Currently this is all I can see can be done – and hope that we shift some of the sheep.


  20. oh ok..


  21. “However, over a long period of time, we have relinquished that power (for whatever reasons) and/or systematically and insidiously had it taken from us.” – yes I agree.

    But after the elections we will be back to more injections, lock downs with the addition of social points and the real intermediate goal – digital currency..


  22. Given the circumstances, you have a point, pcwwp. Eureka isn’t going to happen tomorrow, in the meantime Roberts is at least making a few noises shooing the vultures away even if he’s a decoy..

    It’s no solution but it might buy some time. What’s to lose at this point? 🙂


  23. Thanks blisskitt. Love the loquacious Russell. Hilarious.
    Poor Lucy.


  24. Hi blisskitt, Excellent comment as usual…and you raise some pertinent questions which I will leave to others to hopefully answer who may have more insight.

    But Yes it does “make the blood boil” when these criminal parasites just ride off into the wherever, clutching their big fat pensions that came out of OUR pockets.
    Reckon this exodus we’re seeing is because something huge is coming down the pipe. Suspect there’ll be more of ’em up and away shortly.
    It’s a bit like a number of Clinton’s cronies and even advisors suddenly turning up dead lately. Hmmm.


  25. Here’s Russel Brand (AKA) taking the piss out of WA’s digital Id promotion. No judgment on him but extremely humorous. Please prove who you are. Get your green tick. Sadly the ad he refers to when you search is from 2017?

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  26. Like Jacquie Lambie I would say. Partially authentic, partly corrupt. Not a gambler at all but they are using the each way bet. If any of them were truly honest and for the people they would resign, denounce all entitlements and start laying bricks. Berejiklian (cannot be bothered learning how to spell her name) now works with Optus, Gutwein starting a winery, Marshmallow nothing said and Gunner resignation barely been reported. Four have gone ???? All entitled to parliamentary pension taxpayer funded. If that in itself is not enough to make your blood boil then I do not know what is. I may have been slow on some things but I have always questioned politicians yet I have also been duped even by them. Never again. Pauline is worth 7 million. Scotty 52, Dutton 300 and it goes on. Clive yes well he is supposed patriot. Twiggy another supposed patriot. According to his own sources made mega bucks off aboriginals. My partner works offshore for Woodside. Contracts till 2024 for oil/gas. If that the case where is all the money going for renewables if these companies know they going to be here long term? Or are they too being subsidised by taxpayer? I would like to know.

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  27. You must have missed it pcwwp…”RJW” was replying to the “trickdick1” comment, which actually started well, but then somehow went off into a deep technological ditch.


  28. Sadly pcwwp, I truly believe nobody does. Not at this point in time at least. We are on our own. Greed, corruption, abuse of power and outright evil on a global scale has made sure of that.

    Soon, or maybe post ‘election’ (for want of a better word) some entity? will reveal themselves. I fervently hope so. I don’t mean that in a spiritual sense… Spirit helps those who help themselves, as you probably agree.

    WE collectively, represent OURSELVES with people power.
    However, over a long period of time, we have relinquished that power (for whatever reasons) and/or systematically and insidiously had it taken from us.


  29. What is so funny?


  30. Hi RJW, re “Your mobile is the reason I don’t have one.!!!”
    Tooooo funny! Thanks for that.


  31. Some interesting comments – you tell me – who represents us?


  32. Hi pcwwp, With all due respect, maybe you and others who have been so appallingly spun, bamboozled and conned, should delve deeper.

    “Who else has done more in parliament to speak for us ? who?”
    Absolutely NOBODY. You’re right on that point.
    However in the final analysis neither has Roberts, who I’m convinced is a ‘false prophet’ and speaks out both sides of his mouth.
    Remember people used to think Christensen “spoke for us” too – myself included, until I snapped out of it mid last year!

    And realistically, why? should ANY of these politicians “speak for us”? when we’ve been stupidly placing our butts over a barrel for years and years and are now easy takings.
    Their elite worlds will forever remain intact no matter what.
    They only have to remember which side of their bread is buttered in order to safeguard themselves and stay aboard their gravy train.

    If we as a nation, are unable to eliminate ALL of these parasites (by coup/Eureka Stockade 11 or other whatever means) we are finished.


  33. Ok I don’t know the 2016 detail – but in recent years I have seem him – and really only him- take on the criminals.. – He has toured the bush – spoke against climate fraud and covid fraud – tell me – who else has done more in parliament to speak for us ? who?


  34. Hi pcwwp, The most salient example was his (and One Nation’s), 2016 siding with the Liberal government, for the $6 billion of welfare cuts.
    The resultant suffering incurred by thousands of legitimately disadvantaged/disabled and vulnerable Australians still reverberates 6 years on.
    Much like the Robotdebt fraud victims… many of whom are also dead.

    In my opinion, Roberts has always been Pauline’s stooge.
    She puts him out on the front line to talk the talk, whilst she’s busy doing dirty backroom deals and selling out the Australian people any which way til freakin’ Sunday.
    She’s not stupid. Just utterly duplicitous and as cunning as a sh*thouse rat.
    Remember how she singlehandedly shut down the truckies protest. Yeah.

    Intrinsically, I think Roberts is/was a decent human being. He just needs to escape the talons of puppeteer Pauline.,. who unbelievably, Christensen has also fallen prey to. WHAT the hell is wrong with them?!


  35. TRICKYDICK1………..Your mobile is the reason I don’t have one.!!! Makes it hard for the criminal, parasite seat warmers to know where I am also!

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  36. Feisty comment! Seems to me he has been solidly real – If you have evidence to the contry – please present..


  37. WTF!!! A GENUINE and CRITICAL election issue!? Good on ya, Malcolm Roberts!

    Meanwhile, the duopoly LNP-Labour Greens coalition is distracting us with gotcha moments about the price of a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk.

    Get some more GENUINE freedom loving Australian patriots into Parliament. The bought and sold GLOBALIST WEF duopoly stooges in the major parties are not cutting it for us.

    They’ve destroyed our way of life, more so than any terrorists might have dreamed about, and they’re STILL not done!.


  38. Apologies to all the diehard Roberts fans out there…but WHY? is he consistently only righteously vocal once something is either a done deal and/or is about to become a done deal.


  39. trickydick1@duck.com

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  40. Is that right about Vic? Unbelievable – why are they not protesting? I suppose it is a small number – divide and conquer – communism.

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  41. Morrison must be classified as Australia’s enemy no.1 behind the gates.
    His vaccine passport failed dismally yet he is now promoting a look-a-like digital one.
    Maybe his head is there just to keep his ears apart.

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  42. Unbelievable, we will have no rights in the future. The unvaccinated are still in lockdown in Victoria. We need our freedom back. Sack our corrupt premier.

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  43. well said Malcolm , at the end of the day we have the power when we say no we will not comply with this, what are they going to do? there’s not much they can do we give them the power when we agree to their control system, their QR code and check in system failed miserably. get used to working and dealing in the black economy, I recon its going to boom. they can jam their system right up where the sun dont shine

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  44. I posted a couple of months ago that it had already been set up on Mygov in preparedness. Signed, sealed and pretty much delivered.

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  45. Excellent – keep it going please

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  46. Once again – only Mal represents us – strength to him..

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